Dyson DC33 Multi Floor Vacuum Cleaner

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DC33 Multi Floor Vacuum


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Dyson DC33 Multi Floor Vacuum Cleaner

As the new introductory model to the line of Dyson vacuum cleaners, the DC33 Multi Floor is an ideal upright vacuum for allergy and asthma sufferers who need top notch cleaning ability without sacrificing indoor air quality. This wheeled model features Root Cyclone technology that creates greater suction and won't lose suction over time. Unlike other brands, the DC33 is a bag less vacuum with two washable filters. You save money in not having to purchase bags or filters and save time with the included brushes and accessories. The Lifetime HEPA filter ensures years of cleaner indoor air while the powerful brush roll provides exceptional cleaning ability across a variety of surfaces. Packaged at an affordable price point, the DC33 Multi Floor is a great introductory model into the line of Dyson upright vacuum cleaners.

Dyson DC33 Multi Floor Product Features

  • The Dyson DC33 doesn't lose suction power* as you vacuum.Asthma Friendly Vacuum
  • With Dyson's Combo Tool and Stair Tool, the DC33 Multi Floor is Dyson's best introductory vacuum for all types of flooring.
  • Clean stairs and hard-to-reach areas with the redesigned Quick-draw Telescope Reach wand.
  • Low center of gravity means maximum steering capability.
  • Breathe easier with cleaner exhaust air. Air expelled from a Dyson reduces mold and bacteria in the air by up to 150 times.
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable and effective cleaning.
  • Lifetime Washable HEPA Filter removes dust mites, pet dander, mold, and other allergens from the air that you breathe and never needs to be replaced.
  • Motorized brush bar pulls dirt and pet hair from carpets.
  • A clutch controlled brush roll allows you to clean all types of surfaces without ever bending over or changing attachments.
  • Best cleaning performance with the independent brush motor that drives the brush bar.
  • Quick and hygienic emptying of the dust bin - just press a button at the top of the cyclone and dust empties from the bottom.
  • Lifetime HEPA filter and Clean Dust Bin mean no bags to change and no extra costs.
  • Durable construction made from ABS and polycarbonate.
  • Five-year manufacturer's warranty on parts and labor.

* Dyson proves no loss of suction using a test method based on the IEC 60312 Cl 2.9 test standard.

Unique Dyson Product Features

Dyson Vacuums BAF Approved Lifetime HEPA filter
The Dyson DC33 Multi Floor vacuum has a washable HEPA filter which lasts for a lifetime. No expensive filters to replace, just clean air and more clean air! This vacuum cleaner is also approved for allergy sufferers by the British Allergy Foundation. 
Dyson's Clear Bin Unique Clear Dust Bin
The innovative design of the Dyson's 0.61 gal. clear bin is great because you always know just how well your Dyson is working! One quick glance and you can tell when it's full, and it is easy to empty.  Completely hassle-free, especially since there are no bags to buy.
Dyson Brush High Velocity Air Intake
On the DC33 Multi Floor, intake nozzles on the tools direct high velocity airflow down into the carpet pile. This means that you pick up more dust, dirt, and debris. The directional force of the air agitates and dislodges all the nasty stuff hiding in your carpet.

Dyson DC33 Multi Floor Product Reviews

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Reviewed by:  from 

A friend gave this vacuum high praise, so I took the plunge and bought one. I loved the 10% off and free shipping! The vacuum has great suction, but the hose is stiff and a little difficult to work with. Hopefully with time it will loosen up. I love that I don't have to buy bags or filters. So far I am pleased.
  The Best!!!
Reviewed by: Tabitha from Atlanta, ga

This is the best ever, I have to buy a new vacumm every year. I vacuum alot because I have small kids. This DC33 made my day when I vacummed and the carpet was standing up and all the dirt was in can of the vacumm. It is the best ever, thanks dyson! P.S you can breathe better also after using the vacumm.

Customer Q & A

Q1: I just got new carpet and I can't seem to find a way to adjust the head so I can push the vacuum! I seriously had to drag the Dyson backward to use it and it was still very difficult. It's thick carpet but it is carpet and that's what a vacuum is supposed to clean...so did I get a faulty vacuum or is the "self adjusting" not capable of handling thick carpet? I'm so disappointed!!

A: Long story short, it's likely not defective. The DC33, like many of the newer models Dyson has rolled out has the self-adjusting cleaning head which basically means it has a floating head. So when the carpet is lower pile, the head will , but when the carpet height is higher, it relies on the carpet itself to nudge the head upwards. For most carpets it works just fine, but what you're experiencing isn't entirely uncommon with higher pile or thicker carpet. There's tension between the brushroll and suction wanting to pull the cleaning head down and the auto adjust that is trying to allow the head to float. Since there is no other type of manual height adjustment on any Dyson vacuum cleaner, you're a bit stuck. You will encounter similar issues with other uprights that have a mechanical auto-height adjustment though with certain models, like the Miele upright, the height adjustment is located behind the cleaning head, so instead of adjusting the front of the vacuum, it adjust the back, a bit like a lever. This set up works a bit better on thicker carpet than a front-located auto adjust like what you see with a Dyson.

Q2: How much pressure should the HEPA filter need to wash it thoroughly

A: Not much. Typically, running water from a faucet is enough to dislodge debris that the filter collects. Rinse repeatedly until the water runs clears, allow to fully dry, and you should be all set!

Q3: On the Dyson 33 vacuum, does it have different carpets levels or just one level. One level for bare floors and one level for carpet is all I see. Please let me know if there are different adjustment levels.

A: The DC33 has an automatic height adjustment. So as you move from different heights of carpet, the head will adjust automatically. So as you move from say carpet to smooth flooring all you simply have to do is disengage the brushroll change setting from carpet to bare floors, and the height will adjust itself.

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Dyson DC33 Vacuum Reviews
Dyson DC33 Multi Floor Vacuum Cleaner

As a replacement to the older DC14, the improved DC33 Multi Floors is Dyson's new introductory upright vacuum cleaner. With the traditional features that have made Dyson popular, the DC33 cleans effectively and provides years of lasting service without busting your budget. With our showroom model in tow, I pushed this vacuum through our normal array of tests and here is what I found.

What I like about the DC33 Multi Floor

I have to say, out of the box, the Dyson vacuums have always been impressive with their unique design and easy assembly. Once I finished putting the unit together I tested it out on the lineoleum in our kitchen, the thick carpet in the downstairs office, a few rugs that the dogs often sleep on and low pile carpet found in the upstairs hall. On all three surfaces, the DC33 worked well. The suction is powerful enough on the smooth flooring, that with the brush roll off, it was more than adequate to suck up crumbs, pet hair and dirt that so often finds its way to our kitchen floor. One thing that is noticed is that unlike the more expensive models that come with suction control on the wand or handle, with the DC33, the brush roll is controlled by a small, half-wheel like clutch on the head of the unit. So to switch between carpet and smooth flooring, you can either reach down or use your foot to roll this wheel back and forth to engage and disengage the brush roll.

On both the low pile and high pile carpet the unit performed admirably. The suction and power of the brush roll is sufficient to pull out pet hair and dirt while pulling the crushed carpet up. Once finished, emptying the bin is easy. Their are two washable filters, which help reduce maintenance and replacement costs. The HEPA filter is tested and effective at removing micro particles and other debris and allergens that are often made airborne by traditional vacuum cleaners.

The reach on the DC33 is a plus. With a cord that is 35 feet in length and the reach of the quick draw wand, the Multi Floors gives you just over 51 feet of total cleaning reach from the plug. For our ranch style home, this mean I plugged the vacuum into two outlets and was able to clean the entire house.

What I do not like about the DC33 Multi Floor

The included accessories are very basic. The combo tool is effective, but I have never been a fan of multi-tools when it comes to vacuum cleaner attachments. The "Stair Tool" is basically an upholstery brush. As a well priced introductory model though, sacrifices had to be made somewhere. This is one area. These basic tools will cover most basic jobs, but you'll have to purchase a separate tool if you want a turbobrush to pull pet hair from a sofa or clean carpeted stairs.

The DC33 Multi Floor is a wheeled unit. Unlike the Dyson Ball models, the DC33 doesn't quite corner as well while cleaning around furniture, appliances, etc. For many though, the Dyson Ball feels awkward, so this more traditional wheeled model is a decent fit these folks.

When you take everything into account, the DC33 Multi Floor is a very good introductory Dyson vacuum cleaner. Though it lacks some of the value added features that make the higher end models more expensive, the Dyson Multi Floor is a good all around vacuum cleaner that will suit most people's smooth or carpeting flooring. The no loss suction, washable HEPA filter, clear dust bin, and design make it uniquely Dyson, while the price keeps this upright affordable for most households.

Dyson DC33 Multi Floor Detailed Specifications

Motor Wattage: 12 Amps
Best for: Those new to Dyson who want a HEPA vacuum cleaner that requires little maintenance
Vacuum type: Upright
Power cord length: 35 feet (over 51 ft. of total reach)
Airflow: 240 airwatts (constant)
Construction material: ABS and polycarbonate
Color: Mid Yellow / Iron
HEPA Filter Included: Yes, Lifetime Washable
Washable filters: Lifetime HEPA & Pre-motor Filters
Bin Capactity: 0.61 Gal.
Dimensions: 44.9" H x 14" W x 13.4" D
Weight: 17.6 lbs
Warranty: 5 years

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Dyson DC33 Multi Floor Warranty Information

5 year Limited Warranty

Dyson DC33 Multi Floor Availability

Vacuum Cleaner Replacement Bags and Filters
Dyson DC33 Multi Floor
DC33 Multi Floor Vacuum (Item#: DY0039 STOCK) (Discontinued)

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