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AllerAir AirMedic MCS Air Purifiers Product Details
Q1: My friend is very senstive with chrmicals. Recently, we moved in a new apartment. However, he can live in here at all, because there are something he has reaction, and pretty bad. We bought a Austin filter before, it kinds of clean the indoor air, but it also produce something that make my friend react to. So we return that one. Now, I am considering buy an expensive one for help remove the chemical from the apartment, so my friend can move in. But I don't know which one is better. Is it this Allerair Media D better, or the IQ Air GC better? Or any other suggestion? Thanks

A: Go with an AllerAir model. If your friend had problems with the Austin, he will likely have problems with the IQAir GC as well. Both brands uses a similar blend of activated carbon w/ a permanganate or similar substance to oxidize a broad range of chemical compounds. I would simply go with an AllerAir AirMedic MCS model. The carbon they used is double washed and typically has the lowest rate of reactions amongst people who are very sensitive.

Q2: I live in a mobile home near a freeway interchange. VOCs are my main concern. Looking at the Hepa efficiency chart, smog goes from .001 to 1 microns. What's the best filtering you have? In researching air cleaners, I found a Sonoma Breeze that uses catalytic oxidation to break down VOCs. What would be any advantage that activated charcoal have over this method? I noticed their chart for First Pass Efficiencies on VOC conversion is low on some VOCs.

A: The Sonoma Breeze was originally developed to target formaldehyde. We've had a sample unit in house to test and look over. Well built, very effective with formaldehyde, but you are correct in noting the poorer performance when it comes to other types of VOC's. Oxidizing technology is effective in the right situation, but upon inspecting the unit, the filtration for that model came up short in our eyes for a couple reasons. First, it doesn't address particle pollutants at all. So for most of the people who come to us, that's a giant hole in filtration that most people are looking to fill. Second, while it does target some specific VOC's, the spectrum is too narrow for many people. Lastly, the cost is simply out of range for most individuals around $2K. In terms of a carbon-based unit with a HEPA filter, there are two things to remember. Some models, like the IQAir HealthPro Plus or GC Multigas use not only a HEPA filter but also a carbon blend with oxidizing agents. Same principle as the Sonoma Breeze but different way to tackle the problem. Their HEPA filter exceeds HEPA standards. So, this combined with the blended carbon make it likely the best model for your type of pollution. The IQAir GC MultiGas, HealthPro Plus to a lesser extent. Hope that helps!

AllerAir AirMedic MCS Air Purifiers Product Details

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