Ladybug 2150 Vapor Steam Cleaner Customer Q & A

Ladybug 2150 Vapor Steam Cleaner Product Details
Q1: Can i clean my kitchen and bathroom cabinets, apliances, and tile with these steam cleaners?

A: Yes. Ladybug steam cleaners are safe for nearly any surface. The only surface type you really want to avoid is unfinished/unsealed wood. If the wood is not painted, sealed, waxed or varnished, it will absorb the moisture from the steam, and long term this can cause warping and other damage. But aside from that, steam cleaners are fine for use on nearly all surfaces.

Q2: We have active mold growth on concrete foundation as well as wood joists in the basement. Can we use our ladybug 2150 to kill the active mold? Thank you for your help

A: Yes! Ladybug steam cleaners provide ample heat in their steam to kill active mold growth anywhere in or around the home.

Ladybug 2150 Vapor Steam Cleaner Product Details

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