Royal Sovereign ARP-1400WW Portable Air Conditioner Customer Q & A

Royal Sovereign ARP-1400WW Portable Air Conditioner Product Details
Q1: Hello - We recently bought the Royal Sovereign ARP 1400ww used. The previous owner gave us one exhaust hose the 2nd exhaust hole in the back of the unit is covered up with something. We've been using it with the one hose and it's working okay, but should I or do I need to attach a second hose? Thanks! Trish

A: Do a quick test. If you remove what he's using to block up that opening, is that opening sucking air in? If it is then, you may want to keep it unblocked. The way a dual hose PAC works is that one hose is the exhaust. The other should be a heat exchange intake line. What happens with a PAC is that air from inside the room is pulled in through the square panel in the back with the air filter. This air is cooled and excess heat and moisture is exhausted through the exhaust hose. This process, like any cooling process, allows for heat to build up around the motor, so the cool the motor down, instead of running just cooled air over the motor and consequently warming it back up before it would reenter the room, which would be self-defeating b/c you're trying to cool the room, the second hose pulls air in, generally from outdoors, to flow over and cool the motor then exit the machine via other hose, the exhaust line. So, he likely has the hose on the right if you're standing behind it looking at it blocked. Which would mean that the motor is likely getting pretty warm if you run it for a long period of time. Excess heat could shorten the lifespan of the unit. IF, the hole he has blocked is the heat exchange intake as described above, unblock it and see how the unit performs. If you don't seem to notice a difference, I would leave it unblocked. Hope that helps!

Q2: Where do you put water?

A: You do not add any water to this machine. It does have a small internal condensate reservoir that will collect excess moisture that isn't expelled via the exhaust duct. When the indicator light comes on, you will have to find a small pan I generally recommend a small broiler pan, place it under the small drain pipe in the bottom center of the back of the unit. Remove the plug to drain. All of the portable AC's we offer are actual air conditioners and not swamp coolers, so there's no need to add any water to any of the units you'll find on our site. Hope that helps!

Q3: Where are the decibel readings on portable AC units very important ! Looking for dual hose, 38dcb-40 dbc unit Thanks

A: The lowest setting on this model is just over 50 dBa. It may be difficult to find one that quiet since they all typically have large fans/blowers built into them to circulate air throughout the room.

Royal Sovereign ARP-1400WW Portable Air Conditioner Product Details

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