Ebac Triton Dehumidifier

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Ebac Triton
Item#: EB0011
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Ebac Triton Dehumidifier

All Ebac Triton Dehumidifiers Ship for Free!The Ebac Triton is the ideal dehumidifier for commercial and residential jobs.  It is compact enough to be operated by one person, but it still has the capacity to handle a large areas.  This dehumidifier is a rugged, mobile unit that operates under extreme conditions.  The Triton provides restoration specialists and homeowners alike with heavy-duty strength without a budget busting price. Whenever and wherever you need fast, dependable, and energy-efficient drying power, Ebac builds a dehumidifier that meets your needs!

Ebac Triton Product Features

  • High efficiency rotary compressor
  • Rugged wheels
  • Collapsible handle for easy transport
  • Temperature sensitive defrost control
  • Internal condensate pump to conveniently and automatically remove liquid
  • Heavy-duty steel chassis with durable powder-coated finish
  • "Hot gas" defrosting feature automatically eliminates frost build-up
  • Removes up to 12 gallons of water a day
  • Extra long 25' power cord
  • PVC Drain Hose - 25 feet
  • Washable Air filter
  • 1 Year Warranty

The Ebac Triton Dehumidifier is the best choice for you if...

  • You want a dehumidifier that can operate effectively in low temperatures.
  • You need a dehumidifier that can remove up to 12 gallons a day.
  • You want to control indoor humidity to kill dust mites and reduce mold and mildew.
  • You want to protect your environment from damage due to humidity, and preserve ceilings, carpet, wallpaper and furniture from moisture damage.

Product Reviews and Questions

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Customer Q & A

Q1: This dehumidifier states it will work in a cold environment--I need one to work in a hotter environment. Want one with a port to attach a hose for drainage. Which one would you suggest?

A: How warm of an environment are you needing it to operate in? Most of all of our dehumidifiers list an operating temperature range in the specifications chart towards the bottom of each product page. For the most part, the ranges are very similar, with the top end temperature being 95-104 degrees F. 95 degrees is the standard upper limit for Ebac, as well as Santa Fe. Dri-Eaz models have the highest top operating temp with 100 degrees. In terms of porting, just about every model that lacks an integrated condensate pump can be ported and most include some length of those for this. It really depends on your budget, what style of unit you're looking for, the circulation of air in the space you're drying, and what size of space you're trying to dry. Not knowing the last two, in particular, is going to make it difficult to give you much of a specific recommendation. But, the Ebac CD35, CD30, BD80, CD100, and Neptune all lack the pump and can be ported. For Dri-Eaz, the PHD 200 might be a good fit since it goes up to 100 degrees and can be ported. Each Santa Fe model has a high end of 95 degrees and each is built to be ported with the included drain hose. Based on temperature and porting, the AprilAire 1850F might be the best option we have. The top end temperature is 105 degrees F and it can be ported or used with a condensate pump. It's a little pricier than some of the Ebac units, but the moisture removal capacity is a lot higher, and Aprilaire is a very easy to maintain and versatile dehumidifier. Hope that helps!

Q2: How well would this unit operate at 40-45% relative humidity?

A: The moisture extraction would be a good bit lower than the stated max, and in all likelihood, it would probably keep the humidity level in that range tough to drive it lower, esp. depending on the specific conditions of the space where used. So it would extract some moisture, but not a great deal since most refrigerant dehumidifiers max lowering range ends around 30-35% stated, 35-40% actual in most circumstances. Hope that helps!

Q3: Do you carry replacement filters?

A: Yes. The filter for the Triton can be washed/rinsed and should be annually to help maintain proper airflow through the dehumidifier. If you do need to replace it though, call us. Because they are washable and do not need to be replaced regularly, you won't find them on our site, BUT we can get replacements for you. The cost would be about $4-5 each plus shipping costs.

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Ebac Trion Dehumidifier Reviews

Ebac Triton Dehumidifier

The Ebac Triton is the ideal dehumidifier for commercial and residential jobs.  It is compact enough to be operated by one person; but it still has the capacity to handle several room-sized areas at once.  This dehumidifier is a rugged, mobile unit that operates under extreme conditions.  The Triton provides restoration specialists and homeowners with heavy-duty strength without a budget busting price.

What I like about the Triton

The combination of the large wheels and the collapsible handle make this unit very easy to handle for anyone.  This mobility coupled with Triton's manageable weight make it ideal for restoration and water damage clean up projects.  The handle also limits the profile, so it can fit into an equipment truck.  The internal condensate pump that comes with the Triton is an indispensible feature that eliminates the need to empty a heavy drain bucket.  The unit comes with the extra long power cord and 25' of PVC drain pipe making it easier to use on nearly any job site.  The washable air filter keeps large particles and debris out of the motor compartment. Overall, the ease of use makes this a a simple unit to operate. Plus, the name is very good!

What I do not like about the Triton

It is hard to say what I do not like about this model, because I think it is one of Ebac's best dehumidifiers.  As with most Ebac restoration models, the Triton does not have a humidistat control.  It only has the On / Off switch, but the machine is usually not used without some supervision.

Ebac Triton Technical Specifications

Recommended For: Commercial and residential applications, cleaning and restoration
Dimensions: 29" H x 20" W x 15" D
Weight: 75 lbs
Compressor Pressure: 5,600 BTU/HR
Power Supply: 110V / 60 Hz
Daily Capacity: 58 PPD at 80˚ F / 60% Relative Humidity; 12+ gallons in extreme conditions
CFM: 282

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Ebac Triton (Item#: EB0011) $899.00

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