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Electrolux Vacuum H12 Replacement HEPA Filter - EL012B

  • Item #: EL0012
  • Ships Monday, May 2 !

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Electrolux Vacuum H12 Replacement HEPA Filter - EL012B

Electrolux vacuum replacement S-Filter, HEPA EL012B. The unique HEPA filter retains 99.97% of dust and other irritants that cause you and your family to suffer from allergies or asthma. Fits: Any Harmony, Oxygen, Oxygen 3, Twin Clean Canister, JetMaxx, Ergospace, or UltraSilencer Canister vacuums. Also fits, Oxygen 3 Upright and EL7000, EL7020, EL7055, EL7025, EL8500 series vacuums. 1 filter per package. Replace Annually or after about 50 hours of use.

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how often do I change the HEPA filter?