Air-O-Swiss 7146 Travel Humidifier Customer Q & A

Air-O-Swiss 7146 Travel Humidifier Product Details
Q1: I need to pack away our bedroom humidifiers for next winter. How do I make sure the reddish color in the mist window is not mold? Thank you!

A: If you're seeing a red/pinkish ring, it's probably not mold. It's likely a bacteria. This has little to do with the quality but more to do with the surface simply being consistently damp. You have a couple options. You take an old toothbrush and use chlorine/water mix to scrub away the residue. You can also use some Vital Oxide to clean the humidifier. The upside to chlorine is it's cheap and effective. The downside is the odor and that it's corrosive which is why you want to water it down to help prevent pitting of the plastic. The upside to Vital Oxide is that as an EPA certified disinfectant, it also kills bacteria as well as mold and whole host of microbes, and it's not caustic nor does it emit toxic fumes like chlorine. The downside is the cost. Again, either will work. The bacteria itself is harmless, and the reason why I say it has little to do with the actual water is because it's an airborne bacteria, not waterborne. Now, if there is some off chance that what you're seeing is a mold, then either of these solutions will still work. Vital Oxide kills mold. Chlorine kills mold, but you need to make sure that as you wipe the surface, you allow the chlorine to sit for a while before rinsing and drying. Hope that helps!

Q2: Can this humidifier be used in the car? Does it come with a adaptor for the car?

A: It's not well suited for a car simple for the fact that the water bottle is the heaviest part of the humidifier and it's prone to tip really easily if moving or if on an uneven surface. I've not seen an adapter for this model. It does come with the two separate plug attachments for both US use 110v and use in countries where they use 220v.

Air-O-Swiss 7146 Travel Humidifier Product Details

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