Dyson DC40 MultiFloor Vacuum Cleaner

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Dyson DC40 Multi Floors
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Dyson DC40 Multi Floors Vacuum

Dyson vacuums has manufactured some of the most widely recognized and used vacuums for nearly a decade. With a slimmer design and improved suction technology, the Dyson DC40 provides versatile cleaning ability and reliable suction for your home. Rubber seals and a washable HEPA filter seal and trap allergens like dander, pollen and mold spores, preventing them from being blown back into the air in your home. So, Dyson vacuums not only keep your floors clean but they keep the air you breathe cleaner too! The DC40 has a more streamlined design than its predecessor (DC25 MultiFloors), and an upgraded Radial Root Cyclone design that improves suction while reducing weight and overall size. Durable and effective, the Dyson DC40 is one of the best vacuums for all types of flooring anywhere in your home or office.

Dyson DC40 Video

Dyson DC 40 MultiFloor Product Features

Dyson DC41 Animal
  • Redesigned Dyson Ball technology - steer with a turn of the wrist.
  • Radial Root Cyclone technology doesn't lose suction power* as you vacuum.
  • Breathe better with cleaner exhaust air. Air expelled from a Dyson up to 10 times cleaner than unfiltered air.
  • Removable, quick-release wand for stairs, ceilings, corners and other hard to reach areas.
  • Lightweight and durable design for comfortable and effective cleaning - lighter than previous MultiFloor vacuums.
  • Lifetime Washable HEPA Filter cuts down on operating expenses while removing dust mites, pet dander, mold, and other allergens from the air that you breathe.
  • Redesigned Cleaning Head self adjusts to make transitions from carpet to smooth flooring, seamless.
  • Best cleaning performance with the independent brush motor that drives the brush bar.
  • Quick and hygienic emptying just press a button at the top of the cyclone and dust empties from the bottom.
  • Fingertip brush control transition across flooring types on the fly.
  • Accessories include a Combination accessory tool for crevices and dusting.
  • Five-year limited warranty on parts and labor.

* Dyson proves no loss of suction using a test method based on the IEC 60312 Cl 2.9 test standard.

Unique Dyson Product Features

Ball Technology Patented Dyson Ball Technology
Since its inception the Dyson Ball design has been often imitated but never duplicated. With the motor stored neatly inside the Ball, the DC40 is compact and features a slimmer and lighter design. Combined with the unmatched maneuverability of the Ball, this Dyson vacuum corners on a dime and fits into tighter spaces where traditional vacuums are too large.
Powerful Cleaning Head Powerful Cleaning Head
Instead of a manual height adjustment, the Dyson DC40 uses self-adjusting springs to ensure the brush roll and cleaning head provides deep cleaning ability and adequate suction, across all types of flooring. This design ensures that more of the cleaning head makes contact with the floor and allows less of the suction to leak. A push button control allows you to quickly and easily turn the brushroll on and off, so you don't have to stop cleaning until your floors are done!
New Improved Dyson Root Cyclone Technology Improved Radial Root Cyclone Technology
With a redesigned Root Cyclone system, the DC40 creates better suction and greater airflow that provides you with suction that will not fade over time. As a marked improvement over the original design, the Radial Root Cyclone system is featured in each new Dyson vacuum cleaner model, including the DC40. For reliable, consistent suction over the life of the vacuum, Dyson is nearly unmatched.

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Customer Q & A

Q1: What is the difference between the dc40 multi floor and the dc40 origin?
A: These "should" be the same thing except for the name. Their names have varied some from Origin to Multi Floor to All Floors, but have often been used interchangeably. So whether you see DC40 Multi Floor or DC 40 Origin, it's the same vac. Hope that helps!

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Dyson DC40 MultiFloor Vacuum Review
Dyson DC40 MultiFloor Vacuum Cleaner

As the redesigned version of the DC25 All Floors, the Dyson DC40 MultiFloors provides the same powerful suction, amazing cleaning ability and filtration that people have come to expect. While the DC40 may seem like a copy of the very popular DC25, it features a few design changes that not only give this Dyson a different look but improved performance in a smaller, lighter package. After testing the DC40 Multi Floors across a variety of surfaces, this is what we found.

What I like about the Dyson DC40

Gone are the bulky suction/hose lines that accompanied traditional Dyson models. In their place is a slimmer, tighter main body with more compact lines. Overall, the style is the same. It simply looks like the DC40 was put on a diet before being introduced to the public. What this means for the user is that the overall weight is a bit less than previous MultiFloors vacuums while overall size is smaller than the DC25 but larger than the DC24.

Next, the Root Cyclone system has been changed and upgraded. Dyson switched from fewer, larger cones to more numerous, smaller ones, and in doing so they were able to improve the suction of the without having to increase the size or weight of the vacuum. While using this model you'll feel the difference. When you're finished vacuuming, you'll see the difference.

The self-adjusting head eliminates the need for any sort of height adjustment. Since this spring-loaded cleaning head adjust as you move from surface of different heights, you can transition from low pile to thick carpet instantly and without the need to adjust a dial or pedal. And while moving from smooth surfaces to carpet, the DC40 puts brushroll control right at your fingertips. So not what or how many types of flooring in your home, the Dyson DC40 is equipped to handle all of them with ease.

Remaining unchanged are some Dyson vacuum cleaner staples: clear bin that never requires a vacuum bag, durable ABS construction that can withstand years of use and abuse, HEPA filter that can be washed and reused for the life of the vacuum, exceptional reach, a quick-release wand for corners and hard to reach or narrow spaces, and a five year warranty.

What I do not like about the DC40

Lack of suction control and a better attachment/accessory are really the only two drawbacks I can find with the DC40. You either like the look of the Dyson vacuums or you don't, so beyond that, I would prefer a vacuum with suction control for dust and cleaning rugs. Individual tools, as opposed to a combo tool, do a better job at their respective tasks.

Overall, the DC40 is a more than capable replacement for the DC25 MultiFloors. This upgraded version provides the same great cleaning ability with a few noticeable upgrades. For those wanted an excellent all round vacuum for reducing allergens and asthma triggers while providing cleaner floors throughout the home, the DC40 MultiFloor is a great fit!

Dyson DC40 Multi Floors Detailed Specifications

Motor Wattage: 11 Amps
Best for: Any home where a versatile, durable vacuum is needed across multiple flooring types
Vacuum type: Upright
Bin Capacity: .42 Gal.
Airflow: 200 air watts (constant)
Construction material: ABS and polycarbonate
Color: Yellow
HEPA Filter Included: Yes
Washable filter: Yes, Lifetime
Dimensions: H 41.9" x W 14.3" x D 12.2"
Weight: 14.5 lbs.
Warranty: 5 years

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5 year limited warranty


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Dyson DC40 Multi Floors (Item#: DY0056 STOCK) (Out of Stock)

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