Ecology Works Anti-Allergen Solutions Customer Q & A

Ecology Works Anti-Allergen Solutions Product Details
Q1: Can we spray this anti allergen in air directly ?

A: Yes. It's more effective on surfaces but it will still have some effect even if you're spraying in the air. Now, if you're intent is to neutralize odors, OdorX can be used like this and a bit more effective. VitalOxide will also work in a similar fashion.

Q2: is the product a concentrated solution?

A: No, it's not a concentrate. Nor does it have to be diluted. Whether in the gallon for the smaller spray bottle, Anti-Allergen Solution is ready to use, as-is.

Q3: A friend of mine was telling me about how bad her allergies are at her work place. It seems that their cubes are covered with some material that is like carpet. She said they haven't been cleaned in a long time. I was on your web site and thought that I would ask about his product and see if it might help her have an easier time breathing. She said that when she is there her nasal passages seem to close up and it becomes more difficult to breath. Can you advise if this would possibly help if she sprayed the walls of her cube with it. Thank you.

A: She might want to consider the Anti-Allergen Spray. It will denature any of the protein allergens that could be trapped in the cubicle walls, things like pet dander, pollen, dust mites, etc. DustmiteX might also be a decent alternative. Fabric like that can trap and hold dust mites, and while the AntiAllergen solution will denature the protein allergens, it does not kill live dust mites like the DustMiteX does. She might also want to consider just a small air purifier, perhaps something like the 3M Ultra Quiet. It's compact, lightweight and is cheap. Plus, it's actually really good for particle allergens. Hope that helps!

Q4: Is this safe to use on wooden furniture and leather sofas?

A: Yes, but as with most new things, test on a low corner or inconspicuous spot just to make sure.

Q5: Can I use this with a rag and hot water to wipe down painted walls? I need to remove cat dander from walls. If not, can you recommend something else? Thanks

A: Yes. I would recommend testing an area for color safeness. I've found that when wiping walls, it really depends on the paint you've used. Some paints much more readily leach color - just with a damp rag. While with others, you are much less prone to "wipe" away some of the color as you clean.

Q6: Today I ordered your Ecology Works Anti Allergen Solution Spray, and I would like to know the main/active ingredients.

A: This is about as good as it gets in regards to getting a published "active ingredients" list. No active ingredients are present in concentrations greater than 1% by weight. At these levels none of the ingredients identified in this formulation are know by any governmental regulatory agency to pose any hazard to human health. Component Concentration Water >3,200 PPM Proprietary oxidant <2000 PPM Proprietary surfactant
Q7: Is the Anti-allergen Solution spray just as effective as Allersearch ADS spray? I ask this because Allersearch ADS spray contains tannic acid where the Anti-allergen Solution doesn't.

A: The ADS and Anti Allergen Solution use two slightly different methods to do the same thing. ADS uses tannic acid as the active ingredient. Tannic acid breaks down protein and inhibits RNA reproduction on a cellular level. So by targeting the proteins in common allergens dander or dust mites, it breaks these proteins down into non reactive structures. Anti-Allergen does something very similar but with two different agents. A proprietary surfactant and oxidant do something very similar in that they break the proteins in common allergens down into common compounds or non-reaction causing structures. Long story short - both will work, just in with slightly different chemical mechanisms.

Q8: My dog has been diagnosed with severe allergy to dust mites. How often do you have to spray to control the problem? Can I spray it on my bed since that is where my dog sleeps?

A: You can, just allow it to fully dry before putting sheets or bedding back onto the bed. Be sure not to saturate the bed, and I would recommend vacuuming the mattress with a HEPA vacuum cleaner prior to using the Anti-Allergen Spray. I would start with using every two weeks or every week if you situation is more severe. Check your results and increase or decrease use as needed.

Ecology Works Anti-Allergen Solutions Product Details

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