Pure Guardian H2000 Humidifier Customer Q & A

Pure Guardian H2000 Humidifier Product Details
Q1: I have one of your products, in which I purchase last December 2011. The model no. is H4500. What is the warranty for this unit.

A: Guardian Technologies warranties all Germ Guardian humidifiers for 1 year.

Q2: Got last model off floor, no manual. What are cleaning instructions? I see there is a small brush. Can I download anything? Love the unit and want it to last.

A: At the bottom of the Germ Guardian Ultrasonic Humidifier page there are links for the instruction manuals for both the digital and manual versions of this size humidifier. Also, here is a quick tip as far as humidifier maintenance is concerned. Essentially, you'll use the brush to remove any visible mineral scale and a descaling agent or vinegar to soften and remove scale in the tank in the nebulizer compartment, left from hard water. Because Germ Guardian humidifiers lack mineral absorption pads or a demineralization cartridge, you should clean the unit every few weeks to keep it functioning properly.

Pure Guardian H2000 Humidifier Product Details

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