Miele Jazz Upright Vacuum Cleaner Customer Q & A

Miele Jazz Upright Vacuum Cleaner Product Details
Q1: I have a Miele Jazz Power Plus vacuum 1200W. After using it today for 30 minutes or so, the brush roller stopped while I vacuumed. I let it cool down, I made sure there was not blockage anywhere. I started it again and the brush roller will not engage. I realize there is a separate brush roller motor. What happened? Did a belt slip or break?

A: There are a couple things that it could be. You'll need a Torx wrench to remove the bottom plate. Once it's removed, you can better see the brushroll and if anything is wrapped around it. Are you getting any indicator lights to appear on the vacuum? Aside from something being tangled around the brushroll, it could be a clog, but generally if you have something actually clogging the airways, the main vacuum motor the one that produces the suction will only run a few seconds then cut out to prevent overheating and motor damage. The neck opening to where the U bag attaches - it does an immediate U-turn and goes toward the floor after the initial curve, that back panel bottom back of the vac, small plate with two screws, or the hose/handle are the usual suspects when it comes to a clog. It could also be a belt, but I will say, we've sold hundreds and hundreds of these and not had an issue with a belt breaking or wearing. Still, to check, you would again need the torx wrenches. to disassemble the bottom to get to the motor. It's not too difficult, and once the covers are removed, the will be able to see if the belt is broken or not. I had bought the AutoEco for my mother and she was having a similar problem, but her's was two fold. First, she did have a lot of hair and string wrapped around the brushroll, but she also had a clog in the neck. Once she removed those she didn't have any problem since she originally thought it might be the belt. Aside from these things, it could be an electrical issue with either the switch or a connection. Does the brushroll switch still click/snap when you flip it on and off? A local Miele dealer would be able to take the vac apart and determine that fairly quickly.

Miele Jazz Upright Vacuum Cleaner Product Details

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