Haier CPN10XCJ Portable Air Conditioner Customer Q & A

Haier CPN10XCJ Portable Air Conditioner Product Details
Q1: Will this unit dehumidify at a lower temperature, say 60 degrees?

A: It may continue to remove some moisture, but the amount won't be much at all. As an AC, a byproduct is some moisture removal but b/c they cool the air, it lowers the ability to remove moisture by creating a smaller temperature difference between the air coming into the AC and the coils. A dehumidifier, on the other hand, pushes the warm air back into the room, as it collects moistures then reenters the machine, greater amounts of moisture will be taken out, partly b/c the temperature difference between the air and coils is greater and partly b/c warmer air will draw in more and hold more moisture. Hope that helps.

Q2: My unit is new but will not allow me to set the temperature. I can raise and lower it however it flashes for a few seconds then reverts back to what it previously was. Is it defective?

A: Is it in fan or dehumidifier mode? Temps cannot be adjusted in either of those modes. Secondly, when you adjust the temperature on any of the Haier portable air conditioners, you adjust the temperature to your desired setting then after a few seconds, the temperature reverts back to the current temperature in the room. Like dehumidifiers displaying the humidity, after you set your level, the LCD will revert back to showing the current conditions in the room, and this is normal. You can always contact Haier at 877 337-3639 if neither of these are the case.

Haier CPN10XCJ Portable Air Conditioner Product Details

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