Cold Weather Mask Customer Q & A

Cold Weather Mask Product Details
Q1: I have emphesema and severe lung desease. I can't breathe with a regular mask. have you developed a special mask for those who can't breathe on the uptake?

A: It's going to be difficult to find a mask that provides the right balance between breathability and filtration. If you're looking for something to help during the winter, to help take the edge off of cold air, any mask will help. However, the most breathable are going to be either the ICanBreath Silk Mask or their Organic cotton mask. In term of actual filtration, these two are limited, but both will help to trap some heat that is exhaled, but more importantly, both are the least restrictive of all the masks we offer. Hope that helps. Just to note, the cold weather mask is essentially a silk mask covered in a layer of fleece.

Q2: Does the cold weather mask have a filter built into it? Do I need to buy a filter for this mask?

A: Since it's primary purpose is to warm the air, there are only two layers, fleece outer and silk lining inner. It will provide roughly the same filtration as the silk mask, which is less a little less than N95 rated.

Q3: Does this mask make your face sweat? I work in a cold storage zreo degrees inside and zero humidity plus dusty. I have been looking for a mask to help with my asthma. The mask I use now causes my face to sweat badly. Thanks.

A: It may. Any mask will under the right conditions can cause your face to sweat. Is the mask you're using right now valved? That may help dissipate the heat better. Something like any of the Respro masks, the 3M respirators 8233/8293 or the AllergyZone N95 masks all have valves that allow heat and moisture to escape a little better than masks lacking exhale valves. If you aren't using a valved mask, I would try one of these. They all do help warm the air some simply by trapping some heat around the face, but the key for you is having one that allow the air to warm some but not so much that it causes your face to sweat or allows for the moisture in exhaled air to collect inside the mask and condense.

Q4: What, if any, colors does it come in and does it help with the fogging of my glasses? Thank you.

A: Black, Blue and Pink are the colors currently available. As far as the fogging, a lot of that depends on how you get it seated around your nose. Even with glasses, you can typically get it to where there is no or at least minimal fogging.

Cold Weather Mask Product Details

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