Air-O-Swiss 7142 Ultrasonic Humidifier Customer Q & A

Air-O-Swiss 7142 Ultrasonic Humidifier Product Details
Q1: What is the difference between Ai o Swiss 7142 and 7144 models?

A: Look, tank capacity, and coverage. The 7142 has a larger tank and holds 2 gallons of water vs. just 1.5 for the 7144. While both put out about the same amount of moisture over a 24 hr period, the 7142 requires fewer refills and covers a larger area more square feet than the 7144. The 7142 is taller and has chrome accents while the 7144 is shorter and favors more a matte finish/look. Other than that, they're nearly the same. Same features, same accessories, same price, etc.

Q2: Can i use this for a little wine room cellar to humidify the cellar and my cigars?

A: Yes. I'm not sure what humidity level you need to maintain, but this should help to keep it to whatever you set it to between 40 and 75%. Like other humidifiers, just make sure to replace the cartridge and clean the unit regularly, and it should provide you years of reliable service.

Q3: Is this product easy to work and keep clean. thank you

A: Yes, pretty to work. You'll fill, then replace the tank. plug it in, then set your desired humidity level and output. The key with this humidifier, in terms of keeping it clean, is the same with other ultrasonic models. It needs to be done regularly, particularly depending on the hardness of your water. You can use EZCal or a home mixture of white vinegar to remove scale, but cleaning is fairly simply. You'll want to rinse or wipe the interior of the tank if you can get your hand inside and rinse the nebulizer compartment area where the water is actually turned into mist. The two areas to focus on in the nebulizer compartment are the float and diaphragm. Nearly all ultrasonic humidifiers, including the 7142 come with a small brush. If you lose it, an old toothbrush will work just as well. You'll use that to remove any scale or buildup around the diaphragm looks almost like a small brass coin and around the white float scale buildup around the float can cause it not to move up and down correctly and make your humidifier think it's out of water when it's not. Keep up with your replaceable parts, particularly the demineralization cartridge and that's about it. Most people who do experience problems aren't cleaning the humidifier often enough or aren't replacing the cartridge soon enough. Hope that helps!

Air-O-Swiss 7142 Ultrasonic Humidifier Product Details

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