AllerAir AirMedic Air Purifiers Customer Q & A

AllerAir AirMedic Air Purifiers Product Details
Q1: I need to know square footage coverages.

A: About 1350 square feet is going to the top end of coverage, and that's at only two air exchanges per hour ACH, running on high. At four ACH, coverage is 675 square feet, and at six ACH it's about 450 square feet.

Q2: Hello, What is the decibel level range for the Allerair air purifiers? All it says is quiet, which of course doesn't mean much. Thanks

A: They are very similar to Austin's in terms of noise levels. So you're looking in the 50-65 dB range. On low, the noise is negligible. On high it'll sound similar to a box fan on the medium setting roughly.

AllerAir AirMedic Air Purifiers Product Details

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