Ebac CD60 Dehumidifier

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Ebac CD60 Dehumidifier
Item#: EB0005
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Ebac CD60 Dehumidifier

Purchase Ebac CD60 and Receive Free Ground ShippingThe Ebac CD60 Dehumidifier is designed to provide energy-efficient humidity control in a wide variety of environments.  Impressively versatile, it performs with the same quiet operation and high efficiency in offices, laboratories, apartments, warehouses, storage areas, restaurants, bars, locker rooms, and basements. With the Ebac CD60, you can remove humidity, stop condensation, prevent mold, and eliminate rust and corrosion.  The rugged, steel chassis is perfect for tough jobs and rough conditions plus the automatic defrost feature allows this machine to operate at low temperatures.  Whenever and wherever you need fast, dependable, and powerful drying and humidity control, Ebac dehumidifiers provide the answer!

Ebac CD60 Product Features

  • Rugged, epoxy powder-coated steel chassis and housing
  • Commercial, industrial, or residential
  • Hours Run Meter
  • Simple installation and operation with standard 110V plug and extra long power cord
  • High capacity condensate pump
  • PVC Drain Hose - 25 feet
  • Adjustable humidistat allows you to control the level of dryness
  • "Hot gas" defrosting system
  • Unit can be easily moved from site to site, or permanently mounted
  • Can remove over 15 gallons a day in extreme conditions
  • Effectively operates in cooler temperatures
  • 1 Year Warranty

The Ebac CD60 Dehumidifier is the best choice for you if...

  • You want a dehumidifier that can operate effectively in low temperatures.
  • You need a dehumidifier that can remove up to 15 gallons a day.
  • You want to control indoor humidity to kill dust mites and reduce mold and mildew.
  • You want to protect your environment from damage due to humidity and to preserve ceilings, carpet, wallpaper, and furniture from moisture damage.

Product Reviews and Questions

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Customer Q & A

Q1: Can this unit be connected directly to a sump pump?
A: We received this question for three different models, but the answer is going to be the same for all three. Yes and no, and here is why. If you already have a sump pump and pit sump, you can run a small piece of hose from the dehumidifier to the sump. For models with a condensate pump, like the AD850 and CD60, the hose you would need is included with the dehumidifier. So for these models, you can simply run the supplied hose to your sump and you're all set. Now, for any Ebac models that LACK a condensate pump, you will have to supply your own small piece of hose. No hose comes standard with those models, but all have a drain outlet you can attack a hose to - then run to your sump. Now, if you don't have a sump or pit where waste water is collecting. You're going to just want to go with a model that supplies a hose and condensate pump. Then just run the drain line to nearest floor drain or sink. Hope that helps!

Q2: I'm looking for someting to remove the musty smell in a house basement. In the Boston area very humid during the spring and summer. I don't know the square footage. How do I know which unit would be appropriate? Does it require daily monitoring/switching on and off, etc?

A: Does it freeze in that space? If it does, regardless of what unit you go with, you will want to remove it when the weather starts to get cold. In terms of packing the best for you. The most maintenance free type is one that has a condensate pump and humidistat integrated into the machine. OR, if there is something of a grade, you can use any crawlspace dehumidifier and simply let gravity carry the condensate away. Aside from this, nearly all of the crawlspace units we offer will work in most homes. Crawlspaces typically are sized so that all models work. Price is a consideration, but aside from that any of the Ebac's will work. You would set them up, run the condensate line so that the water flows outside of the crawlspace then set the humidstat dial and let it run. It will cycle off and on as needed and aside from annual cleaning, doesn't require any other attention.

Q3: What is the maintenence on a 5 year old Ebac relative dehumitifier? Model#10264FR - U6 Serial #140018470

A: For many of the Ebac dehumidifiers, there is little maintenance involved, and the CD60 is no exception. The User Manual is location further down this page and will go over some of the regular maintenance you'll want to perform to ensure the CD60 is functioning properly. Basically, if you are not having any problems with the unit, just keep the coils clean. The easiest way is to use an air compressor, but cans of compressed air will work too. Try to be gentle with them because they are soft and will bend. If you are experiencing problems, the most common cause is low refrigerant, which means you have a leak somewhere. But aside from keeping the coils clean, the system is essentially a sealed system that requires no lubrication or filter changes, etc.

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Ebac CD60 Dehumidifier Reviews

Ebac CD60 Dehumidifier

The Ebac CD60 is very versatile.  It performs with the same quiet operation and high efficiency in offices, laboratories, apartments, warehouses, storage areas, restaurants, bars, locker rooms, and basements. 

You need this dehumidifier if you want to remove humidity, stop condensation, prevent mold, and eliminate rust and corrosion.  The rugged, steel chassis is perfect for tough jobs and rough conditions; plus the automatic defrost feature allows this machine to operate at low temperatures and continue to run even after the coils ice up.

What I like about the Ebac CD60

I really like that this unit is free standing on adjustable feet. That will help with a gravity drain to remove the water. By being able to adjust the four legs independently, it is easy to use this model over uneven flooring or ground. Lastly, it is great for a contractor because it comes with an Hours Run Meter which could help with billing purposes.

The CD60 really has all the bells and whistles that Ebac offers. It has an extra long power cord, comes with 25' of PVC drain hose, and it has a powerful internal condensate pump. Plus, like a lot of these dehumidifiers, you can run the unit at very low and very high temperatures. The CD60 has an industrial design, but it looks good and could be a better choice for an indoor, high traffic area like a finished basement.

What I do not like about the Ebac CD60

To be honest, there is not much to dislike about the CD60 dehumidifier. It is not on wheels like some of the water damage restoration models and it is very heavy weighing in at 80 pounds. However, this is an HVAC style dehumidifier that probably will not ever be moved once you have it in place in your home or business. The coloring and style is sleek and modern. Because the CD60 has all of the top Ebac features, this dehumidifier is a great choice for any HVAC building application.

Ebac CD60 Dehumidifier Technical Specifications

Recommended For: Energy-efficient humidity control in offices, laboratories, apartments, storage areas, restaurants, and more
Dimensions: 17" H x 20" W x 14" D
Weight: 80 lbs
Operating Range: 33˚ F - 95˚ F
Power Consumption: 110V / 7 A
Daily Capacity: 51 PPD at 80˚ F / 60% RH; 15 gallons in extreme conditions
CFM: 360

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Ebac CD60 Dehumidifier (Item#: EB0005) $1,395.00

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