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Electrolux EL7063A Ultra Silencer Canister Vacuum Cleaner:  AKA, the Unofficial Vacuum of Every Boise State FanOver the next few weeks, look for some new Electrolux vacuum cleaners to begin appearing on our site. With a variety of new styles and designs, and a range of prices, Electrolux has some very unique and allergy-friendly vacuums rolling out. As the first of our new models, we're going to take a look at the Electrolux EL7063A, the UltraSilencer Deep Clean vacuum cleaner.

_There is a pretty wide array of features to like about the EL7063A. The look is stylish and colorful, and an LCD screen provides useful, easy to read info, while the weight is actually lighter than comparable HEPA canister vacuums. In terms of filtration, it comes standard with a sealed HEPA filter and the Electrolux standard S-Bag Classic, but both of these can be swapped for similar replacement products better suited for your specific needs. Have a pet? Try the Anti-Odor bags after you've used the included bags that come with the UltraSilencer. Want a washable filter? Pick up a pair of these and rotate them in and out, while washing, for years of service. Allergens a problem? Opt for the Anti-Allergy S-Bags.

_As for cleaning, the El7063A Deep Clean is on top of its game. There are two floor tools, one ideal for smooth floors with the other, an independently driven powerhead, perfect for all types of carpet. From deep cleaning to simply sprucing up, the UltraSilencer provides tools for tidying up your floors, dusting and removing allergens, dirt and debris from some of the hardest to reach areas.

Like other UltraSilencer models, this vacuum is quieter than most others you'll find at your local store. I wouldn't say it's ‘Super Sneaky Quiet’ like a Miele, but it falls into the next-step-down, ‘Sneaky Quiet’ category, which is rarely used for most of your common brands. They tend to fall into the ‘Wake the Dead’ or ‘Quiet as a Tornado’ category.

_Super Sneaky Quiet?  Not Quite, But CloseConvenience is the last big step up with the Electrolux EL7063A Ultra Silencer vacuum. Automatic cord rewind, dust bag and filter change indicators are standard on most quality canister vacuums these days, but this vac goes further by offering complete control, right on the handle! This includes, turning the entire vacuum off and on, adjusting the height of the powerhead, adjusting your suction level and turning the brushroll on/off. Most canisters usually lack the ability to power the vacuum up or adjust the height, from the handle.

Whether you're looking for an effective home cleaner to fit in with home decor that's beyond ordinary or you simply need a lightweight addition for a large home, the Electrolux EL7063A HEPA vac might be just what you had in mind! Seriously, I don't know if Electrolux had this in mind, but the color scheme also makes it a great choice for any discerning Boise State Broncos fan. To see more of the Electrolux EL7063A HEPA vacuum cleaner or to browse our entire selection of high quality, HEPA vacuum cleaners.

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