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Ecology Works Anti-Allergen Solution

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Ecology Works Anti-Allergen Solution

The Ecology Works Anti-Allergen Solution Spray is a clear, non-toxic, 100% biodegradable, plant-based formulation proven to denature protein allergens on contact. It effectively neutralizes allergens in dust mite feces, cockroach droppings, and dog and cat dander. It contains no perfumes, dyes, tannic acid, benzyl benzoate, and is odor and stain free. Safe for people, safe for pets, safe for the planet, this cleaner rids your home of allergens in areas where other means are not practical. The anti-allergen solution comes in an easy to use spray bottle, great for home use and also for traveling. Simply spray on carpets, upholstery, fabrics, and pillow cases, or use in hot water vacuums and washing machines, for a healthy and allergy-free environment.

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Excellent Product
We have 5 hound dogs and 2 cats in the house. We decided to try the Ecology Works Anti-Allergen Spray and see how it works to "knock" down the pollen and dust that our pets bring inside. We spray the furniture and the area rugs, when it drys we vacuum everything. This stuff works great, really eliminates the stuff that made us itch. Review by Ronald T / (Posted on 6/3/2015)
I can breathe!
This stuff is magical! I suffer from severe dust mite and dog allergies. I use it on my furniture, rugs, pet beds, curtains and of course my bed. It doesn't have that weird chemical smell other sprays have and it is plant based so I feel like I can use it liberally without worry. Furthermore, I can definately tell when I don't have this product around because my symptoms slowly and inevitably return. It is great to have, especially when you may not have time to wash linens until tomorrow and you need quick relief! I also use the laundry detergent. Which is also fantastic! Cleans well and provides relief too! Review by dust mite and dog allergy sufferer / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
Goodbye Dander!
I had to get rid of the kitty due to allergies, but needed to get rid of the residual as well. This did the trick! Vacuumed, sprayed and now notice a distinct difference. Review by auntcandie / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
I can breathe
This is a great spray which works well on all my furniture without leaving any stain or residue. It greatly reduced the allergens on my sofa's....now I can relax without sneezing. Review by Living with allergies / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
No review title given
We have a cat but no one in our immediate family has allergies. However, Some good friends who often come for the holidays do have allergies. In the past they could only stay for a couple of hours even though I vacuumed thoroughly and kept the cat outside for a couple of weeks. I have used Anti-Allergen Solutions spray on my furniture a couple of times now and they are able to stay and visit the whole day! I also run an air purifier. Thank you! Review by Tracey / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
Seems to work. I've used it sparingly, so we'll see how it goes as time passes. Review by psychstudent / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
Great Product For The Fight Against Dust Mites
We found Ecology Works Anti-Allergen Solution - Anti-Allergen Solution - 32 oz. a couple of years ago. My girlfriend was suffering from a sinus problems do to an allergy to DUST Mites and a constant stuffy nose. We sprayed the couch, beds, rugs, bed blankets. Her sinuses cleared up about 50% the next day and in about 8 day had no issues breathing through her nose. 12 days later she was not using any type of nose spray of any kind. This product has helped us so much, in our allergy fight with Dust Mites. I use it once a week and I breath clear every morning. I recommend this product 4 or 5 times a month to people I meet through work who are suffering from an allergy to Dust Mites. Thank you much! Carey B Review by Our Fight Against Dust Mites / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
Easy Relief Spray
This can be easily use under the bed and around it for dust mites and it works - have the devices that plug in that are suppose to control the dust mites but they are not as effective as this spray. Review by allergy sufferer / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
Provides temporary relief
Great product to provide temporary relief to your home. Review by Asthma Girl / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
I have a small short haired dog who is all over the house. I used the Anti-Allergen spray on everything. It has helped a great deal. Review by Mary / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
This stuff "does" have an odor!
I just bought this product and it definitely has an odor, probably not at all good for us sensitive to such things. I sprayed some of this on my computer chair today polyester type fabric and it gave it a dirty, musty, old smell...I sprayed it lightly about 4:00pm Weds and it still smells bad at 2:14pm Thurs.. Morning...Perhaps the smell will yet go away, and I will say so, if it does. But, I doubt it... But, for now, I would say if you're sensitive to odors etc.. I'd be careful about this product. Very disappointed so far. Review by Asthmatic / Allergy/MCS / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
The Solution has not only relieved the nasal drip but there is a freshness in the air. I did not have an odor but not it is FRESH. Thank You. Review by New Customer / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
Anti-Allergen Solution
The anti-allergen solution is easy to use, non-staining, and really helps with my allergies. You see, I have two wonderful cats, but am also allergic. Review by / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
Works Great
We purchased this product to counter act my wife's allergy problems. Most nights, breathing was difficult, if not impossible for her. After one application, her problems seemed to go away, when they start to come back, after almost two weeks, we treat the area again with good results. We purchased Anti Allergen Solution along with Allergy Armor Pillows We needed new ones! and de-mite, all from achooallergy.com. Our lives have improved with the use of these products. Review by JORO / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
Works Great!
I bought this solution with idea that I can use it on the curtains in my daughters room to avoid taking them down once a week to wash. It seems to be working perfect! I don't have to hassle with taking them down weekly, but for piece of mind to ensure that they are allergen free I use this. I have also been using it on the couch weekly since replacing it with a leather couch won't be happening anytime soon. My daughters allergy symptoms are more under control than they have ever been! This product is well worth the money. Review by dust mite allergies / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
Awesome Product!
My boyfriend is allergic to my cat. I decided to find a new home for kitty but still had to get the allergens out of my house. I spent about $6.00 on some "professional spray" from Target 2 days before purchasing the Anti Allergen Solution spray. I used the entire bottle in my living room, kitchen and bedroom. My boyfriend still sniffled and sneezed. We used the Anti Allergen spray on Saturday. He had ZERO reaction to a cat dander after using the Achoo spray. Not one eye itch, not one sniffle, not one bit of a sign of an allergic reaction. I want to compliment you guys on an awesome product. The Achoo spray was absolutely amazing because it completely neutralized the dander. My boyfriend is extremely sensitive and I wanted to let you know how great the product worked. I didn't even have to use much, so its actually less expensive in the long run than the Target stuff. Thanks for letting us buy it, you enabled us to have a great weekend instead of a sneezy one! I am not an allergy sufferer so this is all new to me. If I need more products in the future, I'll be buying from Achoo. Review by Boyfriend has allergies / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
Very good product
I use this spray on my upholstered furniture at home and it works great. It does not stain my furniture and one of my chairs is made of a microfiber. At work is where it really does a great job. I work in a cubicle with carpet that is 12+ years old. The cubicle walls are covered in fabric also. I spray the floor, walls, and chair once a month. Afterwards, I always breathe better. Review by Sandy / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
Purchased for Dogs Severe Dust Mite Allergy
This product really works. It was almost immediate, and I could see her reaction or I should say lack of reaction. I consider this a miracle, an absolute miracle! She has been off immune suppressant medicine since I started using this... I also used the dust mite killer, but it takes time for that to work. This is immediate. I was advised by vet there was nothing you could to stop dust mite allergy except meds. This is NOT true. I am so grateful to have found this product and this company is wonderful to deal with. Review by dog's severe allergy / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
No review title given
I used this with the dust mite solution, and noticed a huge difference in how I felt after cleaning my apartment. I used it on my carpet, couches, and basically any upholstery that I saw. It took a couple days for me to clear out and notice a difference, but I've felt markedly better since using this. It's also super easy to pair it with the dust mite killing solution if you're allergic to them too! I also really like that you are getting rid of the cause of the problem, instead of taking medications to try to alleviate symptoms. And these have done much more to help my symptoms than anything I've taken thus far, which says a lot! Review by / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
LOVE this product
I have been allergic to dust forever and recently found out that my son is also allergic to dust. Decided to finally tackle the house and help us both sleep and feel better. This product is amazing! 1 spray bottle goes along way but I ended up buying the gallon refill for follow up cleanings. I have used it on the mattresses, foam toppers, box springs before putting in the covers. I also use it on area rugs, furniture and spray on a rag to dust the blinds in our rooms. I have alot of colorful fabrics and this has not faded or damaged any of them! It is amazing how much cleaner my house feels and smells after a good cleaning with this. Not a perfume smell but just a "nothing" but clean smell. We both have stopped having that constant drainage we used to suffer from! Review by Allergy Sufferer / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
I believe this has helped
I have used this product for a month in my bedroom mostly and I believe that the changes I have made in my room, including this have improved my sleep. Review by / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
I purchased this product after having my dog allergy tested, because the poor thing would not stop itching and the antihistamines just weren't working anymore. The test results showed very few allergens, but that he was highly allergic to dust mites. One of the technicians recommended a home spray for dust mite allergens, the brand she suggested, however, was discontinued. I found this via internet search and I liked the fact that it was all-natural. After treating my home I am amazed at the difference in my dog-he hardly itches at all, is eating better and more active. It has also helped my boyfriend who has terrible allergies. I will definitely continue to use this product! Review by a very happy dog owner / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
Easy and Efficient!
Love this product. It is very easy to use and you can smell the freshness. I've suffered with allergies and asthma for years and this has helped me immensely! Also, Achooallergy is really fast with shipping. Review by Suzy S / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
Great Product!
Thanks for making such a great product! My husband is very allergic to cats and this has made it possible for him to tolerate our little Roux. Thanks again! Review by D. / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
terrific product
I bought this to use on Thanksgiving, because I have 2 dogs & my daughter & daughter-in-law are very allergic. One of them has asthma & allergies. One has just allergies. Both of them end up unable to breathe after being at my house just alittle while. I vacuumed my house 2x & then I sprayed this very liberally on my carpets & wiped down my leather furniture with it. The one with asthma & allergies had no allergic reation at all. The one just with the severe allergies had a little itching on her arms & neck but was pretty much fine. They were both able to be here for the whole thanksgivng day. I was really impressed with this product. This was the first I had used this product. I was looking for a product to help me. I looked on line, came across this product, the reviews looked good on it so I purchased it. I am glad I did. Review by dog lover / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
Dander Everwhere
Cat dander is my greatest foe. Your washing solution was recommended for my bedding as both cats sleep on it. I realized positive improvement but still needed to do more. Recently I started using your Anti-Allergen Solution for all my clothing since my "boys" are both lap-sitters. The improvement was GREAT! A lot less tissue boxes around the house. Review by Cat Dander Sufferer / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
Life Saver
My problem started with my dog starting some kind of allergy problem that effected her face. She would scratch and cry in pain. After taking to the vet and putting her on Prednisolone I have been trying to figure out what has changed. I am trying to eleminate the dust mites. My husband shampooed our carpets and then she would not walk on them! She would try to jump from couch to chair and avoid walking on the carpet at all. It was driving me crazy!! I orderd the Anti-Allergen Solution to use for dust mites and dander. And what a huge surprise to find that it eleminated what ever she smelled from the shampooed carpet! Only two applications and she is running around and playing again!! I am still in the process of dealing with the allery but that is one less thing to deal with! Thank You!!!! Review by C. Archuleta / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
I have allergies to just about everything in the environment. I can spray the Anti-Allergen Solution and it doesn't effect my cat or myself. I wait a short time and them vacuum. Then I spray AirZyme. We have no problems with any products. Use them if you have problems with the smell of cleaning products. Review by an allergy sufferer / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
A must for mites
Rather than washing linens and clothes in hot water which shortens the lives of fabrics and raises utility bills, I'm able to de-mite all my laundry in cool or warm water with this additive to my regular detergent. I didn't notice any odor, either. Review by Cinderella / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
I have severe allergies, especially to cat dander. I rented an apartment and after I signed the lease... I was sneezing and completely stuffed up. Then I was informed that the former tenant had two cats. I sprayed the entire place down with Anti Allergen Solution and I have had no problems with my allergies at all! There is no real fragrance and it works at once! Review by Rudy / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
Sore Hands
Product seems to work okay if the smell doesn't kill you! I had to air out the house for days and take extra allergy medicine... Review by Hay Fever / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
Life Saver
This stuff works great! I have a male black cat, notorious for potent allergens, and my boyfriend is very allergic to him more so than other cats. I just spray this stuff on the carpet and then sweep/vacuum so that the hair and dust doesn't fluff into the air, perfect! Works on beds and couches too, with no scent. I tried the Anti-Allergen Solution shampoo too, and it has a scent that I do not like. I like the spray MUCH better! I'll probably try Allerpet to wipe on his fur next. This spray also works great for the many many airborn allergies in the Austin, TX area when sprayed in the air. Review by Sandra / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
Miracle Product!
These products changed my whole life. My dog has a severe dust mite allergy. My dog was on immune suppressants and antibiotics and her whole body was covered in crusted sores. The veterinarian said there was nothing I could do. By February I has spent more than $2000 on veterinary expenses and still had the problem. I finally researched the issue myself and came up with this solution. My dog is now off all the medication and is just a normal dog. I steam cleaned my carpets and furniture with Dust Mite And Flea Control. Due to my physical issues, I had to work slowly, I did this over a period of 10 days. While I was doing it I could see a change in my dog day by day. I then sprayed everything with Anti Allergen solution. I now do this weekly. I also add it to the wash and wash her bed coverings and toys in it weekly. I learned that none of the products out there kill dust mite eggs so I bought a UV light and gradually used it on my whole house. I made sure to hold the light over each area for the required 20 seconds before moving on. I now have a normal dog. She is my friend and heart. These products have been a miracle to me. Review by Mary W / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
I've never imagined that I would actually be able to feel the cleanliness on my old couch or my mattress by simply spraying this product. It feels so good to be able to sit on my comfy chair without coughing and sneezing! It's almost odorless. If you are sensitive to any kind of smell like me, you might notice slight damp smell which will go away once it completely dries away. But after that all you fell is the clean, fresh feeling! No more nose tickling sensation when sit on your couch! The fast that it's plant based is a big plus since I have 2 small children. Review by sneezer / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
Fast Fix
I bought this product with X-Mite and de-mite to spray around the area in our room where our dog sleeps and on comforters and decorative pillows that I cannot wash. It has proven to be a fast way to minimize the allergens from dust and pet dander. It dries quickly and there is no odor to bother my dog. Since it doesn't take much to do the job, it lasts a long time, as well. Review by living with allergies / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
A life safer
I recently had to leave my home because of Gustav. My husband and I went to our daughter's house and she has two cats. I have been allergic to cat all of my life and was able to stay at her home because of this product. Thanks Review by Allergy Sufferer / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
This spray has saved me and allowed me to keep my cat! When the doctor realized I was allergic to dust mites, he suggested that my cat might also be a problem. So I bought this spray in the hopes of reducing the allergens and it definately works! I spray my couch, carpets and other areas where she lays about once a week and it makes such a noticeable difference. I can actually lay on my couch now and not worry about sneezing or wheezing, it's great! Review by Lacey / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
happy so far
we sprayed this stuff all over the living room floors, couches etc where the dog romps & things have been great since. Used this in conjunction with the shampoo & it's been a good couple of weeks. Review by bubble boy / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
Killed the cooties
Product works great..we have cats and birds and its made a big diffreance in our house. Review by ward bradeen / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
Fantastic for any one with pets
My sister and I are both allergic to pet dander and dust mites and we live in a house with 9 cats. Before using Anti-Allergen Solution niether of us could even walk into the house without getting asthma, sneezing,or getting a runny nose and eyes, even after a very good cleaning. Now, with regular use of this product we no longer get asthma or sneezing and can sit on the floor which we love to do when we read or watch TV. I highly reccommend this product for any one who has cats or dogs and is allergic to pet dander and dust mites. It is an all natural product so you don't have to worry that it will harm you or your pets. Review by Heidi / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
The spray is wonderful for all the things you can't wash or eliminate--carpets (as in dorms), or curtains or upolstered furniture...I got a big bottle to send to college with my daughter! Review by mother of allergy sufferer / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
Produst did not work
My allergist recommended I treat the carpeting in my daughters bedroom since she was diagnosed with dustmite allergies. I used Anti-Allergen solution. I did not see any difference. waste of money. Review by Disappointed in Florida / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
Allergy solution
So far so good Review by Kim / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
Mysterious Fluid
This is a product which has mysterious properties, but when sprayed on the mattress pad when I'm laundering the sheets GUARANTEES a better nights rest. It's thick for a spray, has no smell, and now I'm using it on my dogbeds weekly. I cannot believe the value! Review by TWK / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
Works great
I have been suffering from cat allergies so bad in my fully carpeted apartment, I sprayed this stuff all over the apt and it really works! I even had my aunt over who suffers from asthma and cats allergies and she didn't notice the cat was there. It is really great. Just note that you might need 2 bottles, my apartment took one bottle only once. Review by Dana / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
Would not live without it!
I have used this for several years and it has changed my life. I go through six bottles a year. The small price I pay for this greatly outweighs my alternative, five years of allergy shots Review by Pam / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
Spray Your Sneezes Away!
Finally, a product that works on allergens in carpet! Review by Allergy sufferer's spouse / (Posted on 4/9/2015)

Anti-Allergen Solution Reviews

Anti-Allergen Solution

The Anti-Allergen Solution was convenient and very easy to apply. It comes premixed in an easy to use spray bottle. Only pre-work needed is to take the cap off and screw the spray handle on. You can change the level of mist to either spray or stream and you can also turn it to off, in case you don't use it all and want to store it for later use. I used the light mist over my living room carpet and bedroom. I was so impressed how easy it was to use. This non-fragrant spray left my home feeling fresh and allergen free.

What I like about the Anti-Allergen Solution
  • Very easy to use and easy to store
  • Doesn't have a smell
  • Inexpensive
  • Does up to 500 sq. feet
  • Like all Ecology Works products it is eco-friendly and biodegradable
  • Free of harsh chemicals and fragrances found in common cleaners
  • Non-toxic, safe for pets, children and adults
  • Easy to use on any upholstered furniture, including your mattress
  • Gallon size refills available, cut cost and package waste
What I don't like about the Anti-Allergen Solution
  • Hard to tell where you sprayed, if you get distracted it is difficult to see where you left off, don't want to get carpet too wet
In summary, I give the Anti-Allergen Solution 5 out of 5 stars. It is a great product and it really works! The coverage area is decent for the size of bottle, and a gallon containers can be purchased to refill the spray bottle. When balancing effectiveness with cost and ease of use, this product is ideal for neutralizing allergens throughout your home.

Product Questions

Can we spray this anti allergen in air directly ?
Is this safe to use on wooden furniture and leather sofas?
Today I ordered your Ecology Works Anti Allergen Solution Spray, and I would like to know the main/active ingredients.