AllerAir Tub O' Carbon Customer Q & A

AllerAir Tub O' Carbon Product Details
Q1: How long are these carbon tubs effective? I have a few at home and I'm not sure if I should be replacing them. They are a few years old. thanks.

A: They're probably spent. Typically the carbon will last anywhere from as little as 3 months to about a year. Most people typically replace them every 6-9 months, but all of these times vary a bit based on where you are actually using them.

Q2: Prior comment indicates it's a sawgrass carbon. What is a sawgrass carbon?

A: This refers to the base substance used to make the carbon. Activated carbon can have many different types of base elements. Typically manufacturers start with coal bituminous mostly since it's cheaper than anthracite, sawgrass or coconut shells. These bases are then charred, activated and then washed. Once these processes are complete, the base resembles the granulated carbon that you may be familiar with.

Q3: In my experience, many "carbon" products such as face masks with carbon inserts for filtration contain coconut in some form. As I am highly allergic to coconut, I want to verify the "ingredients" in this product prior to purchase. Thank you in advance.

A: I doubt it, but I cannot verify that, even AFTER speaking with AllerAir. It's a sawgrass carbon, but it's a proprietary blend, so they won't divulge everything that is in this product. I would error on the side of caution and avoid it.

AllerAir Tub O' Carbon Product Details

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