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Posted by kevvyg on Friday, November 07, 2014
New and Improved Allergy Armor Polartec Fleece BlanketJust in time for winter, we're rolling out the new and improved Allergy Armor fleece blankets. You may remember the original microfleece blankets. While both the original and the our latest versions were both Polartec fleece, there are several differences between them, not the least of which is the our new blankets are less expensive than before!

Why are they less expensive? There are two main reasons for this. First, the fabric itself is a big reason why we dropped the price. Polartec was finally able to supply us with fabric that was wide enough to eliminate any seams in our blankets. This means they not only look better, but they are quicker and easier for us to sew for you. The other reason is that we simply purchased more raw materials. Larger volume = lower price.

So what are the other differences between these blankets? Aside from the fact that king and queen sizes no longer have seams, there is now an additional color to choose from, so currently your choices are Ivory, Navy, and Light Blue. All are available in Twin, Queen and King sizes. The fabric itself is actually thicker than before. Polartec has long been the leader in American made fleece and textiles built for warmth, and the Polartec 200 fleece is no different. Allergy Armor Polartec Fleece Blanket Now Available in Navy, Ivory, and Light BlueWhile it is still super lightweight, the slightly thicker fleece feels more plush, even after several washes. The way we sew them has also changed. Now each blanket features a hemmed edge for extra durability. So overall, you're getting a better product, with several upgrades, for less money.

There are a few features that have remained the same. First, we use only Polartec fleece, made right here in the U.S.A. Check the tag on the fleece you see in your big box store, and I will almost guarantee you won't see "Made in the USA" on it. Second, each blanket is handcrafted and packaged here in our Atlanta location then shipped to you. Next, all of our Polartec blankets are machine wash and dry. This is important for people with allergies or asthma, as washing your bedding more frequently and in hot water is key to reducing dust mites. Lastly, each blanket won't pill, water resistant, and 6" longer than comparable fleece blankets. So warm up this winter with our new and improved Allergy Armor Polartec blanket!

To see all of our Exclusive Allergy Armor bedding.

Author: KevvyG

Posted by kevvyg on Tuesday, January 28, 2014
As many of you already know, here at Achoo you can find a variety of organic cotton bedding products. From sheets and allergy covers for your pillows and mattress to a couple styles of blankets, all of these products start as certified organic cotton fabric and are then transformed into the chemical-free bedding you enjoy.

Key Features Include
  • Made from USDA certified organic cotton
  • Great for winter but light enough for year round use
  • From start to finish, made right here in the U.S.
  • Free of pesticide and fertilizer residues as well as chemical treaters and dyes that are common in textiles
  • Gentle for those with sensitive skin, eczema, chronic dermatitis, or other skin conditions
  • Available in four sizes
  • Machine Washable
For more information, on either our Organic Cotton Blankets (Waffle Weave) or our Organic Cotton Blankets (Crepe Weave).

Author: KevvyG

Posted by kevvyg on Monday, November 11, 2013
Made in the USAEvery day we field questions about where a product is made, and to help make things easier we've been slowly including the icon on the left to quickly let people know which products are made here in the States. To help your search easier, here is a quick list of most of our American made products.

First, I want to start with the bedding. Our Allergy Armor dust mite covers are now almost entirely made here in the U.S. In fact, most of these covers are cut, sewn, and packed right here at our Atlanta location. In addition to covers, things like blankets, pillows, and Nearly All Allergy Armor Bedding is Made in the USAcomforters are also made right here. These include, Other Allergy Armor products are in the process of transitioning to being produced here, so some of the bedding is made here as sizes run out of stock, and we pick up production here. Other products are partially made here or certain components are fabricated here, like the free allergy cover that comes with your Memory Foam pillow or the stretch-zip cover that is included with your Memory Foam Mattress Topper.

Aside from the products we make ourselves, many of our vendors manufacture right here in the United States, and a few products are made by local companies for our brand. Lastly, some products are more broadly made in North America or have either assembly done here or raw material for the products done here. These would include Primaloft, Ogallala, & Snoozer bedding, Honeywell (Mexico), AllerAir, and Amairicare air purifiers as well as 3M furnace filters.

As you can see, a wide variety of the products you'll find on our site and in our catalog are sourced right here in the United States. This is important to us for a few reasons. First, it Trend of the last half century - manufacturing following cheaper labor helps to keep American manufacturing alive. American manufacturing was the backbone of a growing middle class during the middle of the 20th century. However, as manufacturing traditionally follows cheap labor markets, we've seen a steady outflow of these jobs and industries overseas. Secondly, we want to manufacture here in the U.S. as it gives us better control over the product and allows us to make custom products for those who request it. Quality control of imported products can be nightmare. Why do you think so many brick and mortar retailers have opened the proverbial flood gates when it comes to returns? Aside from being competitive, when quality is hit or miss a generous return policy is key to not alienating people who are getting "duds" or "lemons". Many times, if something goes out of stock, we will specially make your bedding that day and avoid the delay of waiting until our next scheduled production run of your items. Finally, this is also a response to you - our reader, our customer. Demand for U.S. made products has increased, and we try our best to source American to meet your needs.

This doesn't mean that American manufacturing "is back" or that this isn't done without challenges. It has been difficult to find some of the materials we need. With the ability to produce raw textiles nearly completely gutted from the States, it has been a challenge to find a U.S. source for some of the materials we need in the specific raw sizes. Fortunately, there are a few producers still based here in the States who are not only hanging on but seeing a bit of a resurgence.

In addition to the flag, you can also check in the Product Features or the Customer Questions sections. I'm pretty sure that even from this list, I've missed at least a handful. If you don't see the country of origin listed on the page, submit a question, and I, or one of our staffers, generally answer within 12-24 hours. Happy Hunting!

Author: Kevin Gilmore

Posted by kevvyg on Friday, September 27, 2013
One of my favorite parts of my home is my bed. I'm very keen on my pillows, sheets and comforters (because they're what help me get all of my beauty sleep!). However I'm well aware that my bedding was likely made with pesticides, chemical treatments ("wrinkle free" or "stain resistant"), dyes and flame retardants. Though things as regular as bedding do not affect me or my health, for someone with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) or very sensitive skin, the residue of these Raw Cottonchemicals can make sleep a real struggle.

For many with MCS, being particular about bedding isn't an option, it's a necessity. Most bedding is not organic and can irritate sensitive skin, causing allergic reactions, dermatitis, itching, swelling or worse. All of these things can leave you feeling tired instead of refreshed and reenergized in the mornings.

Though most are familiar with organic food, what's the deal with - organic - cotton? Merriam Webster defines organic as "of, relating to, yielding, or involving the use of food produced with the use of feed or fertilizer of plant or animal origin without employment of chemically formulated fertilizers, growth stimulants, antibiotics, or pesticides". So now let's take a look at cotton.

Cotton, a fibrous plant of the Gossypium genus is akin to okra and cacao and has been internationally domesticated for centuries, from Australia to Alabama. However, organic commercial cotton production has been on the rise for the past decade. Unlike the majority of cotton currently grown in the U.S., organic commercial cotton is not genetically modified. It is also grown in an organic environment meaning it is often manually cultivated, grown in organic soil, and not treated with fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides.

Luckily, offers a variety of bedding made from 100% certified organic cotton to help make your bed as heavenly (and healthy!) as possible:
  • Allergy Armor Organic Cotton BlanketsAllergy Armor Organic Cotton Sheets - GOTS certified, these 300 TC sheets are soft and comfortable. Lacking chemical finishers and dyes, you can find sheets for any size bed in basic, cream or white colors, which match any bedding.
  • Allergy Armor Organic Cotton Blankets - We are proud to say these blankets are cut, sewn, and packed right here in our Atlanta location. They are soft and lightweight yet warm, making a great layer for your bed, anytime of the year. Available in 2 weights, 100 and 120, each blanket is constructed from USDA certified organic cotton. Choose from either the crepe weave, which has a small tighter pattern, or the waffle weave which fluffs out to a thick and luxurious pattern after the first wash and dry. You can also select from four sizes (we even have blankets for the little ones!).
  • Allergy Armor Organic Allergy Covers - In Stock and With a New DesignAllergy Armor Organic Bedding Covers - Although we have not begun making our own organic pillows, we do have organic pillow and mattress covers, perfect for those coping with dust mite allergies as well as MCS and eczema. These covers have no finishes or coatings, and have an average pore size of less than 5 microns. Just slip these covers on your favorite pillow and mattress, then apply your organic sheets or pillowcases, and you're all set!
After spending some time upstairs enjoying the soft textures of our Allergy Armor products, I'm going to invest in some good quality blankets and sheets too! Sweet dreams!

For more information on the GOTS Certification behind our organic cotton sheets and the GOTS certified fabric for our mattress and pillow covers.

Author: Rachel Power

Posted by kevvyg on Tuesday, September 17, 2013
Allergy Armor Organic Bedding CoverOrganic fabric isn't the easiest material to come by, and as a manufacturer, we are constantly on the lookout for better raw materials. Despite enormous initial success, literally selling out of our organic barrier fabric after only a couple months, we took some time off before obtaining more material. During our break, we made a couple improvements, and will very soon be offering an even better product at the same price. So what did we improve, and how can it help you?

Since bringing the manufacturing of Allergy Armor Organic dust mite covers in-house, we looked at a few different options when it comes to raw cotton fabric. Now we are proud to introduce a redesigned and upgraded product. First, we actually reduced the average pore size our Allergy Armor Organic. Instead of 6 microns, we've managed to drop that down to just over 4. What does this mean for you? The smaller the average pore size, the more effectively, the covers can block allergens like dust mites, dander, and pollen, which means a better night's sleep for you, and fewer mornings waking up with congestion, runny nose, sneezing, watery eyes, or sinus pressure. This is one of the best, if not the best, available today.

The second thing we looked to improve was with the design of your covers. Unlike our basic design, we've integrated a new feature with our covers. The organic pillow covers now have an offset zipper with a sewn over flap. Once zipped up, the flap hides the zipper and slide. This gives the cover a more streamlined look and feel, more like a pillow without a cover at all. This same fabric zipper cover is also now integrated into the design of our organic mattress covers.

Allergy Armor Organic Allergy Covers are Made From GOTS Certified Organic CottonSome of the things that stayed the same? You still get quality mattress and pillow covers, made right here in the U.S. Unlike our competitors, our fabric is certified organic by the leading international organic certification agency, GOTS (Global Organic Trade Standard). The cotton is certified to be free of chemical finishers, flame retardants, dyes, harsh bleaching agents, and fertilizer/pesticide/insecticide residues. This makes our fabric a great solution for those with chemical sensitivities, eczema or sensitive skin and allergies or asthma.

We expect to begin making your new organic mattress, pillow and duvet covers in just a couple short weeks. Pre-ordering ensures that your organic allergy bedding will be made and shipped as soon as our raw fabric arrives. You can place pre-orders now, or wait until they are officially back in stock.
*NOTE: The color is now a natural cream/beige, not the older style white color. New product images coming soon!

Author: Kevin Gilmore

Posted by KevvyG on Tuesday, September 03, 2013
Allergy Armor Ultra Allergy Bedding - 20% OffIf you've been meaning to try some of the best allergy bedding available, now is the time to save. For a limited time, all Allergy Armor pillow covers, mattress covers and duvet covers are 20% off.

As seen in Women's Health magazine, Allergy Armor Ultra features the smallest average pore size in the industry, 2.8 microns. This makes our allergy bedding covers one of the most effective ways to block the dust mite allergy and relieve night time coughing as well as morning time congestion and sneezing.

Common Household Dust MiteFor most people, dust mites are the common household allergen that can keep you from getting a good night's sleep. Found in everyone's pillow and mattress, dust mites are microscopic mites that are part of the reason why a mattress can double in weight after 8-10 years. Dust mite feces and their microscopic dead and decaying body parts are inhaled while you sleep. For asthmatics this often means a cough that starts soon after laying down for bed, while for those with allergies it often means morning time congestion, runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing or sinus pressure. Allergy Armor can help relieve these symptoms.

By blocking the allergen and keeping it trapped, Ultra mattress, pillow and comforter covers can help to keep this allergen out of the air you breathe at night. They go over your mattress or pillow and zip closed. Once installed, you put your regular sheets or pillow cases back on. Though you won't see them, you will likely notice a difference in how you sleep at night and how you feel in the morning. And unlike other bedding covers, Ultra is made right here in the USA. We cut, sew and package every piece of Allergy Armor Ultra right in our Atlanta location. And, once you buy, you're all set! A lifetime guarantee, means years of relieve and peace of mind.

There are sizes available to fit all mattress and pillow sizes. Invest in a better night's sleep and try Allergy Armor Ultra!

View Allergy Armor Ultra Pillow Covers
View Allergy Armor Ultra Mattress Covers or
View Allergy Armor Ultra Bedding

Author: K. Gilmore

Posted by KevvyG on Wednesday, August 07, 2013
A recent article in Women's Health magazine online outlined some simple home products that can help control allergies by reducing allergens at home and work. Allergy Armor Ultra Bedding came in at the top of the list.

Allergy Armor Ultra is our exclusive line of allergy relief bedding. Specially constructed to block allergens, like the dust mites that inhabit everyone's mattress and pillows, the Ultra fabric encases and protects bedding while keeping the dust mite allergen out of the air you breathe. For many people, when allergy bedding is paired up with other environmental control measures (like dusting & vacuuming more frequently and Allery Armor Ultra Bedding is 100% Made in the USAwashing your bedding once a week in hot water) there's a noticeable difference in how you sleep and how you feel in the morning. Unlike cheap imports or products that others label "Made in America" simply because 51% of the materials and construction was done here in the States, all of our Allergy Armor Ultra bedding products are cut, sewn and packaged here at our facility in Atlanta, constructed from fabric made here in the U.S. and shipped to you when you order. Best of all, while you might save a few bucks buying a cheap import from a big box store, none of those covers are backed by a lifetime warranty.

The Allergy Armor Ultra Pillow Was Also Featured on The DoctorsIn addition to the mattress and pillow covers, we've expanded our Ultra line of allergy bedding. While some have tried to duplicate it, none have succeeded in matching the quality and convenience of our Allergy Armor Ultra Pillow. With the shell of the pillow constructed from the Ultra barrier fabric, there's no need for a separate pillow cover. It's built right in! Machine washable and available in five sizes, each of these pillows is backed by a two year warranty.

More recently, we've responded to a concern from our customers. The duvet (comforter) covers, though effective, don't stop the comforter from shifting around inside. At times, you end up with the comforter all balled up inside the cover. So following the example we set with our pillow, we now offer an allergy relief comforter. With a shell constructed from Allergy Armor Ultra fabric, this comforter features sewn-through box construction, reinforced seams, a 3D corded edge, and tie in loops in each corner. Warm, durable and allergen-free the Ultra Comforter is the perfect addition to any bedroom, and with the sewn-in loops, you can easily use your decorative duvet cover without any worry of the comforter shifting or balling.

All Ultra bedding is machine washable and machine dry, so cleaning is as easy as washing a load of clothes. Each piece features the smallest average pore size in the industry, 2.8 microns, and provides effective, consistent protection from dust mites, pollen, dander, and other allergens than collect in your bedding. From pillow covers and mattress covers to pillow and even comforters, Allergy Armor Ultra has a product to fit all of your bedding needs.

While I do appreciate the author taking the time to put together the article, just as a note for readers, the AirPod was discontinued by Blueair a few years ago. For an inexpensive desktop air purifier, I would consider the compact Alen T100 or the popular Roomaid HEPA air purifier.

To read the full article from Women's Health.

Author: Kevin Gilmore

Posted by kevvyg on Tuesday, February 19, 2013
Allergy Armor Organic Cotton Blankets - Crepe WeightsWe recently expanded the our line of Organic Cotton Blankets. Traditionally, we have offered what we refer to as our 100 weight (wt.) crepe weave blanket. Perfect for year-round use, the crepe weave blanket is light enough for summer use but an excellent for use under your winter comforter for those colder nights. Now you can purchase the crepe weave blanket in a slightly heavier weight.

Our 120 Wt. organic cotton blanket weighs a bit more, but is woven with a slightly different crepe pattern. This pattern tightens the blanket while the added weight means you get a heavier blanket. The new 120 Wt. has also undergone an initial warm water prewash. This fabric won't shrink as much as the 110, but it's still a good idea that regardless of which of these two blankets you go with, wash them by themselves for the initial washing. I made the mistake of washing one with a smaller, dark-color cotton blanket, and now it has cotton fuzzies on it! In terms of shrinking, organic cotton is untreated so, both will shrink in the first wash. We have sized both large to accommodate for this.

So whether you want a great year-round organic blanket or one more geared towards the cooler months, both of our Allergy Armor organic cotton blankets are warm, durable, chemical, dye and finisher free, and are both 100% American Grown and Made products!

Washing My Allergy Armor Comforter at HomeIn other news, the Allergy Armor Ultra Comforters have arrived! Pre-ordered comforters are shipping today, so if you've purchased one, it should arrive in the days ahead. If you haven't, this warm, durable and allergen blocking comforter might be the perfect addition to your bedding set.

With reinforced, rolled edges and a boxed construction, the Allergy Armor comforter uses the allergen blocking power of our Ultra fabric to keep dust mites, pollen, dander and other particle allergens out. Machine wash and dry (might need to run through a cycle or two unless you're using a big laundromat style dryer), then use the sew-ins on the corner to tie your decorative duvet cover on, and you're all set!

They even have a born-on date on the tag. So 20 years from now you'll still be able to see where and when you got that great, allergy-friendly comforter that's held up so well for all those years.

Author: Kevin G.

Posted by kevvyg on Tuesday, February 12, 2013
As the latest product in our line of Allergy Armor bedding, the Allergy Armor Comforter provides built-in allergen protection. Using our Ultra line of fabric, we've created a comforter that not only blocks allergens like dust mites, pollen and dander, but is also warm and durable.

Sewn in Loops Keep the Ultra Allergy Comforter in PlaceSimilar to the Allergy Armor Ultra Pillows, this comforter is actually made from the Ultra barrier fabric, eliminating the need to for an extra duvet cover. No more added weight and with sewn in loops on the corners, you can easily tie a decorative duvet cover over your Ultra comforter. This means that your comforter won't ball up or shift, and you can use any cover to match the decor of your room.

A reinforced, rolled edge provides for added strength and allows our comforter to better retain its shape and not resemble something that looks like a strip of bacon. The filling is a non-woven, non-allergenic polyfill that will provide years of warmth, and a boxed construction means the fill cannot all collect in one corner of the comforter. Instead it stays inside of each baffle.

For convenience, the Allergy Armor comforter can be machine washed and dried, and a ten year warranty means we have confidence that this comforter will be the last comforter you will need for a long time.

Allergy Armor Ultra fabric is our top-of-the-line fabric. With an average pore size of 2.8 microns, Ultra provides complete protection against all common particle allergens (dust mites, dander, pollen, mold spores, etc), even some of the very smallest like cat dander. This fabric also features an antimicrobial finish that has been used in hospitals and on sports apparel for almost three decades.

Available in three sizes, you can take advantage of the 15% off bedding sale and pre-order yours today!

Author: Kevin G

Posted by kevvyg on Thursday, October 11, 2012
Allergy Armor Organic Cotton BeddingIt's not often that we have the opportunity to announce that prices are going down. Too often we get stuck in the position of passing on a message from the manufacturer - raw materials cost more, fuel costs more, so now the products are going to cost more. This, however, is different, so we are very pleased to announce that we have cut the price on all of our Allergy Armor Organic cotton bedding covers!

By bringing production in-house for the majority of our allergy bedding covers, we've dramatically cut costs to be able to offer certified organic cotton allergy bedding at the best prices possible. On average organic mattress covers have dropped by about 25% while the organic pillow covers have dropped in price by as much as 50%. On top of this, we are currently offering an additional 10% off most products, including this bedding. If you were considering organic cotton allergy covers, now is the time to buy.

Allergy Armor Organic Cotton is GOTS CertifiedAllergy Armor Organic Cotton bedding is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS). GOTS is the most widely recognized organic textile certification agency in the world. From farm to finished product, Allergy Armor Organic Cotton bedding is free of fertilizers, pesticides, chemicals, dyes, resins, and other compounds that are common in modern textile production. GOTS certification also ensures that laborers are treated fairly and that environmental standards are met. We do this to be able to bring you and all allergy, asthma and MCS sufferers a product that is better for the environment and better for you!

Author: Kevin Gilmore

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