Respro Allergy Chemical/Particle Filter - Medium Customer Q & A

Respro Allergy Chemical/Particle Filter - Medium Product Details
Q1: Hi, what exactly is the difference between the Techno Gold filter and the Allergy Chemical/Particle filter? It appears that they both contain HEPA-like particulate and activated charcoal chemical filtration capacity. However, they are marketed as two separate filter types, with two separate prices. There must be a difference in their filtration abilities. The Allergy filter is more expensive, so I assume it may be more powerful than the Techno Gold, but I am not sure. I am purchasing filters for use in the polluted air of Beijing. Do you know which filter Techno Gold or Allergy Chemical/Particle would be best suited for this type of pollution? Thanks, Dave

A: Respro has gotten a little fuzzy with specs on these since a change in EU filtration standards. But generally, you are correct, and they are very similar with one caveat aside from price. The low end range on the particle filtration of the Allergy Mask is a bit better. The Techno filters generally target particles 2.5 microns and larger while the Allergy Mask will dip below the 1 micron mark for filtered particle size. This isn't to say the Techno won't capture particles that small, however, it's not necessarily designed for that. In terms of the best mix of particle and chemical/odor filtration, the Allergy Mask is the most comprehensive. But if the particles you're targeting fall more in line with the Techno filter, then the Techno mask is a cheaper alternative in terms of filter replacement cost, that won't give up anything with regard to filtering out nuisance level odors, smoke or chemicals pollutants. For Beijing either mask will likely work about as well as the other. Much of the pollution there, from my understanding, is emissions pollution, which will be mainly be filtered by the carbon cloth in both filters. In this regard they are equal. We've actually had a few inquiries about masks for travelers to Beijing and students who are studying away, there, and some have opted for the Allergy w/ Chemical/Particle filters, but a slight majority has leaned towards the Techno. Part of this is b/c the additional expense of the second set of Allergy mask filters, and part is because the difference between the two, for this location, isn't great. Hope that helps!

Q2: is the techno filter the same as the chemical filter...made the same way

A: I apologize for the delay was waiting for clarification on this. Very similar, yes. Both use a blend of particle filter media and Activated Charcoal, and both meet the same filtration standards.

Respro Allergy Chemical/Particle Filter - Medium Product Details

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