Newtron Contractor's Choice Air Filters Customer Q & A

Newtron Contractor's Choice Air Filters Product Details
Q1: What is the MERV rating for the Newtron filters

A: App. 6-8 MERV. Permatron filters have never followed the MERV rating system since their filters are a bit different than the traditional paper-style HVAC filters. So the 6-8 rating is a good estimate based on their filtration test results. Hope that helps!

Q2: What are all the materials used in making this filter, for instance is there polyester or polypropylene in them?

A: Here is a bit more info on the material composition. Design Patent #4115082 The patented acrylic/nylon rod assembly is the proprietary technology that contributes to Newtron's unique air cleaning achievements. The rods help create an intensified magnetic field that attract and hold airborne particles. There is a patented polyurethane foam, acrylic collecting rods, polypropylene screens, and some vinyl.

Q3: At what point should the filters be replaced? I have 3 and they look brand new. Should they be cleaned every year? Thank you, Vicki

A: Typically you won't need to replace these for several years. Ten years is the warranty period, but many people get many years more out of their filters. If you notice any holes or dust settling on the other side of the filter, you should replace them. You should clean them about every 3-4 months, but this will vary some depending on conditions in the home. Simple rinse them with a hose or under a faucet and allow them to completely air dry before reinstalling.

Q4: Are the filter frames plastic or metal. If metal, what kind? Thank you

A: For the Newtron Contractors Choice HVAC filters, the frames are made from of vinyl. Permatron Original filters feature the steel frame.

Newtron Contractor's Choice Air Filters Product Details

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