Local Teen Dies from Peanut Allergy

I've mentioned before the fact that writing about allergies has drastically expanded my awareness of all kinds of allergies and their repercussions.

The most tragic consequence of allergies is death, as illustrated in yesterday's Atlanta Journal Constitution article Teen dies after eating cookie containing peanut.

Jharell Dillard, age 15, died after eating a cookie that had traces of peanuts, which triggered an allergy attack that blocked the youngster's ability to breathe. Charles Dillard, the child's father, said that his son was ‘very, very careful about what he ate’ and didn't normally carry around an EpiPen for this reason.

When Jharell realized the cookie he'd eaten contained nuts, he attempted to rinse out his mouth and took over-the-counter allergy medication, but the reaction continued and although he was hospitalized, it was too late.

Jharell's parents decided to donate his organs and report that ‘he has already saved seven other lives.’

Difficult as it is to hear, news like this is a sobering reminder of how dangerous allergies

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