Ebac CD35 Dehumidifier

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Ebac CD35 & CD35P Dehumidifiers

Ebac CD35 Ships for Free!The Ebac CD35 Dehumidifier is self-contained and designed to be portable enough to go anywhere for a variety of applications.  It is rugged enough for an industrial environment, and yet attractive enough for a home den or basement.  The mobile and versatile Ebac CD35 Dehumidifier can operate anywhere you need to control humidity and remove moisture. 

The Ebac CD35P Dehumidifier has the additional features of a high capacity condensate pump and a 25' length of drain hose.  The addition of the pump makes it the ideal choice for an unattended rental environment, water damage, or restoration jobs.   The CD35P is a low maintenance dehumidifier with very little supervision required after installation. Whenever and wherever there is a need for fast, dependable, energy-efficient drying and humidity control, Ebac dehumidifiers can provide the answer!

Ebac CD35 & CD35P Dehumidifier Product Features

  • Compact and stand-alone for service in a variety of environments
  • Sturdy carrying handle and rolling casters make the unit easy to maneuver
  • Built-in 6-quart capacity collection bucket with automatic shut-off and Full Indicator Light, CD35 only
  • Removes up to 6 gallons a day in severe conditions
  • Integrated condensate pump, CD35P only
  • "Hot gas" defrosting feature automatically melts away frost build-up, enabling the unit to effectively operate in cool temperatures down to 33 degrees
  • Adjustable humidistat allows you to precisely control the level of humidity

The Ebac CD35 Dehumidifier is the best choice for you if...

  • You want a dehumidifier that can operate effectively in low temperatures.
  • You need a dehumidifier that can remove up to 6 gallons a day.
  • You want to control indoor humidity to kill dust mites and reduce mold and mildew .
  • You want to protect your environment from damage due to humidity and to preserve ceilings, carpet, wallpaper, and furniture from moisture damage.

The Ebac CD35P Dehumidifier is the best choice for you if...

You want all the features of the CD35 with the addition of:
  • High capacity internal condensate water pump
  • Quick hose disconnect to reduce setup and dismantling time
  • Comes with 25' length of drain hose

Product Reviews and Questions

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  ebac cd35
Reviewed by: bob homeowner from nj

purchased this unit in october because i was tired of department store units that lasted about 3 years. unit worked great for 6 months then i noticed humidity going up. i cleaned fins and oiled motor shaft and this did not help. i contacted ebac jack ***** who said they had no service centers in my area and i could ship it to them very expensive or repair it myself.i asked if they would pay for repairs and got no response. no one in my area will work on this unit so i am back to the department store unit and it is working fine.
  Quality built
Reviewed by: Maintenance Directors review from Southwest Missouri

I have had the Ebac CD35 in my 1200 square foot basement since June 2013. Within four days, the humidity went from 75% to 50% and by August I could not detect any mustiness or smell that was there before. Quite obviously, the machine is doing its job. I have over thirty years experience directing maintenance, both industrial and institutional and during that time I have witnessed the diminishing quality of practically everything I had to buy, including the last five dehumidifiers that came from the big box stores. The first unit lasted five years and all the rest worked well for the first year, worked somewhat for the second year and would run the third year but did not dehumidify at all. I decided that I had it with the junk, from the stores, and started to look for something industrial. That is when I came across Achoo Allergy and searched their products and decided on the CD35. I talked to the rep. at Achoo Allergy and after telling him my situation, he agreed with my selection. The ordering was easy, the shipment arrived and all the dealings with Achoo Allergy went just like they said it would. As a matter of fact, I told my son about it and a while later he made an order from Achoo Allergy. Back to the issue of quality, this machine has all metal construction inside and out, has good bolt on casters, is actually fastened together well not with self tapping sheet metal screws, has a real blower motor and real metal fan, the components inside are fastened to the unit very well, the condensate pump looks to be a good one. Overall, the build quality is good by todays standards. The only things I question are that the fan seems to move a small amount of air but I assume it is matched to the system it is a smaller unit and I have the humidistat turned almost as high as it goes to maintain 50% humidity but it is working well. I will add that I have a ceiling fan running on low speed to circulate the basement air and that it usually needs little dehumidifying in the winter. Only time will tell how this unit will do over the long run, but I hope it will work for seven + years. At this time, I am very happy with this unit and recommend it. Bear in mind that all I have said is my personal experience.
Reviewed by: records storage from Ohio

We bought this dehumidifier for a bank vault safe in order to store sacramental records. The humidity in the safe has to be steady. It seems to be working well. The only problem I see is that it raises the temperature in the safe because of the small area in which it is contained. We ran the drain hose out of the safe and into a bucket. Hardly any water has come out, but the humidity went from 70% to the mid 40% level.

Customer Q & A

Q1: When the dehumidifier cycles off and on does the fan and compressor turn off or just the compressor?

A: All components turn off. However, the fan typically runs a little prior to and some right after the compressor cycles on/off.

Q2: I have a 575 sq ft cabin in the north ga mountains With a crawl space. what dehumidifier do you recommend for that size space? I would like a cost effective option.

A: Yes. However, during freezing weather or when temps are below 40 deg. F, refrigerant style dehumidifiers don't work. Their efficiency is based on a temperature difference between the outside air the refrigerant cooled coils of the dehumidifier, so when the temperature dips below 40, they remove less and less moisture. Above that temp, that model will work fine. I generally prefer the CD35P to the CD35 model. The P model has the pump included so you can run the drain/condensate line anywhere and not have to worry about gravity effecting the ability to drain. The standard CD35 model has to be set in a position where the drain line can use gravity to allow the water to drain away and out of your crawlspace. Going back to the temperature, a desiccant dehumidifier works better in low temps, but the drawback is they're not as effective under normal conditions, as refrigerant style dehumidifier. Hope that helps!

Q3: Re: CD35P Does this unit have a thermostat that automatically turns on/off. I was considering this unit for a crawl space, is it practical for this application? It will be used for a vacation home and I'm not there to supervise the dehumidifier.

A: Not a thermometer, but a humidistat, yes. The humidistat measures the relative humidity then has the dehumidifier cycle on or off accordingly. For the application you've described, this should fit the bill. Install it, run the drain line to the exterior of the crawlspace, then set the humidistat. Just remember to annually pull it out and clean the coils. Other than this, there's very little maintenance required.

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Ebac CD35P Dehumidifier Reviews

Ebac CD35 & CD35P Dehumidifiers

The CD35 dehumidifier is a self-contained, portable unit designed so that it can go anywhere for a variety of applications. It is rugged enough for an industrial environment, and yet small enough for a basement basement. The mobile and versatile CD35 can operate anywhere you need to control humidity and remove moisture.

The CD35P is a low maintenance dehumidifier with very little supervision required after installation. The integrated condensate pump allows for greater convenience and less supervision in addition to eliminating the need to empty a water bucket.

What I like about the Ebac CD35 & CD35P

The best feature of these dehumidifiers are their size and maneuverability. These units are designed for use by any size and shape of worker. For use in the home, they can be operated by any member of the family with ease.

Ebac has taken the CD35 and upgraded some of its features to create the CD35P. The company added an internal condensate pump, 25' of drain hose, and a quick disconnect feature for quicker dismantling time. As some of the lighter Ebac dehumidifier models, the CD35 and CD35P also come with casters and a handle for greater mobility. Both are also galvanized to resist rust and deterioration while working in harsh and humid environments. Lastly, these models are some of the quietest in the Ebac dehumidifier line up.

What I do not like about the Ebac CD35 & CD35P

These models look like industrial dehumidifiers--that means that you probably do not want to put either in your den, family room, or bedroom. Aside from this, there are few drawbacks to these models.

Ebac CD35 Technical Specifications

Ebac CD35 Ebac CD35P
Recommended For: Industrial or residential environments, rental properties, water damage restoration Industrial or residential environments, rental properties, water damage restoration
Power Consumption: 110 V / 4 amps 110 V / 6 amps
Operating Range: 33˚ F - 95˚ F 33˚ F - 95˚ F
Daily Capacity: 17 pts 80˚ F / 60% RH; 6 gallons in extreme conditions 17 pts 80˚ F / 60% RH; 6 gallons in extreme conditions
CFM: 170 170
Dimensions: 22" H x 13.5" W x 14" D 22" H x 13.5" W x 14" D
Weight: 57 lbs. 63 lbs.
Built in condensate pump: No Yes
Integrated Water Bucket & Float: Yes No
Hose Pipe/Quick Disconnect: No Yes
Hose Supplied: No Yes - 25 feet

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CD35 (Item#: EB0002) $689.00
CD35P (Item#: EB0014) $769.00

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The Ebac CD35 has a no nonsense durable design, and is very quiet, free of rattles. Achoo Allergy expedited the order and we received the unit in a very timely manner. I would recommend this unit for anyone needing a smaller capacity, well built dehumidifier.
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