Ebac AD850E Dehumidifier Customer Q & A

Ebac AD850E Dehumidifier Product Details
Q1: Do you have anything similar but smaller that mounts on the wall as this one does?

A: Nothing that's wall mountable that would be smaller, or at least in the same capacity range. The CD30E has a wall mount bracket that comes with it, but the water removal capacity is much lower. It does have a humidistat and hours run meter tucked away behind the control panel, but lacks the integrated condensate pump.

Q2: Will be mounting on outside wall.Can unit drain directly outside from either back or bottom of dehumidifier.

A: Yes. There are actually four different outlets for the drainage tube. To change to a specific outlet, remove the back panel. Once you've set the outlet, connect and run the tubing and you should be all set. Hope that helpsQ

Q3: What is the amp draw for Ebac AD850E.

A: 7 Amps.

Ebac AD850E Dehumidifier Product Details

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