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Respro Techno Mask Product Details
Q1: Which mask filter s would best filter perfumes, household chemicls or other synthetic substances as well as air pollutants, viruses and chemicals in the air? Is there one filter or a combination of filters that would be helpful and not be to thick for me to breathe?

A: The Techno would be a good all round mask in this regard. So would the Vogmask CV99 masks. The Techno's filter is a bit thicker, so it will do a bit better on the chemical/fragrance/odor side of things, but the Vogmask is lighter and less expensive. The Techno, though, uses replaceable filters while the Vogmask would just be tossed. Hope that helps.

Q2: Will the techno chemical filter fit in the sporsta mask?

A: Yes! Most people actually purchase the replacement Techno filters for the Sportsta since the filter are interchangeable AND the Techno filter has activated carbon/charcoal that the standard Sportsta filter lacks.

Q3: Is the The Honeycomb carbon filtration helpful for someone with chemical allergies. These include anything with fragrance perfumes, deodorants, body lotions, hair shampoo, soaps, cigaret smoke and any household cleaning solution amongst many others

A: Yes, the Honeycomb Carbon and the Respro Techno are designed to deal with fragrances, odors, and chemical vapors. Both contain active carbon/charcoal in their respective filters.

Q4: Why are there no small sizes for Respro Techno Mask?

A: I'm not exactly sure.... Respro has always simply offered Medium as the smallest size in their range. Generally the small size though only fit children or very petite people typically shorter than 5' 3" with a weight in the 90-130 lb. range.

Q5: Hello I have 2 questions on the respo techno mask please. How many filters come with the original mask and where is the size chart to know what to order? thanks

A: One filter comes already fitted in each new mask. Replacement filters are sold as 2 packs. For sizing, I've just uploaded a chart, but generally speaking, the masks fit like this, Large for men, Medium for women, and the Small mainly for children or petite women. Overall, the sizing of these masks tends to run a little on the small side. Hope that helps!

Q6: Hi there, I do a lot of grass mowing with petrol engine mower. I would like to wear mask to be protected from petrol engine fumes. Would you advice me what type of mask should I use? Thanks, R

A: You can try the Techno. It will help as would the Allergy Mask but only if you get the chemical/particle filters instead of the straight particle filters that come standard with it. The Honeycomb carbon would also help. The most heavy duty would be the 3M 6291 with the optional organic vapor cartridges. It seals the best and has the most filter media to filter out exhaust fumes and pollutants. Any of those options would work. Of the three the 3M offers the best filtration but it's also the warmest of the three to wear. Hope that helps!

Q7: Thank you for your response to my question about how long the chemical filter lasts. How often do the valves need to be replaced?

A: Sure thing! As far as the valves. Much of the time, people don't bother replacing them. On occasion, they may break. Either they stop snapping close or sometimes the diaphragm inside the valve can tear or become brittle and stop providing and adequate stop to air being inhaled through this exhale port. Simply replace them as needed. You should see anywhere from at least six months to a year's worth of use before it should be any issue. When you replace the filters, I would suggest rinsing them with warm water and allowing them to air dry not in the sun. You could also use a very mild soap/detergent if you notice any buildup on or around the valve. Just make sure to rinse thoroughly. So long story short, those really only need to be replaced when you notice air coming back in through them or they break.

Q8: For the longest time I have had exercise induced asthma when outside. My allergies as far as I know include birch trees and mold. I did not see specifically in the description whether or not this guards against allergies. Does it?

A: Yes, it should help with both of those. The filtration is the equivalent of N95, so it traps 95% of all particles 0.3 microns or larger. That filtration efficiency goes up when dealing with larger particles. Mold spores are typically far larger than 10 microns and the majority of birch pollens usually fall into the 12-25 micron size range. So not only should it help to reduce cold weather induced asthma, but it should help to filter out both birch pollen and mold spores as well as other allergens. Hope that helps!

Q9: Solvents, fragrances, and diesel fumes absolutely shut me down. I would like to know what would be best that would allow me to do some paint and stain work around the house. Also, what about the eyes? I think fumes effect my eyes, do you have any eye products to seal off the eyes from fumes? Thank you, Scott

A: We don't have anything that protects the eyes. For that, you'd probably have to go with an industrial style full mask. The best, in terms of solvent/odor protection would likely be the 3M 6291 with the optional VOC cartridges. Those cartridges offer the best filtration of any mask for chemicals/vapors/VOC's. Going back to the eye question - without a full face mask the best thing you can do is keep as much fresh air circulating as possible. If it's not too hot, try to keep the windows open and possibly a fan on to help keep the concentrations of the stain fumes lower.

Q10: I need a recommendation for a mask that can help me in the garbage disposal field. I deal with wood dust, dirt, sprays, paints, gas and I come across just about everything and anything people throwaway. I am worried about the smaller things that are hard see but can be inhaled.

A: A Respro Techno will certainly be helpful and this mask will also cut down on the odor. If your want something with better filtration of those small particles, you can opt for either of the two 3M Respirators we offer that will handle oil based particles - 3M 8293 or the 3M half mask. Both offer full HEPA filtration and will work with oil baed aerosols and particles. If you're looking for something that is more focuses on the chemical vapor side of things, use the Half Mask 6291 with the Organic Vapor Cartridges. You'll give up a little by way of particle filtration but gain a great deal on filtering paint fumes, gas fumes and orther organic vapors. The 6291 comes standard with the HEPA filters Organic Vapor cartridges are additional.

Q11: What is the Respro Techno Mask made of?

A: The Techno mask is constructed of Neoprene.

Q12: Hello, I have asthma which is mainly triggered by hair sprays perfume and cologne. What I mainly need a respirator mask for is in the morning when my wife is first spraying her hair spray and using hair gel. After the initial spray fumes are gone I'm ok. So which masks would best suit me for that? Thank You!!

A: Your least expensive, effective solution will be the Honeycomb Carbon. The activated carbon in that mask will adsorb a lot of the odors and chemicals found in hairspray and perfumes. Plus, it has replaceable filters, so once every six months or sooner if needed simply replace them. You can also go with any of the Techno, Aero or Sportsta masks. Each of those will do the same thing. The only note with those is if you purchase the Aero, make sure you use purchase the particle/chemical filters since the straight particle filters do not have the carbon needed to adsorb odors and chemical vapors.

Q13: I suffer from MCS and react to all perfumed scents, as well as pollen, dander, mold, gasoline, dust...pretty much everything in the air. I'm trying to figure out which mask will give me the best chance at being able to walk outside my front door without collapsing. Is it this one, or would the Honeycomb be better?

A: This would be an excellent mask for that. Either this, the Aero with chemical/particle filters or the Sportsta would fit the bill. All seal tightly around the face and have some carbon in the filters to give you more filtration beyond basic particles. The Honeycomb carbon mask is also a very popular choice among MCS sufferers. It doesn't fit as snugly around the face but the it is slimmer and less obtrusive mask to wear in public.

Q14: I need a mask that will filter out formaldehyde particles I encounter on fabric at work. Which one do you suggest? Thank you.

A: The Techno mask is a good choice for this type of pollutant. The 3M 6291 Respirator and Honeycomb carbon mask are also good choices for this. the 6291 offer true HEPA filtration but the odor or formaldehyde may still come through. The Respro Techno and Honeycomb Carbon masks both have activated carbon in the filters that will help capture formaldehyde and other VOC's. The Techno fits better to the face, but the Honeycomb Carbon is less expensive, so in all you have some options.

Q15: Hello, i am looking for a small and easy mask to wear for my family and myself, just in case of an emergency that caused too much smoke, such as from a fire. I was wondering if the Respo Techno Mask would work against this sort of situation.

A: The Respro Techno will offer some smoke filtration since it has some carbon in the filter. The Respro Aero with a chemical/particle filter will also offer you some filtration as the that filter is similar in composition to that of the Techno. The only other mask that will help reduce smoke would be the Honeycomb Carbon mask. With either of these three masks, if you are wanting it for emergency purposes, I recommend you either keep the filters in their sealed packaging or once you install them in the mask, keep the entire mask in a sealed ziploc or other plastic bag. Activated carbon works non stop, even when air is not moving through it, it will adsorb odors and chemicals. By keeping them unopened or at least tightly sealed you'll help ensure they'll be ready to go when you need them to be.

Q16: Hi There! I have combination needs in an air-mask. 1 I am airbrush body makeup artist, I use mostly water soluble products however they still generate small atomized particulate. 2 I recently lived and had to move out of a residence that had confirmed elevated levels of toxic mold. Since that time I have had increased lung and sinus sensitivity. I suspect I have developed MCS or extreme sensitivities to mold. Can you recommend a respirator that could help me with both matters? Kind Regards Jessica

A: A good, inexpensive solution to this would be either the 3M 8233 or 8293. Both offer the same, HEPA grade filtration. So the paint isn't oil based? If that's the case you can use the 8233 mask with no problems. The 8293 is the same except it also will trap oil based particles. The 8233 will not. Both seal well around the face and are soft styel respirators/masks. They don't look as cool as the Respro masks, but they're better suited for what you need.

Q17: What is the best mask to filter south Texas cedar/juniper. I bought your silk mask and seems to work sometimes?

A: Most tree pollen granules range in size from roughly 15 microns to over 30 microns. With that being said, yes, the silk comfort mask will keep much of it out of the air you breathe but the silk mask is not NIOSH rated. All of the Respro brand masks Techno, Aero and Sportsta have a European equivalent rating of N95 95% filtration of particles 0.3 microns or larger. They do seal better and will filter all tree pollens more effectively. The filters can be replaced while the maks itself can be hand washed. A less expensive alternative are some of the soft respirators by 3M. The 8233 and 8293 seal well and are N100 rated which means they offer true HEPA grade personal filtration filtering 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns or larger. These masks are disposable after about 150 hours of use. It'll depend on the severity of your sensitivity to juniper pollens and what you want to spend, but those are a few good options.

Respro Techno Mask Product Details

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