Childhood Food Allergies on Cover of Newsweek

Child Food Allergies on the Cover of NewsweekThis week's cover story for Newsweek expores the problem of children's food allergies at school.

Peanut allergies among children under five doubled between 1997 and 2002. Kids are developing allergies to all sorts of foods like sesame and kiwi, and childhood food allergies are lingering longer than they did in the past.

The articles points out that some research suggests that kids born by C-section could be at higher risk for allergies.

Many schools now have ‘peanut-free zones’ in their cafeterias to protect kids with food allergies, and many airlines have quit serving peanuts.

The best advice for parents of food allergic children is to always have an EpiPen handy for emergencies.

See the Food Allergy / Anaphlyaxis Solution Guide for more information.

Also see Robyn O'Brien on Food Allergy Kids & Advice for Parents, an interview with the founder of

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