Dri-Eaz CMC100 Dehumidifier

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Dri-Eaz CMC100


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Dri-Eaz CMC100 Dehumidifier

The CMC100 is a compact, professional-grade dehumidifier specially designed for confined spaces, high performance, and easy installation. As our most popular Dri-Eaz and crawlspace dehumidifier, this versatile water removal machine is ideal for controlling moisture in humid basements, crawlspaces, commercial facilities, sensitive technology areas, and medical settings. With a built-in humidistat, integrated condensate pump and easy to use digital controls, the CMC100 is characterized by very simple and convenient operation.

Dri-Eaz CMC100 Dehumidifier Video

Dri-Eaz CMC100 Dehumidifier Product Features

  • Compact Dimensions - the shortest vertical clearance on the market in applications where condensate pump-out is required
  • Convenient Installation - fits easily between floor joists, in low clearance areas or on a basement bookshelf
  • Unmatched flexibility - unique interchangeable panel design allows for multiple airflow configurations:
    • Straight path tunnel design
    • U-Shaped - air intake/outlet on one side
    • L-Shaped - combination of tunnel and U-shaped
    • 6" Collar for duct connection on exhaust side
  • Built-in condensate pump
  • EnergyStar qualified with efficient performance - 70 pints a day water removal
  • 1 year Warranty on Parts and Labor

CMC 100 Dehumidifier ReviewsProduct Reviews

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  Dri-Eaz CMC100 Dehumidifier
Reviewed by: A Formerly Musty Crawl from Elmhurst Illinois

What a fantastic machine! Setup was easy, unit is VERY quiet, which was a concern considering the crawlspace we have it in is directly under our bedroom. Within a few hours, the musty smell from the crawl was gone. I had purchased a cheap dehumidifier from Home Depot which was supposed to remove 70 pints per day and had the option for a drain hose, but the water never came out the hose and kept filling the front-mounted bucket. It was impossible to use properly for what I intended, but I guess you get what you pay for. The Dri-Eaz isn't cheap, but it's foolproof. Just plug it into an outlet, make sure it's level, run the drain hose to your sump pit, and you're good. I installed a dishwasher drain tee to my basement sink drain and connected the Dri-Eaz directly to that, which took about an hour. All in all, one of the best purchases I've ever made for a problem that wouldn't go away.
Reviewed by: Glenn from Missouri

Bought Dri eaz cmc100 after reviewing units for our damp basement. Seemed like a good dehumidifier at a reasonable price. Unfortunatly this unit did not function properly humidity readout was all over the place and no water was extracted. The customer service at AchooAllergy has been excellent however and without complaint they quickly sent a return pickup reciept to ship unit back. Will definatly buy my next unit with AchooAllergy. Thanks
  What an Improvement!
Reviewed by: an allergy sufferer from Duluth, MN

For two years, we used a good GE dehumidifier to keep our basement dryer during the spring thaw and the humid summer months. This spring as the snow melted, that dehumidifier didn't seem to be keeping things as dry as we'd like so we replaced it with this Dri-Eaz dehumidifier. What a difference! We went from fair to good moisture control to great control. Sure, the specs for the Dri-Eaz are much better so we expected better performance, but it is amazing how much water it pumps out at times moderately humid days when our old dehumidifier would hardly remove anything. I'm sure there are other great dehumidifiers, but we went with Dri-Eaz after seeing that it was the brand that professionals consistently use ask your local remediation folks or rental center what dehumidifiers they have. Although the dehumidifier is great, Dri-Eaz could improve this model by installing a stronger pump. We were unable to have the hose drain into a utility sink because the pump couldn't move all that water up to it a bit less than three feet high. We moved it a little and the pump has had no problem moving the water across the basement and into a floor drain. The small size of the unit and the ability to direct the air flow as desired are nice features of this model. The pump's performance is the only thing that keeps me from rating this five stars.

Customer Q & A

Q1: What is an approximate the monthly cost of running this unit? How does the cost compare to an average room dehumidifier? Thanks, Chris

A: On average it shouldn't add but a few bucks per month to your bill. HOWEVER, this can vary widely depending on conditions in the space. So if it is a real humid space, particularly during summer months, the CMC100 will run quite a bit more, and your bill increase may be more significant. This will also vary from location to location since price per kW used here as opposed to your location or any other, can vary. Compared to an average room dehumidifier, the cost increase should be very comparable. First, there are few room dehumidifiers that are Energy Star qualified. The compressor draws a good bit of energy, and it's this consumption that usually disqualifies it from an Energy Star designation. The CMC100 is Energy Star qualified, so while it has the same basic components, the parts used are more energy efficient and in general, consume less power to operate. When operating in the same conditions, the CMC100 cost to operate should be about the same as an average room dehumdifier, and less in some instances.

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CMC 100 Reviews

Dri-Eaz CMC100 Dehumidifier

The new CMC100 is a compact, professional-grade dehumidifier specifically designed for confined spaces.  It maintains efficient and high performance standards, but it is very easy to install in a small area. The versatile CMC100 is ideal for controlling moisture in humid basements, crawlspaces, commercial facilities, sensitive technology areas, and medical settings.

What I like about the CMC100 Dehumidifier

The great thing about this dehumidifier is its size and shape. It is perfect for a crawlspace installation. The unit is sized to fit between the joists in your home and is extremely compact. The digital humidistat control is great for home use. I think the best application for this is under a home and then porting the water to a fixed drain or outside of a crawlspace.  Set up for this unit is straight forward and does not require any kind of commercial or industrial experience.

The CMC100 has a digital humidistat and an internal pump. Once you have the unit in place and the drain system worked out, there should not be much maintenance involved. The internal condensate pump can push water vertically approximately 3' and horizontally up to about 25'. This should give you ample power to push the condensate out of the space you are trying to keep dry, whether it's a crawlspace, basement or even attic. Two other attractive technical features of the CMC 100 are the new refrigerant and the auto defrost. The refrigerant is the eco-friendly R-410A. Unlike the older R22, this refrigerant will not harm the ozone or environment but still delivers great cooling power. And when the unit is working overtime or when the ambient temperature causing the coils to ice up, the unit employs a hot air defrost system that will thaw the coils, then automatically resume operation.

The other feature I really like (and seems to be different than anything I have seen in the dehumidifier marketplace) is the interchangeable panels. These panels can be changed to direct air intake and exhaust. You can set the intake / exhaust flow up in a "U" shape or an "L" shape. This is a simple process that doesn't involve much more than unscrewing the panels and reconfiguring them to meet your specific drying needs.

This dehumidifier is also rather quiet. Operating between 47 and 54 dBa, the CMC 100 is quiet enough not to disturb you, particularly when the unit is placed in the basement, crawlspace or other area that isn't frequently occupied. Drawing less than 6 amps of power but delivering in excess of 70 pints per day in water removal capacity, the Dri-Eaz CMC 100 is also Energy Star rated. This is ideal for a home appliance that will likely run throughout the year with little supervision.

What I do not like about the CMC100 Dehumidifier

I wonder about the digital electronic controls and the display in very low temperatures that occur in some parts of the United States. We are located in Atlanta, so this does not affect our home owners, but it should be taken into consideration.  In some locales and climates, this dehumidifier is going to be subjected to harsh weather conditions and needs to be very rugged and tough.

Built to exacting specifications, this crawlspace dehumidifier is an ideal solution to keeping crawlspaces, basements and other areas dry in your home. Durable and rugged, the Dri-Eaz CMC 100 is a commercial grade dehumidifier that is sure to bring you years of service without the hassle of a lot of regular maintenance and upkeep.

Dri-Eaz CMC100 Dehumidifier Technical Specifications

Recommended For: Perfect for your crawlspace, very quiet operation
Model Number: F391
Dimensions: 14" H x 10" W x 24" D (35.6 x 25.4 x 61 cm)
Weight: 55 lbs. - 25 kg
Condensate Pump: Included (Internal)
Power Supply: 115V / 6 Amps (5.3)
Water Removal (AHAM): 70 PPD
CFM Rating: 250
Humidistat: Included
Operating Temperature: 33 - 100 F / .5 - 38 C
Cord Length: 6' (74 in.)
Warranty: 1 Year parts and labor

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