Sandy Relief Efforts Continue

As the cleanup in the aftermath of Sandy continues, please try to keep in mind a few things. While it did take a little time, the problems of cleaning up after a flood did start to make their way into news stories. This is important because while the immediate effects of flooding can be severe, problems related to water damage and cleanup can persist for days, weeks and even months. The other caveat to keep in mind is that while the the Sandy story may fade from prominence in the news, recovery efforts will go on for months.

_As we've discussed several times before, cleaning up after a flood can present some unique health risks. From mold and bacteria to waterborne viruses spread by the mixing of flood and waste water, floods leave a dangerous mess in their wake. So while the waters may recede the threat to health and safety can perist . It is for these reasons, that for us, it made sense to donate several different types of masks. They block everything from mold spores to odors, and are an important piece of safety equipment when cleaning up after any flood.

_The outpouring of support for any natural disaster is often overwhelming at first. The way the American public responds to their neighbors in need is something that can truly be the envy of the world. As media focus shifts to the latest news of the day, sustaining that support often tends to become more difficult. However, just because you're not seeing 24/7 news coverage of the storms effects doesn't mean all is well.

_So as we sit down to prepare to give thanks next week, take a moment and reflect on ways you might be able to help. If you choose to give, there are a variety of reputable, large, national charities as well as local charities that collecting and organizing supplies, money and manpower. From donating socks, volunteering, or just chipping in $2 to a relief oriented charity, every piece, large and small, helps.

_American Red Cross

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