Allergy Armor Ultra Duvet Covers Customer Q & A

Allergy Armor Ultra Duvet Covers Product Details
Q1: Hi- We just bought our second ultra duvet cover the dog chewed the zipper off the first one:. We love the product. Pet hair barely sticks to the fabric and its very easy to clean quickly with a wet rag. We couldn't be happier. Only problem....the duvet only comes in bright white. While the dog hair no longer sticks the doggie foot prints sometimes still do. I don't think it would be as noticeable if the duvet wasn't bright white. Any chance you'll be selling the duvets in other colors any time soon?

A: Ah, yes, I know what you mean. I've used some of the scrap fabric as a cover for my dog's bed, and after a while, it tends to get rather dingy. I wash them with a little bleach. Not much though, typically only about a 1/4 or less once the washer has filled with water. That helps some, but in my case, with him directly laying on it all the time, no amount of paw wiping eliminates it. The only other alternative is to put a decorative cover over it. The covers now to have loops and fabric ties sewn into them to keep the cover from shifting. At this time, we've not really considering moving to another fabric color. With the majority of people using the covers, the separate case/sheet/decorative cover is used over top. Colors would be nice though, and we have looked at that option, as well as some basic prints. The problem comes down to cost. Unless we source the fabric from overseas China, it's likely too cost prohibitive for us to manufacture and offer. That also would make it more difficult for us to continue what we've been trying to do for the last few years - source as much raw material as we can here domestically.

Q2: Does your duvet covers come in any other colors?

A: Currently the barrier fabrics, like Ultra, is only available in white. The only one that has a different color is the Organic which is a cream/beige/tan color.

Q3: Hello Sir, What are the weights of the armor and cotton covers and are they different in noise and warmth? Also, are they both covered by the return policy? Thanks

A: The weights vary by size, but generally both Cotton and Ultra are very similar in weight. They each average 1-2 lbs. In terms of noise, very comparable, though the Cotton might be slightly less noisy, but the difference in not going to be very noticeable. In terms of warmth, the Cotton blend adds a little more warmth than the 100% polyester Ultra or Advanced fabrics. Both have identical return policies. Hope that helps!

Allergy Armor Ultra Duvet Covers Product Details

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