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Posted by kevvyg on Wednesday, March 25, 2015
As the weather begins to warm again, that most joyous time of year is nearly upon us - spring! Sunshine, warm temperatures, daffodils, and blooming plants of all varieties. The Easter Bunny - Enjoy!So by looking back on were we've been these last few months and peeking ahead as to what the the broader outlook for the year looks like, we can get a pretty good idea of how miserable allergy season is going to be. You didn't think I was just going to talk about bunny rabbits and Easter eggs did you? As much I would like to, that's really not going to help anyone with seasonal allergies, other than by offering a temporary distraction. So, on that note....

Now that that's been covered, time to move on to more pressing matters. From dogwoods and oaks to all manner of tree and bush, plants are shaking off their winter slumber and springing back to life - dumping pollen into the air. Now it also the time when those articles start popping up all over the place, "Worst Allergy Season - EVER!". I do sometimes wonder, has someone with allergies ever went through a spring and thought, "Hhhmmmm.... not bad!" The reality is, this is how spring allergies are going to go.

This is How Spring Allergy Season Is Going to Go

While this winter was harsh enough to push the start of allergy season further into the year, the very wet nature of this winter is likely to mean high pollen counts. So while the spring allergy season is likely to be a little shorter than recent years, don't expect the trend of increased pollen counts and intensity to take a break.

With all this being said, what can you do in terms of relief?

How Do You Spell Allergy Relief?

There are several places to start, but we almost always recommend the bedroom. You'll spend more time here (typically 6-8 hours sleeping) than any other room in the home. Here are some quick hitter solutions to getting a better night's sleep while the pollen flies.
  • Air - With warmer temperatures, many of us are likely to want to open the window. I know for myself, as soon as the temperature creeps above 60° or so, my windows are open. With allergies, you can either keep the windows closed or try something like a window filter. While these don't offer HEPA filtration (to do so would completely block airflow), they do a great deal of the pollen in the air. The other item that can help clear up your indoor air is a HEPA air purifier. Something like an Austin air purifier is a simple way to remove the allergens. The HEPA/carbon filter lasts years before needing to be replaced, and the controls are simple.

  • Spring Allergies Suck, Remove the Pollen with a HEPA Vacuum CleanerFloors - Your floors are often the final resting place of allergens, including dust, dander, mold spores, and pollen. While you can trap a great deal of this particulate with an air purifier, you're still likely to track allergens in. Regardless of flooring type, you can not only keep them looking good but free of allergens with a high quality HEPA vacuum cleaner. When considering a HEPA vac, keep in mind quality. You often get what you pay for, and lower quality vacuums can leak and simply redistribute allergens instead of actually removing and trapping them.

  • Clothes - When the pollen counts are high, it's literally sticking to your clothes and then being brought into your home. Many find themselves washing their laundry more frequently. While regular washing can greatly reduce allergens trapped in your clothes, an anti-allergy laundry detergent can denature protein allergens that escape the normal wash cycle. Ecology works produces a plant-based detergent that is gentle of clothes, free of dyes and added fragrance, ultimately making it easier on your skin.

  • Outdoors - Avoid going out on days when the pollen count is going to be exceptionally high. This is easier said than done for many, but an allergy mask can make a big difference in blocking pollen and other allergens while you're outdoors. Though it can be a little dreary, right after a light rain, pollen levels in the air can dip, so this might not be a bad time to get some of your outdoor activities knocked out.

  • Medication - Antihistamines are the soup du jour when it comes to combating allergies. While most people take these AFTER they begin to experience symptoms, Spring Apple Blossomsmost allergists actually recommend you being taking them just prior to the onset of the allergy season. These help by tamping down the immune response to pollen - inflammation. There are over the counter as well as more powerful prescription antihistamines available, and a quick stop by your local board certified allergist can give you a better idea of which route to go. Or, you can always try OTC methods first, and if relief is still elusive, consult your doctor for more options.

This list is by no means exhaustive. Checking your local pollen counts, wearing a mask while outdoors, taking your shoes off when you come inside the home, and bathing your pet (if you have one) more frequently during allergy season are all things that can also help you avoid exposure to pollen.

Do you have any tips or hints you'd like to share? Leave a comment or send us an email at Otherwise stay tuned for another potential Easter Bunny sighting.

Author: K. Gilmore

Posted by kevvyg on Friday, March 13, 2015
It is almost like an annual rite of passage now. I'll write up an article about a product and certain rankings published by a leading consumer testing agency. Then you get to guess who I'm talking about. I could make this easier and just say who tested and rated these products, but this organization has some pretty strict rules regarding the use of their name and not wanting to ever appear as if they are endorsing a particular product or brand. With that, let the games begin!

Let's start with upright vacuum cleaners. First and foremost, upright vacuums are not only the most popular vacuum style here in the U.S. but they are also traditionally associated with vacuuming carpet. While the versatility and use of an upright has certainly grown, particularly in the last 15 years, this associated with use on carpet remains strong. Consequently, when rated, ranked, or tested, it is most often done on carpet. This year, of the multitude of vacuums tested and rated, Miele again come in at the top.

In addition to cost, vacuums are tested for filtration, suction, and cleaning ability. Of the upright vacuum cleaners tested this year, three of the top five were Miele vacuums. If you compare Miele uprights, you see a lot of similarities (partly the reason why they dominate testing/rankings). Another thing you may notice is that of the models listed, the names might be a little different than what you are likely seeing online and in stores. This is because Miele recently revamped their entire line of vacuums. From canister to uprights, everything was recategorized/renamed. The Miele S7 upright vacuums became Miele Dynamic U1 upright vacuums. For canisters, the S8 models became Complete C3 models, and this type of naming was applied across all lines. Top Ranked Miele Twist Upright Vacuum CleanerI mention this only to note that if you see something like the Miele S7 Twist upright listed as a top rated vacuum cleaner, it is the exact as the Miele Dynamic U1 Twist upright. Only the name has changed.

Of the three Miele uprights listed at the top, the Twist came out above all others. The Twist has actually come out on top of this list a few times before as well, and a closer look at the features makes it fairly easy to see why. When tested, the power, suction, and filtration of these uprights immediately place them high on any comparison list. The super quiet operation, swivel-neck maneuverability, 6" lay flat profile, and fingertip brushroll separate it from comparable models, while the durability and brand reputation push each model to the top of the list.

The Twist often climbs above the rest of the Miele uprights for one big reason, price. It's the most economically priced of all the Miele upright vacuums. The tradeoff with this is that it Miele Cat & Dog Upright Pet Vacuumlacks the LED lamp in the front and the HEPA filter (though at any time you can uprgrade to HEPA). Beyond this, it features the same tools, suction, automatic height adjustment, sealed system, ABS construction, and warranty of a Miele upright that costs nearly twice as much.

Coming second on this list (that shall not be named) is the Miele Cat & Dog upright. This model trades in a the AirClean filter of the Twist for an Active AirClean filter. This is useful, especially for homes with pets as the activated charcoal in this filter adsorbs pet odors while offering the same particle filtration as the Twist. With the addition of the handheld turbobrush (perfect for removing pet hair from upholstered furniture or steps) and the LED lamp, the Cat & Dog upright steps up a little in price but has the unique features to compensate for it.

Miele Dynamic U1 Jazz Upright Vacuum CleanerComing in number four on the list is the Miele Jazz upright. The Jazz is a bit of a blend of the other two on the list. It has the same core features but lacks the handheld turbobrush and the Active AirClean filter. Instead, the Miele Jazz comes with the LED lamp as well as Miele's H13 HEPA filter. Strictly in terms of removing allergens or irritants for people with allergies, asthma, or COPD, the HEPA filtered Jazz is tops amongst these Miele models because it can filter out 99.95% of particles as small as 0.1 microns.

With any of these three upright vacuums, you really can't go wrong. Each has the same core features and performance of the most expensive Miele uprights but have a few unique attributes to best fit specific concerns. Twist - price conscientious but without sacrificing performance. Cat & Dog - ideal for pets and pet odors. Jazz - best overall particle filtration of the three. Once you've decided you want a top-rated, durable, efficient, and quiet upright vacuum cleaner, all that's left if picking the specific features you want. With the Miele uprights, there's sure to be one to suit your taste.

Author: KevvyG

Posted by kevvyg on Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Annual White Sale Now Gives You 15% Off ALL Allergy Relief Products

As many of you know, each February we have an Annual White Sale, where you can take 15% off any bedding item we offer. From custom mattresses and luxury down pillows to all types of dust mite bedding covers and organic bedding, we're letting you take 15% off. This year, however, we've decided to change things up a bit.

So, from now until February 28th, you can take 15% off site wide! That's right, the best HEPA air purifiers, humidifiers, allergy vacuum cleaners, and everything in between are all now 15% off when you use coupon code "white15" at checkout. As usual, some exclusions to apply, but if you have an problems or questions, give us a call and we'll help!

Author: K. Gilmore

Posted by R. Power on Friday, September 26, 2014
The other night I decided to toss out my old vacuum (whom I will name, "He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named" as not to discredit that particular brand) and upgrade to a Miele Twist upright. I weighed the pros and cons, and a couple days later I brought home a shiny, new Sprint Blue upright vacuum. My New Miele Twist VacuumOut of the box there was literally one thing I had to do, attach the handle, and I was ready to go.

I started with my bedroom floor, which much like most of the apartment, is carpeted. Though I'll admit that the Twist is heavier than my old upright, it really scoots across the carpet with little effort. Before I knew it, I was done, but for some reason I didn't stop there. I was using the upholstery tools to clean my mattress, curtains and couch cushions, dusting the ceiling fan (how did I not notice the mountain of filth accumulating up there?), and vacuuming our living room. My curious roommate even gave it a go. She vacuumed her entire room, which really surprised me. She would normally rather have a root canal than clean!

During all this cleaning, a few thoughts occurred to me. "Wow, why am I excited? Having just turned 25(not a mom, homemaker, a homeowner, or even someone who has a strong desire to keep a clean home), why am I cleaning like my life depends on it? Is it because I'm a little nerdy, and the Twist is a bit like a gadget? Do I enjoy quality products?" I had a lot of questions but was short on answers.

This wasn't something I posted on Facebook or Instagram, but I did casually bring it up in conversation with one of my good friends, Ginny. She was surprised to hear me say "Miele" and told me that her mom had a Miele, one that literally mentioned in her mother's will, is to be passed down to Ginny. It was fun and interesting to make that Miele connection.

Soon after, I went to Asheville to visit some friends. To my pleasant surprise, I walked into my friend's house and saw that she had a Miele Plus! I exclaimed "I have a Miele too!" Of course, not everyone knew what I was talking about, but I was still excited to see someone else around my age with a Miele.

Less Than A Week Left to Get a FREE HEPA Filter w/ Every Miele Vacuum Cleaner PurchaseSo moral of my story is, you're never too young to have a superior quality home appliance. You aren't simply paying for a name, but for a lifelong (well, at least, twenty year) investment. And, if you got something good, don't keep it a secret! You'll never know who else may have a Miele in their closet.

Author: R. Power

Don't Forget! This is the last weekend for the FREE Filter w/ Every Miele Vacuum Cleaner promotion. You have less than a week to get a free HEPA filter with any Miele vacuum you buy. $49.95 value

Shop Miele Vacuum Cleaners

Posted by kevvyg on Tuesday, September 02, 2014
Shop Miele Vacuums - Free HEPA Filter!Free Miele HEPA Filter with Miele Vacuum PurchaseTo usher in September, we have a couple deals to help you save money on some of our most popular home cleaning appliances. From now until September 30th, purchase any Miele vacuum cleaner and get a FREE HEPA filter!

Miele vacuum cleaners have long been the standard of excellence when it comes to cleaning your floors while keeping the air in your home free of allergens and irritating particles that traditional vacuums spew out as they "clean". Conforming to strict H13 HEPA standards, the new Miele HEPA filter traps 99.95% of particles as small as 0.1 microns. This includes all of the common allergens like dust mites, pet dander, pollen, and mold spores. Most Miele vacuums feature a sealed system in addition to the 9-ply filterbag, and it all three of these components that make a Miele the best allergy vacuum available.

For this limited time each Miele vacuum you purchase will include a free HEPA filter. If the Miele you choose already has one, then the addition of this free filter means you have all the HEPA filters you need for the next two years of use. And, if the model you select doesn't come with a HEPA filter standard, then you've received a free HEPA filter upgrade! Either way, you get a free filter, valued at $49.95. So whether you're looking for a top-of-the-line, premium Miele canister vacuum, a powerful Miele upright or something in between, shop now and save.

Reliable Enviromate Steam Cleaner $100 Discount Extended!

We also have good news for those of you looking for a steam cleaner. Reliable has extended their $100 savings on their premium home steam cleaners. In addition to free shipping, you can now take $100 off the top three Reliable steam cleaners. This includes the dual use Tandem EV1, a canister-style steam cleaner and HEPA vacuum cleaner, all-in-one, as well as the versatile E40 VIVA, and the durable E20 GO. Deep clean and sanitize throughout your home with any of these three models. Each offers a wide variety of accessories and attachments specifically suited to kills germs, remove stuck-on grime, and give you a healthier home, all without the harsh chemicals and fragrances that accompany other home cleaning products. Italian-made, these steam cleaners have a lifetime warranty on the boiler and durable ABS shell for years of consistent cleaning inside and outside your home.

For either of these great deals, there's no need for a coupon code. Simply drop them in your cart and your free filter or $100 discount will automatically be included. Take advantage of either or both of these deals before they expire, and if you have any questions or need some expert advice on which Miele or steam cleaner would best meet your needs, call, email, chat or submit an FAQ to us anytime.

Author: Kevin Gilmore

Posted by kevvyg on Tuesday, July 01, 2014
Miele FreshAir Allergy Vacuum CleanersHere at AchooAllergy, we have long touted the filtration of Miele vacuums and how they are particularly helpful for those dealing with allergies, asthma, COPD or other respiratory issues. Others know Miele as a durable luxury vacuum brand with products that display the latest in innovation and style. The two new FreshAir Miele vacuums are the perfect blend of both of these realities.

The Miele FreshAir vacuum cleaners share many common features. They both feature the Miele AirClean System of filtration. This 12-stage system quietly and efficiently removes all visible dirt and dust that the vacuum sucks up and has been independently tested to remove 99.99% of particles 0.1 microns and larger. Both also feature the workhouse, Miele Vortex motor that provides more suction Miele S8 Fresh Air Allergy Vacuum Cleanerwith less noise than comparable motors in uprights or canisters. Three mini-accessories that tuck away neatly into the body of each vac are also included as is Miele's super-quiet operation, self-sealing filterbags, durable ABS construction, and superior warranty. Lastly, both are Arctic White, which is only fitting for a pair of HEPA vacuums as hygienic as these.

The main difference between these two vacuums is mainly in that one is an upright while the other, a canister vacuum. This also means the cleaning head of each is different, as the upright is geared specifically for those with carpet while the canister is targeted for mainly smooth floors.

The independently-driven brushroll of the Miele S7 Fresh Air upright deep cleans while automatic height adjustment raises and lowers the cleaning head depending on the Miele S7 Fresh Air Allergy Vacuum Cleaner surface. Flip the brushroll off and you can use suction only to clean smooth floors with this versatile upright. With the canister, the STB 205-3 powerhead uses Miele's suction to power the brushroll and clean low pile carpet and rugs while the included combination AllTeQ tool performs well on smooth surfaces of all types. The bag capacity will be higher with the upright, but the Miele FreshAir S8 canister has the auto-rewind feature for the power cord and foot operated suction control.

In all, both showcase the core features that make most Miele vacuum cleaners not only luxury home appliances but vacuums built specifically for those who want a cleaner, healthier home. Both are priced at $599 and are delivered the next day for free!

To see our full line of Miele premium vacuum cleaners.

Author: Kevin Gilmore

Posted by kevvyg on Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A couple weeks ago, we introduced you to the Miele RX1 Scout robotic vacuum cleaner. Due to some technical difficulities, I was having problems getting the video to properly load for some people's browsers. That's been fixed, so now you can see the Scout in action!

We expect the Scout to be available very shortly, but if you'd like to read more visit our Miele Scout page or view additional images of the RX1 in our first Miele Scout blog post.

Author: KevvyG

Posted by kevvyg on Friday, June 06, 2014
Miele has officially entered the robot market! If you're thinking Rosie, the live-in robot from the old Jetson's cartoon, you're on the right track, but probably getting ahead of yourself a little. No, I'm talking about a Miele robot vacuum cleaner. As the first of its kind, the Miele RX1 Scout robotic vacuum is packed with the innovation, advanced features and cleaning ability that has made Miele a popular name in both the luxury appliance and healthy cleaning markets.

The All New Miele RX1 Scout Robotic Vacuum CleanerBefore I get into the specifics of the Miele Scout, it's worth taking a few moments to take a look at other robot vacuum cleaners on the market. Everyone remembers the Roomba, right? These little guys were popular gifts that would bounce around the house cleaning as they went. This type of robot vacuum is not, however, very efficient at actually cleaning. With any robovac, there has always been a disparity between the cleaning ability of it and a traditional upright or canister. Beyond this, most robotic vacuums use a "chaos" navigation system. This means, the will head off it some direction until they bump into something, then reorient themselves and go bumbling off in some other random direct. The entirely random or chaotic nature of their movement IS their cleaning pattern. This often leaves spots uncleaned or areas where the vacuum may clean multiple times.

Run time has also been a concern with automatic vacuums. Rechargeable battery technology has advanced quite a bit since their commercial inception in 2002. In turn, so has the run time of these vacs and the lifespan of the batteries.

The Miele Scout Uses Advanced Navigation Technology to Ensure the Entire Floor is CleanedThe Miele RX1 Scout displays advances in both of these trouble areas and showcases a few additional features that make it a unique addition to any home. First, instead of the "chaos navigation" or using ultrasound, the Scout uses an array of seven sensors and an integrated ceiling camera to determine its exact position. So while it cleans, this Smart Navigation allows it to map out where it's been and where it still needs to clean. This dramatically improves upon older navigation systems and ensures that your entire floor is cleaned. And as far as the ceiling came goes, no, it's not spying on you! I uses the cam for positioning only, and mapping data is not stored after the Scout is finished cleaning.

In addition to the advanced navigation, the gyro and other sensors keep the Miele RX1 from actually hitting objects in your home. It can sense furniture, walls and even steps to avoid collisions and unexpected falls. If only toddlers were this well trained.... A soft rubber bumper surrounds the Scout, so should something unexpected happen, there won't be any scuffs or marks as a reminder.

Even Delicate Items Are SafeThe way the Scout cleans is by combining suction, a turbobrush, and two soft brushes that looks like little arms spinning out in front of the machine, pulling in dirt, pet hair and debris. Debris and mess is picked up and stored in an easy-to-empty bin, and while the Scout does lack the power of a traditional Miele vacuum, it does come equipped with a Miele AirClean filter to trap microparticles and allergens. The RX1 offers up around two hours of continuous service (or 1600 sq. ft.) before it will quietly return to its charging dock. After another two hours, the Scout and its lithium ion battery are ready to go again!

In addition to automatic cleaning, the Miele Scout also has Corners, Spot and Turbo modes. A well-lit LCD display on the top lets you know what mode the Scout is operating in as well as the time, and an included remote gives you complete control of the Scout.

Steps?  No Problem!It's good to keep in mind that the Scout is NOT a replacement for your regular vacuum cleaner. A weekly deep cleaning with your standard Miele is still a good idea, but the Scout makes for a great everyday, maintenance vacuum. For someone like me, who has all smooth floors and a dog, the Scout is the ideal way to clean up dog hair and dirt while I'm at work. It keeps me from having to use a dust mop each day, and at the end of the week, I still use my regular Miele canister to give the house a good, thorough cleaning. The Scout also makes a neat gift for that hard to buy for person in your life or for the "gadget" person who is always looking for the latest and greatest. Overall, the Miele RX1 Scout robotic vacuum has a lot to offer, and don't worry about carpet. It does clean carpet and rugs too!

The Scout should be hitting shelves in just a couple weeks (expect them to start shipping by the last week in June), so until then you can visit our Miele RX1 Scout vacuum cleaner page to view a video of the Scout and to see more images.

Author: K. Gilmore

Posted by kevvyg on Monday, April 07, 2014
Two Free Boxes of Filter Bags with the Purchase of Every Miele Vacuum CleanerMiele vacuum cleaners have long been known for a few things. They offer exceptional cleaning performance, powerful suction, unmatched filtration, and are built to last 20 years. Unlike other brands, they're also notorious for not discounting their line of luxury HEPA vacuum cleaners, but every now and again, we can sweeten the deal. For a limited time, receive Two Free Boxes of Filter Bags with the purchase of any Miele Premium Vacuum Cleaner.

For nearly 100 years Miele has been designing and building quality vacuum cleaners. Here at AchooAllergy, Miele has been a brand of vacuum cleaner that we highly recommend. Their emphasis on air filtration, keeping your indoor air clean while you vacuum, is critical for people concerned with allergies, asthma or indoor air quality in general. Traditional vacuum cleaners can remove visible dirt but can release millions of particles back into the air. They can literally take allergens and particulate that had previously settled out of the air and onto the floor and disperse them back into the air you breathe. Unfortunately, even HEPA vacuum cleaners can be guilty of this.

Miele Swing Premium Upright Vacuum Cleaner Miele takes air quality a step further. Not only do they independently test their products, but with a HEPA filter, they include the use of a 9-ply filter bag, a pre-motor, and a sealed system (on most vacs) to not only completely clean the air as it passes through the vacuum but ensure that dirty and clean air do not mix or leak. Sealed system Miele vacuums, equipped with their H13 HEPA remove allergens like mold spores, dander, dust mite allergen and dust from the floor and from the air you breathe - the perfect allergy vacuum.

This is all in addition to Miele's superior cleaning ability, high quality and unparalleled durability. The Vortex motor creates powerful, concentrated suction to remove not only the dirt, hair and soil you can see but also capture the microparticles that you can't. A range of included accessories (even more than usual if you are considering their HomeCare line) and attachments make Miele vacuums Miele Marin S8 Canister Vacuum Cleanersome of the most versatile cleaning machines you can own. In addition to all of this is the knowledge that Miele's are built to last twenty years!

So if you were considering purchasing one of the most advanced, durable and effective vacuum cleaners on the market, now is the time to buy. In addition to free express delivery (next day or two day delivery of nearly all Miele vacs) you will also receive TWO FREE BOXES of FILTERBAGS. That's a year's worth of bags, nearly a $40 value, free!

Author: Kevin Gilmore

Posted by kevvyg on Wednesday, March 05, 2014
Miele Flamenco II - 12 Years and Still Sucking!Last week, we had a local customer stop by with a Miele that had stopped working. When I saw it, I immediately recognized the body shape and styling as an old S200 model canister, and upon closer inspection, I did indeed find that it was a Miele Flamenco II. As the pictures shows, it is a little rough for wear, but most of it seems to be scuffs. The customer informed us that her Miele would not power up. This can generally mean anything from a bad switch or circuit board to a faulty thermal cut out or issue with the motor. After some initial testing, my coworker declared that it was likely the motor. Sitting nearby, I laughed. Somewhat indignant, he then asked me what I thought it was. Though I couldn't say, I was willing to bet $5 that it was NOT the motor.

We checked the label on the bottom - 2002. Surely it wasn't the motor. It was only 12 years old! To further test this theory (and win my wager), I brought in my multi-meter from home, the next morning. After checking the cord reel, the motor and the plug, it started to become increasingly clear that I was going to win my bet.

With the multi-meter we were able to narrow the source of the problem down to the plug. After replacing the cord and reassembling the Flamenco, it was time for a test. Sure enough, it started right up without issue!

There were a couple things I took away from this. Something we often talk about with a Miele vacuum is the initial cost but viewing a Miele as an investment. Each is built to provide you 20 years of reliable cleaning service, and in the age of "throwaway" everything, including cheap home appliances, this is no small thing. Even after twelve years of use, this Flamenco was going strong, and a simple replacement of the plug had it up and running like new. The other thing I took away from this was.... lunch!

To see the full line of Miele vacuums.

Author: Kevin Gilmore

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