Miele AirClean FJM Dust Bags Customer Q & A

Miele AirClean FJM Dust Bags Product Details
Q1: In another post you stated that the Miele Carina+ 300 1200W takes FJM dust bags. I looked in mine and it appears the top is gray not red. What is the correct bag for this model. I also need replacement filters as well. Any info would be appreciated!

A: The Carina is an S4 Galaxy model Miele vacuum. If the collar of your vacuum bag is grey, it is likely either a very old Miele dustbag prior to the AirClean series coming out or an aftermarket bag. Regardless, the FJM will fit the Miele Carina and any other Miele S4 canister. An AirClean filter will be included with any box of FJM filterbags, so if you're using that, just purchasing a box of bags will take care of the bag and filter for you vac. If you're using the HEPA filter, Miele SF HA-50 will be the correct fitting one. Hope that helps!

Q2: Can these bags be used in a Miele Topaz vacuum model S6270? The information I've read on numerous websites leads me to believe these bags are not made for that particular model. Thank you.

A: I'm not sure what other websites you've visited, but you might reconsider going back! They are decidedly wrong on this. The FJM bags are what come standard with the S6 models Red Velvet, Topaz, Quartz, and Onyx. The S6's replaced the S4's as the current line of midsize models, and midsize Miele cans have always used the FJM bags as do most older models. You can always visit the Miele USA site to confirm. Hope that helps!

Miele AirClean FJM Dust Bags Product Details

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