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Dyson DC35 Multi Floor

  • Item #: DY0048 STOCK

Dyson DC35 Multi Floor



  • Dyson digital motor that spins 3 times faster than conventional motors.
  • Dual power mode with 15 minutes of suction on standard setting and 6 minutes on MAX setting.
  • Root Cyclone technology doesn't lose suction power as you vacuum.
  • Versatile design with a detachable 26.1 inch aluminum wand for stairs and hard to reach areas, reduces backstrain while expanding your cleaning ability.
  • Lightweight and durable for comfortable and effective cleaning.
  • Motorized floor tool with carbon fiber brushes for hardwood floors and carpets.
  • Fade-free 22.2V lithium-ion battery.
  • Quick and easy to empty the dustbin--just press a button!
  • Accessories include a Combination accessory tool, a Crevice tool, and Motorized floor tool.
  • Two-year limited warranty on parts and labor.
BAF ApprovalLithium-Ion Battery
The Dyson DC35 vacuum has a fade-free 22.2 volt lithium-ion battery. Recharges up to 3 times faster than other similarbatteries. Dual power mode with 15 minutes constant suction.  Battery can be charged on the vacuum in the docking station or apart from the unit.
Unique Clear Bin
Unique Clear Bin
The innovative design of the Dyson's clear bin is great because you always know just how well your Dyson is working. One quick glance and you can tell when it's full, and it is easy to empty.  Completely hassle-free, especially since there are no bags to buy, ever.
Dyson BrushHigh Velocity Air Intake
Intake nozzles on the Dyson DC35 tools direct high velocity airflow down into the carpet pile. This means that you pick up more dust, dirt, and debris. The directional force of the air agitates and dislodges all the nasty stuff hiding in your carpet. And the airflow is continuous, even when vacuuming curtains or upholstery, so they don't get stuck to the cleaner.

Dyson DC35 Handheld Vacuum Review
Dyson DC35 Digital Slim Vacuum Cleaner

By now, you have probably seen the Dyson commercials for the new Dyson Digital Slim, cordless vacuum cleaner. Unlike, other vacuums that we test this new handheld Dyson lives up to the hype. It is part stick vacuum, part handheld vacuum, and part upholsterycleaner. In short, this is one of the lightest vacuums that that we have ever used!

What I like about the Dyson DC35 Slim

My favorite part of the Digital Slim is the ability to clean in high places and hard-to-reach areas. The wand is lightweight andyou can lift it up with ease, and the versatility it provides allows you to convert this handheld vac into a stick vacuum in seconds. With the wand and motorized floor tool, the Digital Slim allows you even clean low pile carpet and area rugs with ease.

The vacuum has very strong suction. The dual settings allow you to customize the suction needed versus battery life. So for tougher cleaning jobs you can use the DC35 Multi Floor on the MAX setting, but for longer battery life, leave it at its standard setting.

I also really liked the trigger action. The pressure sensitive trigger action lets you control your power and helps you conserve battery life.

Like other Dyson vacuums, the DC35 has a clear bin that is easy to empty and clean. The Digital Slim also features a lithium ion battery (longer life than NiCad), and the digital motor produces not fine carbon dust that is common with other small appliance motors. Lastly, and this is important, the DC35 Multi Floor is really lightweight for what it is.

What I do not like about the Dyson DC35 Slim

There is little to complain about when it comes to the Digital Slim's performance. If there are any drawbacks they are the price and accessories. As you'll find with several of the Dyson models, the included combination attachment/tool is a cost saver for Dyson. You'll get better use from two separate tools, but on the flip side you'll pay for it. The only other complaint would be the price. Compared to other handheld or cordless vacuum cleaners, the DC35 is easily 2-4x the cost. This is offset though by the performance and versatility. You're essentially getting a handheld and stick vacuum cleaner in one package.

The Dyson Digital Slim is an incredible upgrade over other cordless vacuum cleaners available to you. Just keep in mind that it IS a battery-powered, handheld vacuum cleaner. As long as you remember that it's not a corded machine that can run for an hour straight, you will find that this vacuum makes all of your cleaning chores easier and convenient.

Product Questions

Does the dyson slim also have a HEPA filter ?

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