Ebac CD425 Dehumidifier

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Ebac CD425 Dehumidifier

All Ebac CD425 Dehumidifiers Ship for Free!The Ebac CD425 dehumidifier was developed for industrial strength jobs and the environmental control of large areas with severe moisture conditions. Warehouses, factories, offices, and other large scale facilities can be cured of humidity and condensation problems efficiently and automatically. There is no need to over-burden costly HVAC systems -- the Ebac CD425 dehumidifier is a "stand-alone" unit which handles the extra load of a typically humid industrial setting.  Multiple units of the CD425 can be used for protection on any scale.  Each unit can condense and remove over 50 gallons of water per day --day after day. Automatic defrost allows the unit to operate effectively even in areas with cold temperatures.  Whenever and wherever there is a need for fast, dependable, energy-efficient drying and humidity control, Ebac dehumidifiers provide the answer!

Ebac CD425 Dehumidifier Product Features

  • Removes over 50 gallons of water per day in extreme conditions
  • Welded steel chassis with baked epoxy and vinyl coatings for abrasion resistance
  • Adjustable humidistat controls the level of dryness desired
  • System lamps reveal operating status at a glance
  • Ebac's "Reverse Cycle" defrosting system allows continuous operation at low temperature
  • Ductability
  • Rugged design is ideal for harsh industrial environments
  • Optional 440V power supply
  • Optional internal condensate pump
  • 1 Year Warranty

The Ebac CD 425 Dehumidifier is the best choice for you if...

  • You want an industrial strength dehumidifier for the most heavy-duty applications that removes up to 50 gallons of water per day.
  • You need a dehumidifier that can continue to operate effectively even in low temperatures due to automatic defrost.
  • You need environmental control for a very large area to avoid straining expensive HVAC systems.

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Customer Q & A

Q1: Does the EBAC CD 425 dehumidifier come wired for a 220volt single phase operation? Please advise. Thank you.

A: All three phase. They've 220 and 440v models available but nothing is wired for single phase operation.

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Ebac CD 425 Dehumidifier Reviews

Ebac CD425 Dehumidifiers

The Ebac CD425 was developed for industrial strength jobs and the environmental control of large areas with severe moisture conditions. Warehouses, factories, offices, and other large scale facilities can be cured of humidity and condensation problems efficiently and automatically.

The CD425 is the absolute largest of all the dehumidifiers Ebac has to offer. Not only is the performance of this unit greater than the rest of the Ebac lineup, but it is the largest in sheer size as well. Weighing in at well over 300 lbs. the CD425 is a behemoth of a dehumidifier ideal for large scale, industrial or commercial applications.

What I like about CD425 Dehumidifiers

The best thing about this dehumidifier is that if you have a large open area like a storage room for cars or a large warehouse for product manufacturing, the CD425 is powerful and efficient enough to handle the biggest of humidity control project. In addition to this, like all Ebac dehumidifiers, the CD425 is capable of functioning in low temperatures and in environments where harmful chemicals or other pollutants may be contaminating the air you are dehumidifying.

These units are also come in a variety of options. You can purchase models with or without internal condensate pumps and in either 220V or 440V. Regardless of your exact situation, this versatile dehumidifier will meet your needs. The old saying is true that with a CD425 dehumidifier--an ounce of prevention equals a pound of cure.

What I do not like about CD425 dehumidifiers

This unit is a huge machine. It weighs in at 353 pounds. This is an industrial strength unit with an industrial strength price. Though the initial cost is high, the performance of this unit as well as the savings you will earn by protecting large areas from high humidity make the CD425 well worth the cost.

Ebac CD425 Technical Specifications

Recommended For: Industrial applications; environmental control of very large areas and areas with severe conditions
Weight: 353 lbs.
Power Consumption: 220V / 3 phase OR 440V / 3 Phase
Pump: Optional with either 220V or 440V models
Humidistat: Yes
Operating Range: 33˚ F - 95˚ F
Daily Capacity: 285 PPD at 80˚ F / 60% RH; 50 gallons in extreme conditions
CFM: 1750
Dimensions: 47" H x 43" W x 19" D

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