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NeilMed Bottle Kit Product Details
Q1: My five year old daughter has suffered from a chronic stuffy nose her whole life. For the past two years she has taken allergy meds and decongestants which have brought limited relief. Last week I started using Neilmed rinse 2x a day and her stuffy nose is gone! My question: has anyone else with chronic rhinitis found total relief with this product? I cannot express the gratitude I feel for finding this inexpensive and healthy way to keep my daughter freely breathing. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

A: Yes! If you skim through some of the customer reviews, particularly for our Allergy Armor bedding and for many of the sinus rinse products, you'll find a BUNCH of customer testimonials who have expressed a similar sentiment. It's so pleasing and refreshing to see customers who have found relief take the time to comment back on the site. This also helps let other people, who may be suffering from the same thing, know that they may have simple yet effective solution available. Prescriptions and medications will always have their place, but sometimes the simplier solution is the best!

NeilMed Bottle Kit Product Details

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