DeLonghi PAC-A120E Portable Air Conditioner Customer Q & A

DeLonghi PAC-A120E Portable Air Conditioner Product Details
Q1: I purchased a PAC AN120HPE and need a drain hose and I don't know where to find the right one can you help?

A: I've looked but can't seem to find the specific size on that drain outlet, on the back of the machine. So, the easiest and cheapest way to a hose for it would be to remove the small cap that covers the drain outlet, and take it to your local hardware store. A local hardware as well as your big box home improvement stores, should have hose available that you can purchase by the foot or in pre-cut lengths. Take the drain cap though, that way you can get a good idea of the size you need. You should be able to show that to any associate, and they can measure it to get a good idea of a hose that will fit snugly. You can also pick up a small hose clamp, opt for the kind that can be pinched open with a pair of pliers, as opposed to the kind that requires a screwdriver to tighten. Slide the small clamp onto the hose, and once the hose is attached to the AC, slide the clamp over where the hose actually slides over the drain outlet to ensure a tight seal that shouldn't leak. As for a total cost, depending on the length of hose you get it can vary, but in general, you shouldn't spend more than $10-12 for the piece of hose & clamp. Hope that helps!

DeLonghi PAC-A120E Portable Air Conditioner Product Details

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