Allergy Armor Ultra Mattress Covers Customer Q & A

Allergy Armor Ultra Mattress Covers Product Details
Q1: Mattress is 12" deep and box spring is 9" deep. Do any sets allow for these differing measurements. I do not want to deal with lots of extra fabric tucked in and making sheet changes difficult.

A: You're covered! When selecting the depth listed corresponds with the mattress cover only. Each bedding package has a box spring cover that is 9" since that's the standard depth of a box spring. So, not matter which size bedding packing you select, you'll get a 9" box spring cover standard, plus whichever depth of mattress cover you choose. Hope that helps!

Q2: I will be moving from a house that had a mold spore issue to a clean environment. I want to clean my mattress and then 'encase' any leftover spores with a cover. Will the ultra do this for me and keep the allergens from getting out?

A: Yes. The only thing I would caution is to ensure you keep the humidity level in check in the room where the mattress will be stored/used. While the cover will trap things like mold spores, and with such a small pore size, it will keep them trapped. However, if the humidity level elevates and remains above 60%, there's always going to be potential for spores to begin actively growing. As long as the relative humidity level remains below 60% though, you should be fine. Hope that helps!

Q3: I read that the best mattress cover for dust mites should be plastic? Is this true? Also I am highly allergic to dust mites so I want to make sure I get the correct one...thank you

A: Plastic is hot and noisy but can block dust mites. The other problem with plastic is that it traps moisture, which can cause mold problems. If you're looking for something that has no pores plastic has no pores, I would consider our Classic or Bed Bug covers. Those have a urethane membrane inner and stretch knit polyester outer. So you have the feel of fabric but get the protection of a non porous barrier. Plus, it's still breathable, so you don't have to worry about mold or it trapping as much heat as plastic does. Hope that helps.

Q4: is this a plastic material. is this like sheets how is the like to know if you are going to sweat when you lay on it. is it a pastic feel?

A: There is no plastics used in Allergy Armor covers except for the fibrous polypropylene used in the Basic box spring covers. Ultra is 100% microweave polyester. Is has stiff feel to it, especially before the first wash, but this is due to how tightly woven the fabric is. So it doesn't have a plastic feel but more, one of a firmer cloth. While some people may feel a small amount of additional heat, the polyester is pretty good at dissipating heat. In general, it won't be any warmer to sleep on than if you add an extra fitted or flat sheet to your current bedding set. It will be cooler to sleep on than cotton terry-style knit cover or any cover that uses a urethane lining. In reality, of the options you have in terms of mattress cover fabrics, this is going to be one of the coolest.

Q5: Does the ultra mattress cover unzip on 3 sides? I am wanting to put the mattress on top of the cover rather than stand it up as I am not strong enough to do that. Also if I cover it up with a fitted allergy cover , can I leave your cover on and not remove for washing?I could wash the separate cover I put over it, as it would be easy to remove.

A: Yes. All of our mattress covers, except a few of the clearance ones that weren't sewn correctly, have a zipper that stretches partway down both of the long sides and completely across one of the short sides. In terms of washing, while we always recommend people wash our covers with some regularity, the frequency varies widely. Some people will wash the cover once a week, others once a year. If you choose not to wash it as frequently, the secondary cover over top will help, but if you have a good HEPA vacuum cleaner, vacuum off the top of the mattress with the Allergy Armor cover still one it. Often our covers don't need to be washed b/c they are dirty. Since you never sleep directly only them, unless you sweat heavily or spill something, they generally stay visibly clean. The washing is to remove any allergens that may settle on top of the cover, over time. So if you vacuum it off periodically, that can help you cut down on the washing and hassle of removing it and reinstalling it. Hope that helps!

Q6: do the bedding covers include cover for box springs

A: Items can be purchased individually or as complete sets 1 mattress cover, 2 std. pillow covers, and 1 box spring cover - bedding packages, found here -

Q7: Is the allergy armor ultra mattress cover waterproof and does it come in crib size?

A: The Allergy Armor Ultra bedding is not waterproof. Liquid spills will initially bead on the surface of the fabric but for use in a crib, it will not keep the mattress from possibly getting wet. All Allergy Armor bedding comes in the crib size, EXCEPT Organic and Vinyl. I'd would look at either the Allergy Armor Classic or Bed Bug. Both have a urethane lining that make them waterproof, and both are effective barriers against dust mites and other allergens. Additionally both are less expensive than Ultra.

Allergy Armor Ultra Mattress Covers Product Details

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