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Gonzo Wonder Sponge Product Details
Q1: Where can I buy the Gonzo wonder sponge? If it is so great, why was it discontined? Thanks

A: You can check Homax.com, but I believe the manufacturer has completely consolidated this line into only the Pet Hair Sponge. Not sure of the reason, but I might guess lagging sales? There may be a few retailers online and brick/mortar who still have some in stock, but all of the sponges were about the same. They were a rubber/latex sponge with only slight differences in the actual composition of the materials used. Other than size, color and packaging, they all worked about the same. You can try using the Pet Hair Sponge to dust with, but I can't guarantee the same results. Traditionally, people are used to using dust rags or clothes. And just as it's been difficult for canister vacuums to make serious headway into the American market b/c uprights have been king for decades, I think it's been difficult for people to dump the rag in favor of a dusting/dry cleaning sponge. With microfiber clothes being so inexpensive it's been difficult for these cleaning sponges to keep sales up. From observing sales and patterns in purchasing and products available, that's my best guess.

Gonzo Wonder Sponge Product Details

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