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Blueair ECO10 HEPA Air Purifier

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  • Whisper Quiet
  • Traps 99.97% of Particles 0.1 Microns or Larger
  • Optional SmokeStop Filter for Smoke & Odor Filtration
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    Blueair ECO10 HEPA Air Purifier

    Blueair ECO10 Air Purifiers are Energy Star Rated!If you take pride in investing in your family's health as well as a sustainable future for the planet, then you'll want to give yourself a big pat on the back after purchasing the Blueair ECO10 air purifier. This eco-friendly air purifier uses up to 95% less energy than other air cleaners in its class and is made from all non-toxic, RoHS compliant components. The Blueair ECO10 not only saves energy, but it also saves you money in operating costs while providing an industry leading lifetime warranty and the same great filtration that comes standard in each and every Blueair home air purifier. In addition to these features, the ECO10 is very effectively in improving indoor air quality by removing those common household allergens like pollen, dander, mold, and dust mites. Reduce dust in the home while limiting allergic reactions and sleeping better. Go green with the Blueair ECO10!


    • The HEPASilent filter and a superior ultra efficient EC fan motor deliver significantly higher energy efficiency.
    • HEPASilent technology, exclusive to Blueair, combines mechanical filtration and electrostatic filtration for highly effective air cleaning that outperforms standard HEPA, capturing 99.97% of the tiniest particles at 0.1 micron. A layer of activated carbon adsorbs small particles and chemicals.
    • As the World's Most Efficient Air Purifier, it runs on only 10 Watts on high speed.
    • The ECO10 is Energy Star Certified and uses up to 95% less energy than comparable units. It's nearly 10 times more energy efficient than the minimum performance requirement for the Energy Star rating.
    • Four effective pre-filters prolong the life of the unit and trap larger particles.
    • State-of-the-art polypropylene HEPASilent filters trap particles down to 0.1 microns in size.
    • Exclusive SurroundAir technology draws dirty air in from all sides and gently diffuses air through an area six times greater than the average air cleaner.
    • The Blueair ECO10 Air Purifier is CARB CertifiedAll Blueair products are environmentally aware and offer exceptional performance without polluting the environment. Blueair replaces standard filters (which can harm the environment) with safer, nontoxic polypropylene filters. In addition, Blueair air purifiers are coated with a special powder finish that produces no chemical off-gassing. The polypropylene filters also resist contamination from mold, bacteria, and viruses.
    • Unlike many electrostatic air cleaners, the Blueair ECO10 air purifier is safe for allergy and asthma patients because it releases no ozone by-products.
    • You only have to change the filter once a year.
    • Extremely quiet - at only 49 db on its highest speed.
    • The award-winning Swedish design is sleek and stylish, and the steel housing is durable and easy to clean.
    • Effective for room sizes up to 298 square feet.
    • 1 Year Standard Warranty, 5 Year Warranty Once Registered

    Customer Reviews

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    A Must Have
    I am really enjoying this product because it keeps my room purified and I am sleeping much better and I don't wake up through the night at all. I am glad I found out about it and this is a product everyone should have even if they don't have an allergy.
    Review by / (Posted on 4/7/2015)
    Great product, Awesome Service
    Very happy w/ the product and it looks great. Achoo's service level and deep product portfolio was second to none.
    Review by Grady / (Posted on 4/7/2015)
    sleeping very well with air purifier
    We are totaly satisfied with the Blueair ECO10 air purifier,it is so quite and efficient,the air in our has never felt so healty,we love our Blueair.Thanks Blueair and Achooallergy!
    Review by Rudy Aldape / (Posted on 4/7/2015)

    Blueair ECO10 Reviews
    Blueair ECO10 Air Purifier

    When Blueair launched the ECO10 air purifier, we were one of the first vendors to receive a working floor model. With the latest trend of 'going green', we were eager to see this new model and offer it to our customers. Blueair has always manufactured stylish and effective air purifiers. The ECO10 is no exception.

    Along with its cool design, it's practically silent during operation and is 10 times more energy efficient than the minimum performance requirements for energy-efficient room air purifiers. While it enjoys the same Energy Star appliance logo as other models and brands, it far exceeds Energy Star standards. Another benefit from the ECO10 is that the filter only needs to be replaced once a year, instead of twice per year like other Blueair air purifier models.

    We had the ECO10 running one of the staffer's children's room for several weeks. It was so quiet we nearly forgot it was in there. The room stayed fresh, and there was a noticeable difference in the dust on the surfaces in the room.

    What I like about the Blueair ECO10 Air Purifier

    • Saves energy. Consuming only 10 watts of power while operating, you could run 6-7 different ECO10 air purifiers throughout your home for the same operating cost as turning on one standard light bulb. As energy consumption becomes and increasing concern, the Blueair ECO10 far outpaces the field in energy savings.
    • Unlike other Blueair air purifiers, the ECO10 only requires the filters be replaced once per year. Annual filter replacement places this home air purifier in line with other well known and trusted brands.
    • Stylish design. This award winning and unique Swedish design runs throughout the Blueair air purifier line.
    • Quiet operation. Blueair is known for producing quiet air purifiers. The ECO10 takes this to a new level with near silent operation.
    • Durable. With steel construction, this air purifier is built to last. And in following with the "green" label, the ECO10 is constructed with no toxic or harmful chemicals or parts.

    What I did not like about the Blueair ECO10 Air Purifier

    • The Blueair ECO10 is almost exclusively a particle air purifying unit. With no activated carbon, the ECO10 does not offer much in the way of smoke, odor or VOC filtration.
    • It has a higher price point than other air purifiers in its class. This however becomes a moot point when you factor in a lifetime warranty and only annual filter changes.

    In summary, the Blueair ECO10 is an excellent purchase for the environmentally conscious consumer who needs first class particle filtration. As with most green products, its initial cost is a little higher than a comparable traditional air purifier, but in the long run the savings in energy cost and fewer filter replacements add up. Not to mention the fact that the ECO10 is one household appliance makes a minimal impact on the environment. As an energy efficient air purifier, the Blueair ECO10 is the class of the field.

    Product Questions

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    Blueair ECO10 HEPA Air Purifier Specifications

    Maximum Room Size
    5 air changes per hour:
    298 sq. ft.
    Dimensions: 26" H x 20" W x 13" D
    Shipping Weight: 35 lbs.
    Noise Level: Max Speed - 49 dBa
    Wheels / Casters: Yes
    Power Consumption: 7 - 10 Watts
    Warranty: 1 Year Standard Warranty, 5 Year Warranty Once Registered
    Filter Life: 1 year
    Airflow Rate: 100 - 250 CFM
    Noise Level: 40 - 49 dBa
    CADR Ratings from AHAM:      
    Smoke 140
    Dust 195
    Pollen 200
    Approvals: UL, Energy Star