Dri-Eaz CMC100 Dehumidifier Customer Q & A

Dri-Eaz CMC100 Dehumidifier Product Details
Q1: What is an approximate the monthly cost of running this unit? How does the cost compare to an average room dehumidifier? Thanks, Chris

A: On average it shouldn't add but a few bucks per month to your bill. HOWEVER, this can vary widely depending on conditions in the space. So if it is a real humid space, particularly during summer months, the CMC100 will run quite a bit more, and your bill increase may be more significant. This will also vary from location to location since price per kW used here as opposed to your location or any other, can vary. Compared to an average room dehumidifier, the cost increase should be very comparable. First, there are few room dehumidifiers that are Energy Star qualified. The compressor draws a good bit of energy, and it's this consumption that usually disqualifies it from an Energy Star designation. The CMC100 is Energy Star qualified, so while it has the same basic components, the parts used are more energy efficient and in general, consume less power to operate. When operating in the same conditions, the CMC100 cost to operate should be about the same as an average room dehumdifier, and less in some instances.

Dri-Eaz CMC100 Dehumidifier Product Details

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