Allergy Armor Organic Bedding Packages Customer Q & A

Allergy Armor Organic Bedding Packages Product Details
Q1: An earlier questions says that the covers are made in California, but your review says Atlanta. Which one is it and is the cotton still from Texas?

A: The organic cotton is a blend of certified organically grown cotton from India and the US. The material is woven in India, then we cut, sew and package the organic dust mite covers in our Atlanta facility. In the past, a separate company, in California did this for us, but as we have continued to grow, the organic line is just one of several Allergy Armor lines that are now constructed in our very own cut and sew facility in Atlanta, GA.

Q2: Where is the Allergy Armor Organic Bedding manufactured?

A: The cotton is grown in Texas, while the actual construction of the covers is done in California. From the materials to the fabrication, Allergy Armor Organic cotton bedding covers are made in the USA.

Allergy Armor Organic Bedding Packages Product Details

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