Allergy Armor Organic Mattress Covers Customer Q & A

Allergy Armor Organic Mattress Covers Product Details
Q1: Is the cotton super soft or a stiffer textile?

A: It has some rigidity to it, but it does soften some after the first wash. It's worth noting that all of the barrier fabrics are somewhat rigid as the first way to get the pore size down small enough to block dust mites is weave the thread very tightly, which will always lend itself to rigidity, especially compared to standard sheets. Hope that helps!

Q2: Allergy Armor Organic Cotton Mattress Queen Size Covers Where is the "organic" cotton grown and where is the material made? Looking for specific Country and/or State Thank you!

A: The cotton is grown both domestic and international from GOTS certified farms primarily in Texas and India. The textile weaving is in India at a GOTS certified facility. The cutting, sewing, packing is done here at our location in Atlanta. Hope that helps!

Q3: So where exactly is this product made, and how is it different from other organics?

A: The finished product is made in our Atlanta, GA facility. We have a highly skilled staff that cuts, sews and packs each organic mattress cover. The GOTS certified organic fabric is woven in India but made from a mix of certified organic cotton grown domestically here in the States and overseas.

Q4: Do yo have flannel queen size bed sheets?

A: Currently we only carry the organic sheets in a traditional cotton fabric, not a flannel.

Q5: Is your organic mattress cover also good for preventing dust mites, pet dander and other allergens from getting into bedding?

A: Yes. With the redesign that we went through for our latest round of fabric, we've shrunk the pore size to be in line with some of our best material. It will effectively block dust mites, pollen, and most pet dander. The only exception on the dander front is some particles of cat dander. Cat dander is the smallest and lightest of the common types of pet dander. Because particles of dander are not uniform in size, there are some particles that are a slightly smaller than the average pore size in the Organic Cotton allergy bedding. If cat dander is a big concern, the Ultra line is the best fabric to consider. Hope that helps!

Allergy Armor Organic Mattress Covers Product Details

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