Allergy Armor Ultra Bedding Packages Customer Q & A

Allergy Armor Ultra Bedding Packages Product Details
Q1: Does the king size Ultra mattress package come with 2 STANDARD size pillow covers or 2 KING size pillow covers?

A: Standard. The bedding packages of covers all come with standard size pillow covers, regardless of size of mattress cover you chose for you package.

Q2: I noticed a response that although the queen size box spring covers had been too short for queen size box springs, that those coming from a new production would be "fixed." Have they been fixed yet? I'd like to order a package, but it seems silly to if the box spring cover won't fit. Thank you.

A: Yes, there should not be any sizing issues any longer. The older style box spring covers were vinyl and imported. Quality control was extremely difficult, and particularly so with the Queen size covers. Since, we have taken to producing the queen box spring covers under our roof, here in Atlanta. We've also switched material, over to our Basic line. While not waterproof like vinyl, it is water resistant, and unlike vinyl, it has not strong vinyl odor. Any bedding package regardless of sizeor box spring cover order queen size, will receive a Basic Queen size box spring cover.

Q3: Can the Allergy Armor mattress covers be used with a Sleep Number Bed? I'm afraid I can't zip a cover around a SleepNumber bed.

A: This will vary depending on the particular Sleep Number mattress you have. In general though, many of our covers will fit a sleep number mattress and zip closed. The Sleep Number mattresses are generally much thicker than a traditional mattress, so most people find they need to go with a 15" or 18" mattress cover. Measure the thickness of your mattress, and you'll have a good idea of which cover you can purchase that will fit. If you find the mattress is thicker than 18", you can still get a cover, but you'll have to call to get a price on a custom cover we can sew for any style of bed. Hope that helps!

Allergy Armor Ultra Bedding Packages Product Details

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