Allergy Armor Ultra Duvet Covers Customer Q & A

Allergy Armor Ultra Duvet Covers Product Details
Q1: Does your duvet covers come in any other colors?

A: Currently the barrier fabrics, like Ultra, is only available in white. The only one that has a different color is the Organic which is a cream/beige/tan color.

Q2: Hello Sir, What are the weights of the armor and cotton covers and are they different in noise and warmth? Also, are they both covered by the return policy? Thanks

A: The weights vary by size, but generally both Cotton and Ultra are very similar in weight. They each average 1-2 lbs. In terms of noise, very comparable, though the Cotton might be slightly less noisy, but the difference in not going to be very noticeable. In terms of warmth, the Cotton blend adds a little more warmth than the 100% polyester Ultra or Advanced fabrics. Both have identical return policies. Hope that helps!

Allergy Armor Ultra Duvet Covers Product Details

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