Alen Paralda Air Purifier Customer Q & A

Alen Paralda Air Purifier Product Details
Q1: I am debating between Paralda andsm the A50 both by Alen my main concern is smoke infiltration form condo owner below me which would be better with smoke issue and do I need the hepa oder cell filter? Thanks

A: If you're strictly comparing these two models, I would lean towards the A350 with the OdorCell filter. The main reason why I would lean towards this over the Paralda is the size. Not only does the A350 have a more powerful fan and is able to cover a larger space but the filter is also larger, which means more filter media and a greater ability to remove the smoke odors you are specifically concerned with. Aside from Alen models, if smoke is your concern, you may want to consider a Blueair or an Austin. A Blueair, like a 403 will offer very similar coverage and slightly better smoke removal ability than the A350. A full size Austin will offer the best coverage of the models I've mentioned here and best smoke removal ability much larger carbon filter drum. Hope that helps!

Alen Paralda Air Purifier Product Details

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