Dyson DC25 Multi Floor Vacuum Cleaner (formerly DC25 All Floors)

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DC25 Multi Floors Vacuum


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Dyson DC25 Multi Floor Vacuum Cleaner

Free Dyson Pet Care Kit with Purchase!You need a vacuum that lets you clean any space in your home. Leave no place un-vacuumed! This latest model in the Dyson Ball series allows you to vacuum smoothly around furniture and other obstacles with Dyson's signature Dyson Ball technology.

A motorized brush-roll and traditional All Floors/Multi Floor performance make vacuuming even easier. Experience the ease and cleanliness of Dyson's no-bag, no-mess dust bin and enjoy peace of mind knowing you will never lose suction. As with all Dyson vacuums, the DC25 Multi Floor is certified "Asthma and Allergy Friendly" by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

Dyson DC25 Ball Vacuum Product Features

  • Dyson Ball technology steer with a turn of the wrist.Dyson DC25 Multi Floor is Certified Asthma Friendly
  • Root Cyclone technology does not lose suction power* as you vacuum.
  • Clean stairs and hard-to-reach areas with the Quick-draw Telescope Reach wand.
  • Low center of gravity means maximum steering capability.
  • Breathe better with cleaner exhaust air. Air expelled from a Dyson reduces mold and bacteria in the air by up to 150 times.
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable and effective cleaning.
  • Lifetime Washable HEPA Filter removes dust mites, pet dander, mold, and other allergens from the air that you breathe.
  • Motorized brush-roll pulls dirt and pet hair from carpets.
  • Best cleaning performance with the independent brush motor that drives the brush-roll
  • Quick and hygienic emptying just press a button at the top of the cyclone and dust empties from the bottom.
  • Fingertip brush control protect delicate rugs and floors without bending down.
  • Lifetime HEPA filter and Clean Dust Bin mean no bags to change and no extra costs.
  • Durable construction made from ABS and polycarbonate.
  • Five-year manufacturer's warranty on parts and labor.

* Dyson proves no loss of suction using a test method based on the IEC 60312 Cl 2.9 test standard.

Unique Dyson Product Features

BAF Allergy Seal of Approval Lifetime HEPA filter
The Dyson DC25 Multi Floor vacuum has a HEPA filter which lasts for a lifetime. No expensive filters to replace, just clean air and more clean air! Additionally, this vacuum cleaner is approved for allergy sufferers by the British Allergy Foundation. 
Dyson Bagless Vacuum - Clear Dust Bin Unique Clear Bin
The innovative design of the Dyson's clear bin is great because you always know just how well your Dyson is working! One quick glance and you can tell when it's full, and it is easy to empty.  Completely hassle-free, especially since there are no bags to buy, ever.
Dyson Vacuum Cleaner AirFlow and Suction High Velocity Air Intake
Intake nozzles on the DC25 tools direct high velocity airflow down into the carpet pile.  This means that you pick up more dust, dirt, and debris. The directional force of the air agitates and dislodges all the nasty stuff hiding in your carpet. And the airflow is continuous, even when vacuuming curtains or upholstery, so they don't get stuck to the cleaner. 

Dyson DC25 Reviews & Questions

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  Love My New Vacuum
Reviewed by: Allergy Sufferer from Texas

Light weight - easy to clean and excellent for picking up dirt and animal hair. I have three pekes [Pekingese] - need I say more about the hair that they drop. Love My New Vacumn!
  Great Vacuum, but a little heavy
Reviewed by: Toni from Clarksburg

I've owned Dyson vacuums for about six years now, and I've finally decided to replace my old model. The Ball design seemed like a really neat feature, and since the model I'm replacing is an All Floors, I figured I'd stick with what I know works. The new one is great! The suction is what I've always liked about Dyson and the ball does help when vacuuming around things. My only drawback to it is the weight. Dysons have always seemed a little heavy to me, but I couldn't bring myself to try the smaller model. As with my first Dyson purchase, I am very pleased with the results!

Customer Q & A

Q1: hy1-us-gaa0903a. This model will not move on carpet it has an atomic floor adjustment what can I do.H3

A: You don't have many options with the automatic height adjustment. If the height adjustment is working properly, the head should float on top of carpet. Try tilting the vacuum back until the head comes off the carpet, lower it back down then attempt to vacuum. If it's still getting bogged down, you really only have two options. Turn the vacuum off, flip it over and check the head. Does the spring action work? You're basically trying to determine if there's something stopping the head from moving up/down in relation to the brushroll. If it's moving, then you're likely going to have to get a different vacuum cleaner. A downside to Dyson is that you can't adjust the suction, so you're full power all the time, and on thick carpet, this can mean it'll want to burying itself. You can always take to a nearby authorized Dyson dealer and have them take a look to see if there is a mechanical problem with the vac. You can find your closest servicing dealer here. http://www.dyson.com/support/servicecenters.aspx

Q2: I recently replaced my Berber carpet with a plush carpet. I cannot use my Dyson on it. I am unable to push the vacuum as it sucks to hard and won't adjust to the carpet height. I thought it automatically adjusted and I can't see a way to manually adjust it. Am I missing something?

A: Many of the Dyson's have automatic height adjustment, but this consists of a spring-loaded style mechanism that allows the part of the cleaning head that makes contact with the floor to move up and down as you move across different types of surfaces. For some vacuums, it works better than with others, but you are correct in not seeing any type of manual height adjustment. Unless it was a part of some of the very first models, I've not seen traditional height adjustment in any of the Dysons produced in the last 5-7 years. Unfortunately, the lack of suction control is often a big drawback with Dyson models.

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 Dyson DC25 Multi Floors Reviews
Dyson DC25 Multi Floor Vacuum Cleaner (formerly DC25 All Floors)

The Dyson DC25 Multi Floor features Dyson's signature Dyson Ball technology for ultimate maneuverability. You need a vacuum that lets you clean any space in your home. This model in the Dyson Ball series allows you to vacuum smoothly around furniture and other obstacles. A motorized brush-roll and Multi Floors performance make vacuuming even easier. Experience the ease and cleanliness of Dyson's no-bag, no-mess dust bin and enjoy peace of mind knowing you will never lose suction. As a side note, the DC25 Multi Floor is the EXACT same vacuum cleaner as the DC25 All Floors. At times Dyson has rebranded models that have been on the market for some time, naming them Multi Floors. Don't be confused with the DC33 Multi Floors, this DC25 is not an introductory model. So when you see Dyson DC25 Multi Floors, just remember it is the same vacuum as the DC25 All Floors, just with a different name.

What I liked about the Dyson DC25:

The best two features of this vacuum are the suction and the maneuverability. With the patented Dyson Ball, the DC25 corners easily around furniture and corners in your home and reduces strain. The Ball has a low center of gravity and is remarkable well balanced despite maneuvering on a round surface. The suction of a new Dyson is what this company has made its name on. While there are other vacuums that feature similar power motors, the dual cyclonic design is such that more suction is created with the same space as comparable vacuums. For precisely this reason, the full size Dyson uprights are some of the best for heavily soiled areas or for those with pets.

The wand is similar to that of other Dyson in that it has attachments that instantly extend so that you can clean hard to reach places, curtains, furniture, and upholstery. When you're finished everything locks neatly back into place. Also, the HEPA filter located inside the ball means that the air released from the vacuum is cleaner than the air inside your home. With the HEPA filter being washable and the use of a dust bin as opposed to traditional vacuum bags, the Dyson DC25 Multi Floor is very easy to maintain.

One problem I always have with my own vacuum is that I do not know when to change the dust bag. With this vacuum, you do not have that problem. There are no dust bags to deal with on a Dyson. Secondly, you have a clear dust bin that makes it possible for you to see the amount of dust accumulated. The clear bin is easily emptied by pressing a single button.

What I did not like about the Dyson DC25:

One thing that you could complain about is that the Dyson DC25 needs to be emptied more often than other vacuums. The dirt cup does have a very large capacity, but has a capacity that seems to fill quicker than most comparable HEPA vacuum cleaners. As allergy or asthma sufferer, you must be extra careful when emptying the contents so that you just do not release a bunch of dust back into the air or onto the floor. I would almost recommend taking the vacuum outside to release the dust into a garbage receptacle.

Overall, the Dyson DC25 Multi Floor is the most popular Dyson vacuum available. The power, suction and ease of maintenance make it an ideal vacuum for any home. The HEPA filtration and rubber seals create a sealed system that adds peace of mind while ensure the air running through the vacuum is cleaned of harmful particles.

Dyson DC25 Multi Floor Detailed Specifications

Motor Wattage: 11 Amps
Best for: Those who need a powerful vacuum with maximum maneuverability
Vacuum type: Upright
Power cord length: 24.6 ft.
Airflow: 220 air watts (constant)
Construction material: ABS and polycarbonate
Color: Yellow
HEPA Filter Included: Yes
Washable filter: Yes (pre-motor)
Dimensions: H 42.4" x W 14.4" x D 12.2"
Weight: 16.12 lbs
Warranty: 5 year

Dyson DC25 Additional Resources

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Dyson DC25 Warranty Information

5 year limited warranty

Dyson DC25 All Floors Availability

Vacuum Cleaner Replacement Bags and Filters
Dyson DC25 Multi Floor Bagless Vacuum
DC25 Multi Floors Vacuum (Item#: DY0019 STOCK) (Discontinued)

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