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Posted by kevvyg on Friday, April 18, 2014
Vornado AC500 HEPA Air PurifierI wanted to take a minute to wish everyone safe travels this holiday weekend. The roads can be extra busy during holiday weekends, so take your time and slow down! Now if I could only follow my own advice..... Then again, Atlanta traffic does a pretty good job of keeping me moving so slowly that both the tortoise AND the hare typically pass me on the way to work.

I also wanted to throw out a quick reminder, there is LESS than a day remaining to get entered to win a FREE Vornado AC500 HEPA Air Purifier! Start the weekend off right and get entered to win. Best of all, it's free to enter, and you can quickly submit multiple entries in a matter of seconds! Check out this blog post for some helpful tips on controlling pollen and spring allergies and learn how you can enter to win!

Author: K. Gilmore

Posted by kevvyg on Friday, April 11, 2014
Not Dust. Not Bird Doo-Doo.  Pollen!Spring allergy season is fully upon us in many parts of the country. Locally, Atlanta has seen an average pollen count of 2,624 for each of the last nine days! As usual tree pollen is the primary culprit early in the season. If the iPhone was just a little better, I could have shared an image of a literal cloud of pollen blowing off the pines this weekend! So with all this going on what can you do? Sitting indoors during this beautiful part of the year, though not attractive, is an option. Medication is readily available, but many people don't like dealing with the side effects. Here are three simple products and tasks to help keep allergies under better control during this difficult time of the year.

First and foremost, you should try to limit your exposure. For many outdoor tasks this can mean squeezing them into different parts of the day when pollen levels and air quality is better. Typically, mornings are good since dew can help to keep pollen from becoming airborne, winds are generally lighter, and overall air quality is at its best. However, if you're outdoors, remember a few things. A quality allergy mask can be handy to have. Most are lightweight; many are washable; and all can help to prevent you from breathing in pollen while you're outdoors. When outdoors, wear something that you plan on taking off or changing when you go indoors. This means that when you're done, remove your shoes, jacket, hat, etc. at the door and set them aside. Just because there is pollen outside doesn't mean you should have to deal with it indoors as well. Once inside, wash up! If you're doing a more strenuous outdoor activity, you may not want to wear a mask, but if this is the case, flush your sinuses when you’re finished. This can rinse away any allergens trapped in your nose or nasal passages and remove the source of the irritation.

Two Free Boxes of Filterbags with Each Miele Marin VacuumMoving indoors, remember to vacuum! Just one walk to the mailbox outside is enough for me to leave greenish-yellow tracks on the rug at my front door. Vacuuming and dusting with sealed system, HEPA vacuum cleaner can keep spring pollen from started at your front door and being dispersed throughout your home. If you were considering a Miele HEPA vacuum, now might be a good time to choose one. In addition to Free Express Delivery (all but one model delivers in 1 or 2 business days), when you buy now you can get a year's worth of vacuum bags for free! The Miele filterbag trap all visible particles and features 9-ply filtration to remove large allergens while the certified HEPA filter removes all of the rest from not only your floors but also the air in your home.

Lastly, using a HEPA air purifier in your bedroom and can make all the difference in how well you sleep. We have long been proponents of creating a space in your home that is allergy friendly, and since most people spend more time in the bedroom than any other room, it is the best place to start! A high quality air purifier can filter out and trap common allergens like dust mites, dander, dust, and yes, pollen. Generally, it is best to set the air purifier on a low or medium setting and let it quietly do its work through the day and night.

Vornado AC500 HEPA Air PurifierWhile these things cannot cure your allergies, combined, they can go a very long ways toward reducing your exposure and limiting symptoms during this trying part of the year. To help you feel better and breathe easier, not only are we offering the free filterbags with each Miele vacuum, but we're also going to give away a Vornado HEPA Air Purifier! Sleek and powerful, the AC500 uses two HEPA filters and two activated carbon prefilters to remove large visible particles as well as pollen, dust and common household allergens. With four fan speeds, digital controls, replacement indicators and a five year warranty, this HEPA air purifier is effective, simply to operate and bound to provide years of allergy relief.

Using Rafflecopter, we're offering you several ways to enter, retweet, share on Facebook, etc. It's up to you how many chances you'd like to win, but sharing is caring! (And it's also a good way to increase your chances of winning!)

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Posted by kevvyg on Monday, April 07, 2014
Two Free Boxes of Filter Bags with the Purchase of Every Miele Vacuum CleanerMiele vacuum cleaners have long been known for a few things. They offer exceptional cleaning performance, powerful suction, unmatched filtration, and are built to last 20 years. Unlike other brands, they're also notorious for not discounting their line of luxury HEPA vacuum cleaners, but every now and again, we can sweeten the deal. For a limited time, receive Two Free Boxes of Filter Bags with the purchase of any Miele Premium Vacuum Cleaner.

For nearly 100 years Miele has been designing and building quality vacuum cleaners. Here at AchooAllergy, Miele has been a brand of vacuum cleaner that we highly recommend. Their emphasis on air filtration, keeping your indoor air clean while you vacuum, is critical for people concerned with allergies, asthma or indoor air quality in general. Traditional vacuum cleaners can remove visible dirt but can release millions of particles back into the air. They can literally take allergens and particulate that had previously settled out of the air and onto the floor and disperse them back into the air you breathe. Unfortunately, even HEPA vacuum cleaners can be guilty of this.

Miele Swing Premium Upright Vacuum Cleaner Miele takes air quality a step further. Not only do they independently test their products, but with a HEPA filter, they include the use of a 9-ply filter bag, a pre-motor, and a sealed system (on most vacs) to not only completely clean the air as it passes through the vacuum but ensure that dirty and clean air do not mix or leak. Sealed system Miele vacuums, equipped with their H13 HEPA remove allergens like mold spores, dander, dust mite allergen and dust from the floor and from the air you breathe - the perfect allergy vacuum.

This is all in addition to Miele's superior cleaning ability, high quality and unparalleled durability. The Vortex motor creates powerful, concentrated suction to remove not only the dirt, hair and soil you can see but also capture the microparticles that you can't. A range of included accessories (even more than usual if you are considering their HomeCare line) and attachments make Miele vacuums Miele Marin S8 Canister Vacuum Cleanersome of the most versatile cleaning machines you can own. In addition to all of this is the knowledge that Miele's are built to last twenty years!

So if you were considering purchasing one of the most advanced, durable and effective vacuum cleaners on the market, now is the time to buy. In addition to free express delivery (next day or two day delivery of nearly all Miele vacs) you will also receive TWO FREE BOXES of FILTERBAGS. That's a year's worth of bags, nearly a $40 value, free!

Author: Kevin Gilmore

Posted by kevvyg on Friday, February 07, 2014

We do it once a year. The time has once again arrived for the AchooAllergy White Sale! Until the end of February, take a full 15% off any bedding item on our site. From our exclusive line of American Made, Allergy Armor bedding products to brand names like Ogallala, Royal Pedic, Primaloft, Snoozer, and others, you can save big for the next three weeks.

If allergies have gotten you down this winter, take a look at any in our line of mattress, pillow and duvet covers. Each effectively blocks dust mites, pollen and other common household allergens that can hide in your bedding and keep you from getting a peaceful night's sleep.

If the cold weather is taking its toll, consider one of our many types of blankets. From USDA-certified organic cotton, or snuggly warm microfleece to Vellux and custom down comforters, we've got what you need to stay warm this winter.

Pillow worn, stained, or just lost their fluff? Try our exclusive Allergy Armor Ultra pillow. With the industry's smallest pore size, the Ultra dust mite and allergen barrier fabric is sewn right in! No need for a separate pillow cover. And if sheets are what you need, we've got you covered with GOTS certified organic cotton sheets, perfect for people with sensitive skin, eczema or multiple chemical sensitivities. And lastly, if you were looking to make a big purchase, like upgrading to a custom-crafted Royal Pedic mattress, now is the time to save big!

Regardless of what your bedding needs are, shop now and save 15% by using coupon code WHTSALE14 when checking out!

Author: K. Gilmore

Posted by kevvyg on Thursday, January 02, 2014
Was one of your New Year's resolutions to have a healthier home or maybe to try to be more organized and clean a little more in 2014? If either of these were things you resolved to do this year or if you simply want a cleaner home or wish to treat yourself to one of the best home cleaning appliances available, Miele wants to lend a hand! Starting yesterday, with the purchase of any new Miele vacuum, you'll get a free HEPA filter.

Miele Canister and Upright Vacuums Ranked Highest in Customer Satisfaction by the J.D. Power and AssociatesWhether you are dealing with allergies, asthma, or COPD or you are simply looking for a luxury home appliance that is not only effective but also durable and stylish, Miele vacuums can help. All feature powerful suction, durable construction, stylish design and are incredibly versatile. From cleaning delicate flooring or high traffic carpet and dusting to cleaning drapes, detailing your car (or computer) or keeping hard-to-reach areas clean, Miele vacuums offer a range of features, attachments and prices to fit your needs and your budget.

Unlike other vacuums that use cheap materials, Miele vacs are manufactured in Germany and extensively tested. Their performance and longevity are two reason why Miele vacuums have won past and current acclaim from Consumers Digest, J.D. Power, Good Housekeeping, and the Housewares Design Awards as well as Architectural Digest, SHAPE, and Real Simple magazines. And independent testing has shown that Miele outperforms any other vacuum when it comes to improving air quality and filtering out microparticles like pet dander, pollen, dust mite allergen, and dust.

So, if you're considering improving your home but also improving your health, you can't go wrong with a Miele. The free HEPA filter promotion means that if you're considering a model without it, you'll now get one. You can turn a Miele S6, like the Onyx from a great vacuum to one that features all of the components of Miele's world class, AirClean filtration system - 9 ply Filterbag, HEPA Filter, Pre-motor Filter, and sealed system. For models like the premium Miele UniQ the free filters means you won't have to worry about purchasing a new filter until 2016.

To Shop All Miele Vacuums. And as always, if you have any questions, give us a call, chat or submit an FAQ!

Author: K. Gilmore

Posted by kevvyg on Wednesday, December 04, 2013

There's only 24 hours left to take advantage of our 15% Off Thanksgiving Sale. Use coupon code "thanks2013" to take a season's best 15% off your order. From a warm, cozy blanket, to HEPA air purifiers, humidifiers, and HEPA vacuum cleaners, save big on the best brands and products to help keep your home comfortable all year round!

Posted by kevvyg on Thursday, June 27, 2013
Order Before July 1st and Be Entered to Win a $500 VISA Gift CardCotton - Not Amused with Bathtime, Even if I Use Ecology Works Pet ShampooJust a quick reminder, for the month of June all orders are entered into a drawing for a $500 VISA gift card. This promotion ends Sunday, so you only have a few days left to order and be entered.

On a side note, I would really like to have a $500 VISA gift card. It would go great with my trip back to Ohio to visit family or for my summer vacation trip to NYC. Sadly, no matter how many bottles of pet shampoo I purchase, I am not eligible. So while I can keep Cotton free of ticks and fleas while he bounces around our farm next week, no blinged out dog collar for him!

So whether you're stocking up on sunscreen for the your trip to the beach, choosing a HEPA air purifier to keep down indoor allergens, or looking for an efficient dehumidifier to remove some of the 93% humidity from the air in your crawlspace, (true story, 93% humidity yesterday morning in Atlanta) purchase before Sunday and you can have a chance to win a $500 gift card. Big Ferris Wheel - Myrtle Beach, SC That'll buy a lot of rides on a giant ferris wheel!

Now here's a picture of the giant ferris wheel. ---------------->

Author: K. Gilmore

Posted by kevvyg on Friday, August 24, 2012

Shop and Be Entered to Win $500

This is your last weekend to enter to win during our Summer Closeout Sale! From allergy bedding and air purifiers to dehumidifiers and steam cleaners, save on ways to remove allergens and smoke, germs and dust from your home. Across the site you can find the best allergy relief products in stock and on sale. Place an order between now and the end of the month and be automatically entered to win a $500 VISA gift card. Send summer off with a bang for chance to put some extra money in your pocket!

Posted by kevvyg on Friday, May 25, 2012
What are your Memorial Day plans? Watch a parade? Go see an air show? Cook out with friends and family? Go canoeing down a local river? <---My plans! This weekend is bound to be full of festivities, food, commemorating, and for most of us, plenty of time outdoors. While the spring pollen season has pretty much drawn to a close, the rising temperatures are starting to trigger smog alerts and air quality warnings in metro areas across the South. Today we are going to see a code orange which means the air quality will be slightly worse than moderate with the main pollutants being fine particles and ground level ozone.

Ground level ozone is formed when the pollution from factories and vehicles mixes with high temperatures, and while there is not much you can do about it, the best advice is to avoid it. So if you're planning some jogging or other strenuous activity, try to time it around the early morning and evening hours.

For most of us, this may be a nuisance or something we just ignore this weekend, but with temperatures reaching into the 90's, asthmatics and others with respiratory problems should take note. So regardless of what your Memorial Day weekend plans are, stay safe and have fun!

Shop Now and Take 10% Off Through Memorial Day!
Now through Memorial Day, take 10% off every purchase. Save on HEPA vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, our acclaimed Allergy Armor bedding, dehumidifiers and much more! Simple use code "spring10" at checkout and save.

Posted by kevvyg on Friday, May 04, 2012
Shop Allergy Bedding
From now until the end of May, take 10% Off all allergy bedding products. Simply use coupon code "bedding10" at check-out to save!*

From our signature brand, Allergy Armor to organic and memory foam products, all bedding is on sale.

Sleep better and dust mite free with an Allergy Armor or Memory Foam Pillow - both come standard with our premium dust mite barrier fabric - Allergy Armor Ultra. Eliminate the chemicals found in traditional bedding by upgrading to organic cotton sheets or a natural latex mattress. Regardless of your particular bedding need, we have a wide selection, and the best part is, all of it is on sale!

And while you're here, don't forget to check out our On Sale section where you can find great Mother's Day deals on Dyson vacuum cleaners and our Clearance page where open box items offer like-new products at almost half the regular price. Act soon because prices on allergy relief products in these two sections are only while supplies last.

*Bedding sale ends May 31st. Some exclusions may apply.

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