Respro Techno Replacement Valve Pack Customer Q & A

Respro Techno Replacement Valve Pack Product Details
Q1: How often should the "Respro Techno Replacement valves" be replaced in the mask? What is their maximum hrs, when used on a daily basis?

A: The valves don't need to be replaced regularly, like filters do. The main thing with them is periodically cleaning them, and this is easily done by rinsing them with warm water and allowing them to dry. If conditions are particularly humid, you can apply a very small amount of talc to keep the rubber flap from sticking. Aside from rinsing, you only really need to replace them if they become damage or broken, or if you notice them not sealing properly when you inhale. Hope that helps!

Q2: Should the setting on the valve be open or close?

A: Good question! The "Open" setting on the valve is to open/take apart the valve for cleaning or replacement. You turn it to the "Close" setting to lock the valve back into place when you are finished. It probably could have been worded better, but the valve is essentially always open as we would think of it, meaning it will always allow air to pass through regardless of whether you have it turned to "Open" or "Close".

Respro Techno Replacement Valve Pack Product Details

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