New – Electrolux JetMaxx and Ergospace Vacuums

As part of our Electrolux HEPA vacuum cleaner update, there are two more HEPA canister vacuums we've just added, and both have specific qualities and features that can make them ideal for your home. So what's new and how are these different?


New Electrolux JetMaxx Green HEPA Vacuum Cleaner

Let's first take a look at the Electrolux JetMaxx Green vacuum cleaner. Several years ago, Electrolux began creating a series of vacuum cleaners that placed special emphasis on one key feature – the use of recycled materials. With millions of tons of plastic headed to landfills across the world each year, Electrolux has adopted a platform to create some canister vacuum cleaners that try to combat this, and the JetMaxx is the latest iteration of this initiative. Using 55% recycled plastics, the JetMaxx earns the name ‘Green’ with this and a couple other notable features. The packing material is made from 100% recycled paper products, and the S-bag dust bag is actually derived from cornstarch. A long life belt (for the powerhead) and washable HEPA filter round out the green features of this vac. In terms of performance, the JetMaxx has a wide, electrically driven powerhead, a separate smooth floor tool and enough suction to clean any type of floor in your home. The sealed system, HEPA New Electrolux Ergospace Canister Vacuum Cleaners filter, and self-sealing dust bags make this unit a good one for those with allergies or asthma.


As the last canister in the new line, the Electrolux Ergospace is the most economical of the group. Best suited for smooth flooring and some low pile carpeting, the Ergospace comes with two floor tools – a turbobrush for low pile carpet and a combo tool for all of your smooth flooring. Like the other Electrolux canister vacuums, the ErgoSpace does feature a sealed system, HEPA filter and self-sealing S-Bag, but it is also very lightweight and comes with an Ergoschock Flexible Bumper Cord Wrap. This is a handy way to wrap up the hose for storage in tight spaces and small closets.

_With either of these canisters, as well as the UltraSilencer, you have options when it comes to the filter and dust bags. Washable filters are available for each of these, as are a range of dust bags that focus on specific problems in the home, like odors or allergens. Each of these canisters also comes with automatic cord rewind and bag change indicator features, as well as a five year warranty.

_Regardless of your specific needs, there are a variety of Electrolux vacuums to choose from. Each offers a unique set of features specially suited for different types of home, flooring and filtration needs. To check out our current line of Electrolux vacuums cleaners.

Author: K. Gilmore

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