Dustmite-X Spray for Dust Mite and Flea Control

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Dustmite-X Spray - 32 oz. Bottle
Item#: EW0012
In Stock, Ships Jul 6 Shipping Details

Buy Ecology Works Dustmite-X Spray

Dustmite-X Spray

Dust Mite and Flea Control Spray is Made in the USAThe Ecology Works Dustmite-X Spray is a specially formulated borate compound that provides long lasting control over dust mites and fleas.  Identical to the Dust Mite and Flea Control powder, this product differs only in that it is already mixed in a convenient, easy to use spray bottle. To kill dust mites and fleas in carpet and upholstery, simply spray Dustmite-X evenly over the affected areas.

Dustmite-X is clear, odorless and will not stain fabrics, but test spray areas in an inconspicuous place prior to treating a large area. Each bottle treats approximately 100 sq. ft. For best results reapply every six months and avoid direct contact with treated area until dry. Proper use will help keep you breathing better and feeling better by eliminating dust mites and fleas from your home!

Product Reviews

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  Superior Products
Reviewed by: Benjamin Hall, satisfied customer from Charlotte, NC

Finally, I have found a product that actually controls Dust Mites and dander. My cat no longer runs and hides or hisses at bath time. He actually comes to me when he sees DustMitex. We, the cat and I both love this product.
Reviewed by: Bad Allergies. from San Diego, CA

I was unable to sleep in my bed even with clean sheets and bedding. I just spray a little in the bed, and it kills small dust mites.
  My travel companion
Reviewed by: Allergic stewardess from orlando flotida

As a flight attendant who suffers from dust mite allergies. This product has saved my life! I take it with me and use it on bed and pillows of all the hotels i stay! I also use it on the bunks on our airplanes! Since I've been using it I sleep better and wake up less stuffed up! Highly recommend it!

Customer Q & A

Q1: I recently had 2 fur jackets destroyed because I was told they were infested with mites can I spray all my coats and 2 more fur coats with your dust mite spray

A: Possibly. I would spot test first. Typically there are no problems with colors or fabrics, though fur is a bit unique in terms of care. That being said, there are many varieties of mites, and Dustmite X kills a fairly wide variety of them. With the cost per bottle is relatively low, I would likely test it for color safeness, and if everything seems ok, apply it to one coat to see if it makes a difference. Allow it to fully air dry before wearing or storing. Though I doubt there would be any issues for use on fur, I cannot say that definitively, as I've not had experience with using this product on fur, so the best solution would be a professional cleaner best bet is a furrier, not a typical dry cleaner. Hope that helps!

Q2: Is this product the same as your Dust mite & Flea Control in powdered form for mixing? and if so can I reuse this bottle for mixing the powdered product? Thank you.

A: Yes. It's basically the same product except the liquid version is already diluted/mixed. A lot of people do just what you describe, buy each, use the bottle first then continue to use the bottle with the powdered mix.

Q3: When spraying in the bedroom how important is it to avoid getting the spray on the bed.

A: Not very. It's non-toxic, gentle enough for pets and humans, and doesn't contain any ingredients that pose any sort of risk. Some people actually use the spray on the mattress, allow it to dry, then put the sheets back on. So, you should be fine. If you want, you can always wash the bedding that was sprayed, but it's probably not necessary.

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Dustmite X Spray Reviews

The Ecology Works Dustmite-X Spray

Like the Dust Mite and Flea Control powder, Ecology Works Dustmite-X is a boron-based solution that kills and eliminates dust mites and fleas for up to six months. This easy to use spray is premixed and ready to use without have to measure out water or find a spray bottle or steam cleaner. Dustmite-X is an inexpensive, simple and highly effective way to eliminate and control dust mites and fleas that can be found in your carpet, on your mattress, in pet beds and on furniture.

What I like about Dustmite-X Spray
  • Cost-effective
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Lasts at least up to 6 months before you have to reapply
  • No water to measure
  • One bottle covers up to 100 sq. ft.
  • Many uses, from carpet and upholstered furniture, to pet bedding and your mattress
What I don't like about Dustmite-X Spray
  • With the liquid you don't get quite as much coverage as with the Dust Mite and Flea Control powder.
  • You have to stay off the sprayed areas until they are dry.
Overall, you get about the same performance as you do with the powder. The only real difference is that while you don't have to hassle with mixing anything or have to have a steam cleaner to apply the solution to your carpet, the bottles don't cover the same area as the concentrated powder. Dustmite-X adds ease as well as convenience and makes keeping your mattress, pet bed, or upholstered furniture free of dust mites and fleas simpler than ever.

Could not wait to try Safeguard Window Filters. I am using them, am very pleased and have high hopes that my solution to open windows is at hand!
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Dustmite-X Spray - 32 oz. Bottle (Item#: EW0012) $8.99

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