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Posted by kevvyg on Thursday, September 18, 2014
Cheap Way to Sanitize Floors - Soniclean Steam Mop A short while ago, we had to discontinue the popular Gruene steam mop. While people really liked the versatility of this steam cleaner, actually getting the product from the manufacturer was increasingly problematic. Fortunately, we realized we have a partner who has nearly the exact same product. So with a different name and color, the 2-in-1 steam cleaner is back in the Soniclean Steam Mop. How is this steam mop different than the Gruene and how can it help you maintain a healthier home through the upcoming flu season?

Soniclean 2-in-1 Steam CleanerWhen you look at the Soniclean steam mop, you'll notice a starting resemblance to the Gruene. From size and style to weight and performance, they are near identical. Why, you ask? Because it's the same machine! It's the same portable steamer that people have liked but at a lower price point and different color scheme.

Beyond the look, the Soniclean steam cleaner is a handy yet powerful addition to your cleaning tool box. Use the included floor pad to sanitize and deep clean your tile, linoleum, laminate and sealed hardwood floors quickly and efficiently. The low moisture content means the floor completely dries in a matter of minutes. With steam that gets as hot as 212° F. the Soniclean uses the simple and clean power of heat to kill germs and flu viruses while unlocking trapped odors and loosening stuck on grime. When you're finished with your smooth floors, you transition to above-the-floor cleaning in seconds.

Detach the body of the steam cleaner from the upright frame and attach your favorite cleaning brush to steam clean countertops, bathrooms, and even clothing. The Soniclean Two-in-One Steam Cleaner is very lightweight, only about eight lbs. (three lbs. when you're using it as a handheld) and includes a shoulder strap for use as a handheld steam cleaner. While using it, most people get eight to twelve minutes of use before having to refill the tank, and unlike cheaper steam cleaners (Lookin' at you, Shark!), as a steam mop the Soniclean only emits steam when you use the trigger on the handle.

Attachments include a garment hand tool, wire brush, three differently shaped/sized nylon brushes, a jet nozzle and more. Best of all, each of these attachments actually fits onto the back of the Soniclean. And, when it comes to the towel for the mop cleaning head, you're not pigeonholed into purchasing only clothes from the manufacturer. Any cloth that is sized right will work!

Steam cleaning is a convenient way to deep clean and kill germs without leaving behind the residues and odors that accompany traditional chemical cleaners. From the kitchen and bathroom to your basement and garage, the Soniclean steam cleaner is a more versatile way to clean. So, don't needlessly expose your family to an array of chemicals when you can clean just as efficiently with just heat and water.

Author: K. Gilmore

Posted by kevvyg on Friday, June 13, 2014
New Addition to the FamilyWith Father's Day just a few days away, this is going to be a very fitting post. Yesterday evening my two good friends welcomed the birth of their second child (first daughter). Luckily for everyone, labor went very quickly, and everything turned out fine, and in a couple days, they will all be heading home. And, I will be a godfather for the second time! Part of my duties in that role include, spoiling the godchild and teaching him/her bad habits like taking off shoes and socks or putting Playdoh in the dishwasher. Obviously, I get to cherry pick a bit, but I do try to help mom and dad, and just a couple weeks ago, my friends had me a get a couple of the things we offer here to help get their home ready for the new arrival.

Since the birth of their first child, they have had an air purifier. Not only does it filter out dust, but it also removes allergens. This is important since their son has had asthma-like symptoms off and on during his toddler years. The Honeywell they use has also been great for white noise, which has helped him sleep more soundly over the years. It had been a while since the filters were replaced, so the carbon prefilters were due to be changed.

The Last of the New Flooring in the Bedroom - Out With the CarpetThe next thing I picked up for them was one of the lightweight Reliable T3 steam mops. In the past they had used a cheaper Black & Decker, which worked fine on their laminate. After two years though, it died on them. Wanting something that was a little better built, they went with the T3. This model is a decided step up on cheaper steam mops if for no other reason than the integrated scrub brush, which works great on bathroom tile and grout. Just a few short weeks ago, I had helped him finish removing the last of the carpet on first floor of their home and replaced it with laminate, so the T3 will certainly get a work out! As a matter of personal preference, if you're considering a steam mop like the T3, pick up some of the microfiber drawstring cloths. These were originally designed for the T1 Steamboy, but they fit the T3 as well, and in my opinion, they clean and absorb moisture and mess much better than the microfiber pads that comes Reliable T3 Steam Mop - Great for Smooth Floors standard with the T3. I've never understood why so many of the steam cleaner manufacturers have been switching to the microfiber pads recently (unless it's purely a cost-based decision) since it has always been my experience that the clothes absorb much better.

Relieve Congestion with a Crane Duck Humidifier Lastly, I picked up a Crane child humidifier. Yeah, I know, it sounds counterintuitive considering it feels like we're living in the tropics here in Atlanta. Likely, it won't get much use early on, but as the air dries and humidity drops, it can cause problems for infants and newborns. Air with little moisture can cause mucus to thicken, which means it can also become more difficult for the baby's airways to expel. This can lead to a higher risk of infection as one of the body's most basic defense mechanism is the use of mucus to expel trapping germs and particles. Secondly, if infants and newborns become congested, there is little you can do for them. Medication is almost always out unless the situation becomes severe, but a humidifier can help to loosen congestion just by increasing the moisture content in the air they breathe.

These things may seem not quite as usual as what you'd see on a typical baby shower registry, but they can be just as important and are often useful for more than just your newborn. With that, I'd like to welcome the new addition to their family, and issue a reminder to my friends that they'll have to brush up on their burrito-baby-wrapping skills. To my friend, all the dads in my family, and all the dads out there, I wish you a Happy Father's Day!

Author: Kevin Gilmore

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